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  1. you released this before the beta-testers have leaked it? what are we even here for at this point? THEY TOOK ER JERBS!
  2. LagOps

    Important Progress Update and Clarification

    @Kubik i can feel your pain! Just looking at how the game handles certain tasks, such as opening boosters etc. It's pretty clear that the game locks the ui when waiting for updates from the server... you know, the kind of flaws that would have gotten a 2nd semester university project i was once doing failed instantly (it's annoying to the user and also very, very error-prone if the server doesn't deliver exactly what you expect it to straight away and a clear sign concurency is foreign to the developer). Looking just at the surface issues in the programming... yeah "wtf" moments are pretty much expected.
  3. LagOps

    Bandits were underpowered.

    i got into top 10 with bandits... they are still the weakest faction tho. they have a whole bunch of weakspots that experienced players can abuse... on the other hand only few have that experience since hardly any serious player was maining bandits in ranked. rank doesn't really matter anyways if most of the good players are rarely active in ranked (well... i guess i wasn't a paragon of activity either tbh).
  4. @Morathyls i still feel that a damage-cap would have been a better solution as the nerf does not adress the problem at all... but then they also nerfed corsair and masterarchers are still op, so...
  5. LagOps

    You know why i cant wait for open beta?

    trackmania is entirely pvp-based and dark souls has a pvp scene and random pvp even for pve players in the form of invasions when playing coop. if you care about the pvp, dark souls 1 is not very balanced and the meta consists of broken builds and backstab-abuse. In terms of pvp, dark souls 2 is by far the best in the series, followed by dark souls 1 and dark souls 3 is clearly the worst in terms of mechanics (very casualized, op instant parrys, op low stamina rolls, can't get backstabed when chugging estus and walking etc...) and well as in terms of the invasion system (you pretty much only get ganksquads against you, not very fun). Overall dark souls 1 is still the best game of the series by a long shot. even if you are not particularly interested in the pve, it is well worth playing and one of the best games ever made imo. There is a dark souls 1 resmaster coming out, which is going to revive the pvp scene. if you have any interest in pvp, that is the version you should be getting.
  6. LagOps

    You know why i cant wait for open beta?

    @Eirias In terms of non-rng games, what about trackmania nations and dark souls? the only random things in dark souls are drops (still no need to grind for anything, really), when you get invaded or the consistency of hitboxes sometimes (especially in dark souls 2...). trackmania is a completely level playingfield and there are servers without any "lucktracks" out there that focus on pure skill. no random trafic, no random points that give you boosts, just you vs the clock, where the best lap in 6 minutes counts.
  7. LagOps

    Important: Open Beta Status Announcement

    It was the right decision and i am happy it has been made despite the previously set release-date.
  8. LagOps

    what is the better start up for 2v2 frost or nature

    it really depends on your 2v2 partner and what faction(s) he/she is playing. nature t1 for instance works very well with shadow t1, permahealed nox spamm with cc is incredibly hard to deal with. frost t1 in general is very map-dependant. on large maps you will run into problems where you have to give up mid and in general have poor map control. on small maps you can spawn dazed IG at your partner's well and rush the enemy for an easy win if the map allows for that. nature t1 in general is better in 2v2 compared to 1v1 imo since it hits its powerspike sooner, as your cc+heals also help your allies and can be used to great effectiveness early on. in addition to just the t1 matchup, you also need to consider your t2 combo. in case your friend wants to play pure fire for instance, you will want to have home soil in your deck-something you would likely not play in nature t1 due to the amount of slots required for nature t1. i feel that giving some more information would be helpfull here, especially planned builds (for frost and nature t1) from you and your teammate.
  9. @Ultrakool I didn't read a whole lot on the forum recently, so i kinda missed that. Will have a look at it... edit: i looked at it and so far (just a few glances at the stuff he wrote) what i saw was him arguing that posting optimistic/unrealistic release dates is not a good idea since it will leave some players in the community dissapointed after hyping up. Him pointing out that the game has been postponed multiple times and that he had guessed this would happen previously can be seen as smug, however it can also seen as him backing up his argument. Since he was keeping things civil in his posts, i really do not see a problem with that. Heck, i even agree with not setting uncertain release date estimates, since it might mean that at some point the beta would be released on the estimated release date just to meet community expectations and avoid postponing it further despite the beta needing 1-2 weeks of polish to make sure no game-(or server-)breaking bugs remain. I really do not see him as being negative, he clearly does want this project to succeed. Even if he could admittedly word his responses differently. @Ultrakool maybe you can link your post adressing his points? I only took a short look at what he said and having a post adressing what you feel is inapropriate could be helpfull. While he certainly could frame it in a better way, what @Lotte2525 was saying didn't seem inaccurate in my eyes (okay, extra information on patreon was wrong (maybe he was refering to weekly dev posts over there and not realising they are here on the forum as well after a delay?), but that doesn't mean everything he said was wrong) as it is still kinda up in the air wether or not mid march is going to be the release date. @Quikes You are saying that you are not attacking him personally and only have an issue with his opinion. I don't quite see how that is the case with you saying "why you have to go around and spread lies and bad vibes? lol. I guess you think you're some kind of wise sage knowing that the beta can be postponed. [...]". You could have said that you think he is missinformed or you could just have said that he is (in your opinion) wrong. Accusing him of being on this forum only to spead lies and act smug is pretty personal in my book. Just keep it a civilized discussion, allright?
  10. @Lotte2525 You are quite correct on this one. There are still systems that do not work yet and we have not entered games yet (well, we did in the old server, so there should be no major issues with the games hopefully). Unless everything magically falls into place, it will be likely that mid march is not going to work out either. Delays are hard to predict in software developement since you can only know what goes wrong after you actually wrote the code. You could be lucky and things work out or there could be entirely unforseen issues that stall progress. @Quikes Please do not attack other forum members about their opinions. This isn't an echo-chamber of hype and it is entirely appropriate to voice criticism in a civilized manner.
  11. As soon as any kinds of games work, battlegrounds will also work. The games are not the issue here. Server stability and exploits/bugs are the main issues right now.
  12. LagOps


