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  1. wa2magge

    [Important] Open Beta Delayed

    thats really not good what happened with Fiki, i hope you get better soon mate! dont stress yourself like that Skylords Team, everything will be ok.
  2. wa2magge

    Happy Birthday Skylords Reborn !

    Happy birthday my beloved skylords
  3. wa2magge

    Dawn of War 3

    Hi guys, Magge Here and im back, I hope there are some Dawn of War and 40K Lovers here on this Forum. Some of you know that Dawn of War 3 is releasing on the 27th April 2017 and i am really hyped for it. Whats your Opinion about that Game? Im really excited for the game and i think it will be good that it get a Moba-Style Multiplayer Mode because its something new and fresh and can be really good. What i dont like is that the game has 3 Factions (or Races) i can Play with at the release, i mean, wheres chaos, tau, necrons, or the imperials? but they will surely come as DLC´s or maybe Free-LC´s. Share with me your Opinion about it and please say me Whether you buy the game or not. ( i will buy it at release) Regards. Magge
  4. wa2magge

    All the Austrians hands up!!

    Na, de Österreicher
  5. wa2magge

    The legendary forum game "count"

    2295, oh and just playing GW2
  6. wa2magge

    Anyone playing MMORPG´s ?

    Im waiting for Lineage Eternal, but its not a True MMORPG, its an MMO ARPG like Diablo, PoE and other genre games.
  7. wa2magge

    Anyone playing MMORPG´s ?

    Thanks for your Information, Aazrl! i will watch some videos before i get this game. Alright, maybe you will get your verify mail soon and can test the game, its really worth to try it at least out
  8. wa2magge

    Anyone playing MMORPG´s ?

    Sweet, will test it out today.
  9. wa2magge

    Anyone playing MMORPG´s ?

    So has this game a campaign? i just tested it a hour and i wanna hear your Story
  10. wa2magge

    Anyone playing MMORPG´s ?

    Have tested Starcraft Universe too! ist a very good "mod" !
  11. wa2magge

    Anyone playing MMORPG´s ?

    Haven´t played it, i played LotRO a lot, has the same graphics as DDO and yea i like Lotro because it has the atmosphere that dont has any other MMORPG. the best.
  12. wa2magge

    Anyone playing MMORPG´s ?

    What has Black Desert to offer? Content-oriented. https://help.guildwars2.com/hc/en-us/articles/230515328 thats a link maybe helpful for you when you have Problems you still dont got any mails 2. Method is you can use your phone to authenticate your account.
  13. wa2magge

    Anyone playing MMORPG´s ?

    I really love the raids its the best Thing!
  14. wa2magge

    Anyone playing MMORPG´s ?

    @ThomasMann Metin2 i never liked it because you cant jump and the graphics wasnt that good... but it´s an old game why you played it? @Shotty I don´t expected that anyone made a GW2 Thread But very cool^^
  15. wa2magge

    Anyone playing MMORPG´s ?

    Hi Skylords, Im just wondering if anyone Plays an MMO just wait for Skylords Reborn to come live, what are you playing and why do you Play this MMORPG? ( Im playing Guild Wars 2 and Elder Scrolls Online)

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