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  1. Simigr

    Bid for beta start

    at first 6 months of 2019
  2. Simigr

    Closed Beta Applications

    Hello! I play that game since it was beta by EA.I got high experience for both PVP and PVE and i believe its the best game on the world.I 'd like to help fix the game even if i help as close beta tester.My first priority is to find and report all bugs and play both PVP and PVE.When i was playing the game most of my time i spend it to pvp around 90%. I got plenty of time i can spend 10+ hours to the game each day to help you fix it faster.Why me and not the others?Because i got high experience to the game ,time and will to help for fixing fast the game.I'm also cooperative and kind person.I believe in team efforts. My Discord:Simigr#1329
  3. Simigr

    Introducing... Kubik, our new developer!

    Are you a man or woman?How old are you?Are you married and if yes do you have children and how many?If not why you dont be married?The name of the town where you live and why you live there?Do you have a dog or cat and the name of his/here is?Do you believe in God or not?Are you Christian or not? Welcome to the club!!! Not really need to answer to any question i'm joking welcome!!!
  4. Simigr

    New Element/faction in the game!!!

    If you want ideas for that look that picture.One guy was going to make a game like battleforge but he stopped that project.
  5. Simigr

    Battleforge streamers

    Just one question how you can upload bf matches to youtube i mean its need to convert to??Replays works in the game but how to youtube?
  6. Nice units but you should give more info for their abilities.I think you make them very very strong.To remind you the game for spells,time,dmg,life and cost that numbers isnt pick by luck but they have calculated and they need insane mathematics skill
  7. Simigr

    rPVE frost deck help needed

    There is nothing standar a few units at t1 and t2 more at t3 and t4 units and spells that help you much for example frost has coldsnap at t2 this spell froze enemy units and shatter ice at t4 you can kill even xl units by this spell combination. You will find them when you start playing its nothing important for PVE but for PVP advice for that is most important.
  8. Simigr

    Important: Open Beta Status Announcement

    Ok thank you
  9. Simigr

    Important: Open Beta Status Announcement

    I got an answer maybe i will become the bad guy but i need to know. I agree with Devs to take their time to fix the game one game with bugs will lose people and we cant enjoy it. But the real question is wtf beta testers do, we was needed a stream to see all this bugs?If they dont have time or get bored to join everyday to search for bugs remove them and add people who care even to stop this random method at discord
  10. Simigr


    But Unranked
  11. Simigr

    Rate my Lost Souls PVP 1v1 deck

    Sry but Erias cant match me at any deck fight.Nothing personal with that guy just i have see how he is playing.Even Radical X if i remember correct and others had at least one spell or unit at t4.If they continue to say no maybe they dont want all to have t4 units Its 2vs2 that means you can be a little weak at one point and your mate will cover you ,if both know how to play.
  12. Simigr

    Rate my Lost Souls PVP 1v1 deck

    Let them say i remember enough battle who spells and units of t4 used in battle and the are critical for win.To reach that stage you need a good team and you have to face also good players
  13. Simigr

    Who is around my age or older?

    I'm 33 and my old mate around 42 or more now
  14. Simigr

    Rate my Lost Souls PVP 1v1 deck

    Overlord for 2vs 2 only of course small changers can be done depend what you want to play
  15. Simigr

    Rate my Lost Souls PVP 1v1 deck

    If the enemy spawn a harvest he is dead right?

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