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  1. No luck. Deleted the files and overwrote everything from the archive, no change. Also got another person to help me test, but I still crash even when I'm not solo. Log isn't showing anything either. Not sure what to do about this, but I think I'm just going to have to skip that map until I update my system or something.
  2. Feh. I don't want to drag someone else into this if I'm so likely to crash...
  3. I crash every time I try to play Empire, on the loading screen. Single player, all difficulties. I've had other crashes, but not very often and never this consistently. Is there anything special about Empire? I searched the forum but didn't find anything. I've successfully played every other map. I could picture this maybe being a problem with my install, one of the files associated with that map could be corrupt or something. Is there a way to check that? Playing in linux, Kubuntu, DXVK, amdgpu driver
  4. Ah, hm. Okay, I have a follow-up question then: this type of game is usually very time sensitive. By which I mean that the way most of them are set up you get stuff by logging in every day, or performing daily tasks, or similar. They thus tend to be fairly hostile to new players who didn't get in early, and so haven't gotten the stuff that everyone else has accumulated. This isn't how Battleforge worked when it was first released, but the situation has changed since then and I recall some discussion on how resources should be distributed to players in Skylords. So my question is: if I can
  5. I read something somewhere about a new launcher which could work cross-platform via WINE, but I don't know if that's available yet or just planned. I did see the notices about significant updates, so I'm asking if that was one of those updates.
  6. Yeah, Playonlinux is a front-end for Wine. It just helps with managing different Wine prefixes. That's really what I was talking about: I'm hoping for someone who has gotten Wine to work with this successfully. Or at least who has made better progress with it than I have.
  7. I've been struggling to get this working using Playonlinux, and I'm just not getting there. Has anyone had any better luck than me? It clearly needs dotNet, and that's buggy in 64 bit installations. In a 32 bit installation I've gotten the updater to run correctly and update, but launching the game gives: "The specified executable is not a valid application for this OS platform." In 64 bit I can install dotNet via Winetricks (Playonlinux won't allow this), but can't get the updater to run.
  8. I hope you mean 2017... I think you mean 2017. Yes.
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