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  1. hardest pvp deck

    I really have to disagree here; nature is one of the weakest decks in the game. The deck has terrible counters in t2 against m units which make up the majority of offensive options for most factions. Especially burrowers are extremely hard to deal with and can easily nuke a base and then just run to the next or get out safely. Yes void manipulation with voidless units and permaheal is entirely broken (i don't think anyone wants to argue that...), but most good players don't simply let you do that and stop you before that ever becomes relevant. The t1 is actually ok if you are comfortable with rushing an enemy well (map dependent) or have a mexican standoff until your heals and cc outscales the enemy t1. It basically works great as soon as there is a power advantage or if the power levels are high. On low power levels you have costly units and no power to support/save them, which makes it very hard to win fights. However due to the immense popularity of phasetowers and mortar your t1 can be cheesed in many matches. tl;dr: While nature can be very strong in some specific situations, it is very easily abused and unreliable in general.
  2. Problems with the lovely "Tobbezockt" :)

    @YT Tobbezockt Xlink's feedback he has given you in that thread has summed things up pretty well: Overall just try to calmly accept criticism instead of starting arguments. Getting feedback is not about you being right, but about getting a second opinion and possibly inspiration. There is no need to defend your position. Wether or not to follow that criticism is your choice in the end and it's perfectly ok to do things your way if you feel that the criticism was unfounded or a poorly informed opinion etc.. I would suggest to respond to criticism only in case you are unclear about what exactly is being criticised, need further information or many forum users have the same/simillar criticism to offer. Please refrain from acting passive-agressive, making fun of others or any such things as this will only lead to arguments and not a constructive discussion. I hope this helps
  3. Problems with the lovely "Tobbezockt" :)

    i wasn't aware that there was any sort of problem... maybe you can link threads where ppl complained?
  4. Donations are back... on Patreon !

    There allready is a community-run youtube channel here! Have fun checking it out!
  5. Open-Beta Announcement Stream !

    @Krugbeer Am 28. wird das release date der open beta angekündigt (also: es wird gesagt ab wann wir spielen können) und es wird wohl auch ein wenig von der schmiede gezeigt. Was es sonst nocht gibt ist nicht näher bekannt. Translation [Added by Kiwi] : "On the 28th, the release date of the open beta is announced (ie: it is said from when we can play) and it is probably also show a little of the forge. What else is there is not known."
  6. Donations are back... on Patreon !

    @InsaneHawk While i can understand that you can't talk to everyone, limiting the 50 dollars tier to just 5 seems a bit much. As for those 25 dollars+ monthly meetings, would it be possible to stream those? I mean, sure you can't have everyone in voice chat, but with text chat (from the stream) that issue is being mitigated quite a bit, no? What about all those alpha/beta testers? We have kinda been involved for 1 year+ with the devs over discord; will that involvement just end and we will be treated as any other player? If not, what kind of treatment would we expect? Don't get me wrong, we (well at least I...) are very happy for getting an early go at the game, but we were also there trying to crash the game in every way we could think of, writing bug reports, reproducing bugs, showing up on streams, making yt content, promoting the game etc.. All of that is a pretty big commitment for the game and i would honestly be quite a bit upset at getting sidelined as soon as we are no longer needed and don't have the money to subscribe a high tier on patreon.
  7. Donations are back... on Patreon !

    Donations are back... finally... I didn't use patreon for donnations yet, but patreon is for monthly donations only? Is it possible to do one time donations as well? As for the rewards... i am not quite sure about the "meet the staff" rewards for 25+ dollars/months. So far in alpha and beta, i could have some talk with the devs on discord every now and then about developement, the game, game design, future plans etc. without much of a hastle. Is this more casual attitude not going to continue past open beta? I don't have the money for monthly donations, at least not for the 25+ dollars tiers, but would still like to have some talk/input on game design (simillar as to how it was in alpha/beta). What are my options in that case?
  8. PvP Training Bots

    @Eirias Sums up my worries pretty well: players will get used to the bots and when faced with actual humans they will still continue to play as they were against bots. it would teach bad habits and frustrate players, so they would go back to playing bots until they are "good enough" which might as well never happen...
  9. PvP Training Bots

