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  1. Honestly it would be best to have some handpicked and well designed community maps in ranked pvp instead of some of the EA maps. Especially layesh and wazahi are poorly thought out an ymria can be a problem (not nearly a bad tho and mostly due to cliffing only) as well. But you can take only so many maps away before ranked gets a little to repetetive and decks can be built to cheese certain maps if the pool is small enough. In terms of community-maps, well there would need to be some contest first to have properly designed maps to pick from. The focal point should be on playability and not on optics. If anything, it would be possible to have the optics to be improved when picks for new pvp ranked maps were made.
  2. i would rather avoid turning cards into gold, after all gold is used for account progression and such a conversion would make multiaccounting much more convenient. now rerolling a card for a card of the same rarity on the other hand...
  3. LagOps

    Suggestions, ideas for EndGame (mostly PvP)

    battleforge plays very differently from your average RTS. adding fog of war would make it very chaotic as armies can be spawned out of nowhere and scouting would have very limited effect. imagine playing any standard rts where both players are unable to scout. that doesn't play very well, does it?
  4. LagOps

    Netherwarp Green bug abuse

    It just encourages spam like in the replay, i am seeing that a lot in higher gold elo. Especially without damage spells, you are having issues. Stonekin has it the worst out of all factions actually and its just sad to watch... the only "real" counter is to get the shadow player to run out of charges. fixing it might actually encourage players to switch to blue nether warp in lower elos as well since shadow mages won't be an easy defense anymore (well, at least not THAT easy).
  5. Totally not going to lead to multiaccounting at all... with gold it would be fine i guess, but boosters?
  6. LagOps

    Global Warming in Pure Fire to counter Pure Frost?

    sure a large t1 is worth it, but fire can afford to get a large t1 and still somehow manage to have global warming in there. if you really don't have a slot then that's fine too, it's just my opinion that it's propably worth playing.
  7. LagOps

    Global Warming in Pure Fire to counter Pure Frost?

    I am one of the players who prefers to pick optional cards to alleviate weaknesses in my deck instead of making allready quite winnable matchups easier. pure frost and fire-frost are tough for pure fire, propably the hardest matchups for fire and so i would suggest playing global warming. pure fire usually doesn't have many issues with deckslots and i see large t1s in this deck quite a lot. should be possible to fit global warming in there somehow.
  8. LagOps

    Are core pvp cards too rare?

    personally i do have an issue with core cards being too costly/rare. in my opinion, the core cards a faction is designed around and are required to play the deck should be uncommon at most. optional cards that offer adapation to matchups or have effects simillar to other cards should be the ones with higher rarity. you should basically be able start out with a bare-bones viable deck for an affordable price and then once you get more into pvp and feel like you need to adapt to the meta/matchups or just want some optional (but not cruical) cards, you need to invest more bfp. it's just not fun to grind pve until you finally "unlock" pvp once you have a bare-bones deck.
  9. you released this before the beta-testers have leaked it? what are we even here for at this point? THEY TOOK ER JERBS!
  10. LagOps

    Important Progress Update and Clarification

    @Kubik i can feel your pain! Just looking at how the game handles certain tasks, such as opening boosters etc. It's pretty clear that the game locks the ui when waiting for updates from the server... you know, the kind of flaws that would have gotten a 2nd semester university project i was once doing failed instantly (it's annoying to the user and also very, very error-prone if the server doesn't deliver exactly what you expect it to straight away and a clear sign concurency is foreign to the developer). Looking just at the surface issues in the programming... yeah "wtf" moments are pretty much expected.
  11. LagOps

    Bandits were underpowered.

    i got into top 10 with bandits... they are still the weakest faction tho. they have a whole bunch of weakspots that experienced players can abuse... on the other hand only few have that experience since hardly any serious player was maining bandits in ranked. rank doesn't really matter anyways if most of the good players are rarely active in ranked (well... i guess i wasn't a paragon of activity either tbh).
  12. @Morathyls i still feel that a damage-cap would have been a better solution as the nerf does not adress the problem at all... but then they also nerfed corsair and masterarchers are still op, so...
  13. LagOps

    You know why i cant wait for open beta?

    trackmania is entirely pvp-based and dark souls has a pvp scene and random pvp even for pve players in the form of invasions when playing coop. if you care about the pvp, dark souls 1 is not very balanced and the meta consists of broken builds and backstab-abuse. In terms of pvp, dark souls 2 is by far the best in the series, followed by dark souls 1 and dark souls 3 is clearly the worst in terms of mechanics (very casualized, op instant parrys, op low stamina rolls, can't get backstabed when chugging estus and walking etc...) and well as in terms of the invasion system (you pretty much only get ganksquads against you, not very fun). Overall dark souls 1 is still the best game of the series by a long shot. even if you are not particularly interested in the pve, it is well worth playing and one of the best games ever made imo. There is a dark souls 1 resmaster coming out, which is going to revive the pvp scene. if you have any interest in pvp, that is the version you should be getting.
  14. LagOps

    You know why i cant wait for open beta?

    @Eirias In terms of non-rng games, what about trackmania nations and dark souls? the only random things in dark souls are drops (still no need to grind for anything, really), when you get invaded or the consistency of hitboxes sometimes (especially in dark souls 2...). trackmania is a completely level playingfield and there are servers without any "lucktracks" out there that focus on pure skill. no random trafic, no random points that give you boosts, just you vs the clock, where the best lap in 6 minutes counts.
  15. LagOps

    Important: Open Beta Status Announcement

    It was the right decision and i am happy it has been made despite the previously set release-date.

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