    @Ultrakool I am *slightly* more busy with my master thesis than i originally anticipated and will likely not make more videos until i am done with it (6 months or so). I still plan on making some tutorial videos but it might be quite a while until you actually get to see them...
  13. LagOps

    Best Anime moment

    There are tons of great moments in anime, it's pretty hard to make a pick, so i will just go ahead and make several. SPOILERS AHEAD! For me personally: #1 Griffith's speach to princess Charlote from Berserk (the 97's version and movie version are pretty much on par here imo) (Such a pivotal moment and masterfully delivered, gives great insight into Griffith's character as well as Gutt's reflection on his own dream afterwards. Drives to plot forward in a masterfull way and sets up maybe one of if not the deepest and richest villan character i have ever seen with a whole bunch of forshadowing. This scene gives me shivers every single time and is my #1 moment with no contest) #2 Zero's requiem from Code Geas 2 (The ultimate redemption of the main character, which also did an incredible job at making himself (seemingly) utterly irredeemable during the last few episodes prior) #3 Assault of the Boars from Princess Monoke (I legit cried, what a scene! if you haven't seen Mononoke, you haven't lived yet. Was the first anime i saw over 10 years ago and i didn't even know what anime was. What a way to set up high standards...) #4 The ending of Wolf's Rain (Actually called Wolf's Reign, it's a misstranslation and yes that bothers me. Just when you thought things might actually work out in the end... also that soundtrack gets me every time!) #5 The ending/tank scene from Ghost in the Shell (Phillosiphical and quite unexpected. Also very nice symbolism and great cinematography) #6 Naruto vs. Sasuke fight in the valey of the end from the original Naruto (Insane buildup and great delivery. Felt very emotional and personal and the action was amazing as well. Great choreography, animation and cinematography really bring the sheer scale and power in the battle to life) #7 Final battle in Sword of the Stranger (Again beautiful horeography, animation and cinematography, even better than in Naruto in my opinion and also comes with amazing soundtrack and sound design. Didn't manage to be as emotional as the Naruto fight and that's why i rate it a bit lower)
  14. I like bandits (big surprise) and i also like the elements of shadow and fire, like op, and the aggressive playstyle. It is just like dark souls (meme/10)
  15. LagOps

    Yea i will say it: what about blockchain?

    @IceKin Let me be very clear: I added the bit about my background because you attempted to discredit me (and basically everyone else in this thread) and my opinion by saying "I feel no one here really know what is blockchain, especially if people say online server can't be hacked (lol) and if people say NO (to what?) without knowing what is this all about." I was not implying that i knew more than you about cryptocurrencies than you did, i explicitly stated "I admit not to know what these currencies are about and how they work (in regards to mining-free currencies)" and "I was basing my post around how for instance bitcoin works as that is the most common way of doing things. I was unaware you could have security without mining as mining was allways presented as a nessecary component to generate money AND make the system tampering proof (i MUST be an idiot not knowing what cryptocurrencies are IF i am not super up to date with new developements, right?)" Now, which subfields of computer science did i study the most and chose to focus on? Computer graphics and computer vision. Are bitcoins relevant to those fields? I don't think so and that's why i only have a passing intrest in cryptocurrencies. I still thought them important enough to at least learn what the fuzz is all about and how they work. Of course, to you, cryptocurrencies are "the most important discovery of digital era after the internet" and since i do not share that opinion, i guess that means that you can discredit me once again. Let me tell you how i feel about cryptocurrencies: Right now, hardly anyone uses them in the sense of a currency and most of the transactions are made to exchange the currency itself with other currencies. Cryptocurrencies are viewed as investment opertunities right now and due to speculation the currency is overvalued and unstable to the point where it is difficult to even use it for its intended purpose. The technology itself is very interesting and the concept seems solid and i feel that it does have a future beyond a highly speculative investment opertunity. Calling it "the most important discovery of digital era after the internet" is maybe a bit much tho. The potential is there, but it hasn't been realised yet. "I'm really sorry for this thread, I tought it could be a nice topic to dicuss on. Maybe we can do same discussion in about a couple of years" Now i am really confused... wasn't i trying to start a discussions asking open questions and pointing out apparent problems for the use of cryptocurrencies in games? Why can't we suddenly discuss this? I feel that i made some valid points, but all i get in response is you trying to police the discussion, discredit the opinion of others and strawman my position. "Maybe we can do same discussion in about a couple of years"? It feels more like "Maybe you can agree to my opinion when i try again". This is an open discussion and it will not stop because you are unable to refute my arguments. Please give me a proper response where you argue about what i said and not about me.

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