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  1. Battleforge Greek community

    Answer if you are Greek what deck you play and if you need a good pvp or pve mate
  2. Nice job there good to know all that things but i disagree.Most depend the players you face and the choice of cards. Also from my experience all power is to mixed decks and not pures decks.
  3. Describe the game with one word!

  4. Can we have it back?

    Yes thank you!
  5. Can we have it back?

    Before a few months you could make you decks here in forum it was an option .Can we have it back as the game is close to release to make our plans? Thanks!
  6. Good coop games

    Sniper Elite series and Nazi Zombie army trilogy !
  7. The legendary forum game "count"

    2492 I remember the day....
  8. [Trailer] Open Beta Announcement

    Very nice trailer and nice music!
  9. Who is happy?

    Of course its the best news but i will be happy when i play PvP with my mate until then...
  10. Unofficial New Faction/Cards Idea

    Nice mate i think its time for fire/frost +1!!!
  11. Contest: New Logo

    I got and idea but i don't know if its easy to execute anyone because i'm noob to this work.Can u write it Skylords Reborn with units avatars like Worms and others units?
  12. Contest: New Logo

    SR Saint's Row don't make logo with this 2 letters Nice job!!Sky is very nice but i believe u must fill k and y with blue and make the uper side frozen.The color under lords we can say that is the color of lost souls and letters of lord who is dark down side u can change it to purple and the others half red with fire up of the letter also dont forget to fill sky around with green.It's just personal opinion no offense!
  13. Eirias Replay are Back!

    Great job nice to have you back again!!!