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  1. Simigr

    bugs if you dont know

    I'm pretty sure for green
  2. Simigr

    bugs if you dont know

    Hello! Spirits hunters (green afinity) if the enemy has shield he lose shield first and not life i remember that those archers poison ignore shields. PVP Danduil map if you capture power wells north and south of the center close to monuments you can't spawn units close to power well area is red. Regrowth spell sometimes stop work in 2 seconds
  3. Simigr

    Progress rate too slow + other concerns

    You are right but i put this title my mistake
  4. Simigr

    Progress rate too slow + other concerns

    why ????I have every right to tell my opinion
  5. The progress is very slow We need more daily quest. We can't create decks when we take 225 per day and boost cost is 450 We can't create a deck when you see t1 and t2 units and spell from 200 to 400 bf per one card I can't see rare cards with 100 bf and promo with 1150
  6. Simigr

    Server high ping

    I think i have high ping cause i see games and when i press to play they dissapear happen many times. Also ping is 200-500 and its green.Don't know if it works correct but i'm in Europe and Server its at Germany normal pings was 50-80 before 10 years. I have play counter strike and i know this but also i remember one thing if someone with high join the server the server lag and the people kick him from the game cause they all had more ping.Maybe this is happen here cause we have people from all the world. I try to inform you nothing more(i dont mean i know more things than you)
  7. Simigr

    Error while creating games

    I get the same error impossible to start a game
  8. Simigr

    start game failed

    Do you mean you run the exe and nothing or when you create a game and nothing?
  9. Simigr


    When i play a map 70% the game freeze. Just say to inform you
  10. Simigr

    3 - Avatar visual bug

    Its a minor problem but i had choose werewolf avatar and now i have war eagle
  11. Simigr

    Users or not

    I run uac.exe . Take your time and thank you
  12. Simigr

    I can't get ingame!

    We wait take your time!!
  13. Simigr

    Users or not

    I try from yesterday to join i make profile (with different nickname ) and i login succes he says and then i w8 around 2 min.Then the game login in into the forge and i have instantly message that say i lost connection with the server.That its not problem by provider because i play others game i did not take a single dc.This happen from yesterday around 20 times. Hope its not my nickname the problem cause its different than forum
  14. Simigr

    Problem , your dienthas lost the connection

    I got the same problem exactly and i try to join 7:00pm

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