    I have my doubts that a sufficiently skilled bot is feasable in a game like battleforge. The game is just far, far too different from other types of rts games. The problem is that regular rts games are to a very large extend an execution task: the optimal strategies are well known and the game developes in a predictable fashion (build order, scouting, expanding to a second base, tech progression etc.) and most that is to master is to execute to perfection. Skill is often corellated with APM and pros wildly mash hotkeys. Needless to say, i dislike these kinds of games quite a bit as they often fall short on the actual strategy part. In battleforge things are very different. The game gives the players the choice of pacing the game (due to void and minimal base building) and strategizing (due to void, no fog of war, deploying units in battle, spells etc.) to a very large degree. The possiblilty space of valid plays and strategies is much, much vaster than in any other rts i ever played. It is arguable that battleforge is not an rts since it lacks major mechanics defining the genre such as the power system (allways multiple resources, no void), fog of war, playing units on the field, no tech trees, etc. etc.; in my book it is as as different from rts as mobas are from modern dungeon crawler rpgs such as diabolo... they might look simillar on the surface but play out entirely differently. The problem with a reasonable sparring bot that actually teaches you pvp, would be that battleforge is not at all based on following dominant strategies, but more about innovation/strategizing on the fly. It is all about the mindgames you play with your enemy and how to respond to the gameplay situation. A bot can hardly, if at all, do that and so it would teach new players very bad habits by expecting the patterns of the bot to be indicative of how the game is supposed to be played. The only way a bot would provide any challage to mid silver players (let's be real, mid silver play is not exactly skilled. mid silver means understanding some basic concepts of the game.) and above would be if it was cheating. Usually that happens by giving units more damage resist/damage and most popularly increasing resource generation. all of these options are out of the window as damage reduction ruins the unsefullness of damage spells and to some extend cc spells, where damage increase makes those unreasonably strong against an ai oponent (just lavafield/AoC all his stuff if his damage is op) and higher energy income forces rushing as you get serverely outscaled the longer the game goes. none of the typical 3 ways to buff ai teach you how to properly play either and encourages abuse of playpatterns, turtle or rush tactics and fails to teach effective use of power. I am aware that having to play against real players right from the start disencourages new players and is a steep barrier for pvp as you don't want to embarass yourself by having no clue at all and getting taunted by your oponents. Maybe, despite the reasons for why a bot would be a very bad teacher, it would still make sense to have a bot to ease players into the pvp scene. I'm not entirely convinced on that one and one would maybe just have to test it out in open beta (if someone who is profficient at writing bots would have a go at making one. don't think the devs have any time for this and it is not a priority anyways). One would have to see if it would do more harm than good and how many players actually switch from playing bots to playing other players and how well they do against them. I have seen my fare share of players in lol who played against bots for far too long and never really made the jump into the actual pvp because they do not like losing/adapting and/or getting blamed for their poor play. In general lol bots are a good example since they are quite garbage due to the way the game is desinged (the game is much about mindgames as well as descicion making, simillar to bf) and i doubt battleforge bots would be much better than that, if at all. Hardly anyone struggles with bots after a few hours of play and then one has to question if it wouldn't have been better to just match new players with new players as that at least promotes some learning experience.
  10. how can i join beta?

    there are giveaways every now and then on the skylords discord. this is currently the only way to get into closed beta.
  11. Strongest PvP Deck?

    Yes, the player has a huge impact but in high level pvp it becomes very obvious that some decks can just totally be absued. The main reason why you can do whatever you want in lower elos is because nobody knows how to abuse certain decks... to be honest, one of the main reasons why i win in high elo is because others just have no experience against bandits and if they knew the matchup better i would have a much harder time. So as long as you can take the skill out of the equation by playing an "autowin" tactic, player skill won't save you... however if you don't/can't do that you will not have much of an advantage. Aside from bandits, nature and some isolated matchups (fire vs frost), player skill is much more important than the deck, but the deck still matters (at least in high lvl pvp). i agree with radi here, his tier list is pretty legit.
  12. Weekly PVP Map Discussion

    I personally do like haladur a lot, however i feel that the choke points in the center are a bit too thin, t1 often ends up as a mexican standoff since whoever moves into the chokepoint is quite at a disadvantage. On this map frost can also be bullied quite a bit, especially if phasetowers or mortar are involved. Despite these issues i think the map is propably the most fairly balanced and offers quite a bit of tactical choice and gameplay variety.
  13. What Does "Kevin" Mean? [Poll]

    ah yes... the Kevin syndrom. the stereotypical kevin is from a backwater place and uneducated. the main feature ppl usually associate with the syndrom is that Kevins usually waste their lives and amount to nothing. That's basically the internet meme if you will, but i really can't confirm any of that.
  14. Map editor tutorials

    a simple solution is to create a black and white texture on which power wells/orbs are marked in white and then use that as a mask for another texture ingame. everywhere you see that texture is where a power well is supposed to be. In terms of actual map symetry, i draw an inital rough hightmap in gimp and modify it a bit. the map will be roughly symetrical this way. you can also use that map later on as a mask such that you can get the playable area right.
  15. Bandits PvP

    @FissMortune - t4 is not something you should play in pvp, you basically never get into to t4 and if you do, you could have easily ended the game in t3. For t3, bandit lancers and giant slayers are pretty much must have cards and you should play a siege unit (either gunner of ashbone; i am very much a fan of gunner due to the extra utility) and maybe, if you have the slots, soulhunter. 3 or 4 t3 cards is fine for the deck, i personally play 3. - are you aware of the counter system in the game? scavanger for instance is an s counter, it does 50% more damage vs. s units... - your t2 doesn't look good: Windhunter green is much better since it can disenchant itself, so play that one. assasins, nightcrawler, aura of corruption, skyfire drake, lava field and rallying banner are core cards, you will need them for sure. i personally prefer live weaving over unhowly power due to the lower power cost. unhowly power is still an option you can play instead. i would also highly suggest playing disenchant purple. banditos and comandos are not worth playing imo, especially banditos are kinda garbage. warrior's death is kinda lame and broken; it doesn't help you in any of the hard matchups anyways so better not play it.