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  1. Thanks for communicating with us thats one of the mistakes most developers make so good job on that one
  2. Uhhmm i don't remember actually I have to get back into it bc I had a pretty high elo back than but totally forgot how the game worked and stuff sry.. I will try to look it up True but those people Always had a combi deck of like nature frost and shadow so it wasn't really a lost deck I Think I would start with a orb and rushed in with the (nox troopers and the horse guy xd) and tried to dominate over the midlane orbs with my friend than i would take those orbs and get them to 2 orbs and made some defence , and a mountaineer to start building a team and maybe swap afterwards i
  3. I really loved to play as Shadow/Frost also known as Lost, u had alot of early damage and pressure from shadow and alot of defence (buildings and cc) from the frost so it wasn't only great for pvp but also for pve, Tell me if u loved to play this as well!
  4. You should give us 3 daily quests in the beginning but than change it to get 1 daily quest every day so not 3 everyday :). It would make it more balanced I think.
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