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  1. Hope you don't mind me reviving this thread. Didn't want to make a new one, and I had a lot to write so I didn't post it on discord since it'll just get lost. The problems: I think the reason why "Revenant's Doom" (the resurrection ability) feels so bad to use is because the units themselves aren't worth the cost of temporarily bringing back. The original devs clearly wanted to give the players the ability to use LS units. But there's an issue with that since the PVE enemy LS units were too powerful, so they compromised by giving us nerfed versions of them and slapping on "Revenant'
  2. Wasn't sure if I should post a new thread or not so I decided to post it here: NAME: Additional trade bug, missing card after trying to trade a card in deck. SEVERITY: 3 LOCATION: Trade system REPRODUCIBILITY: 3/3 DESCRIPTION: If you attempt to trade a card in one of your decks, you will receive a prompt asking for confirmation. If you confirm it, then the card is no longer visible in your collection and cannot be added to any of your decks. If you cancel the trade then this condition persists. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Me and my frien
  3. Do you remember if it ever displayed your avatar properly? Weirdly enough, yesterday I was able to play a mission for a short time and I could've sworn I remembered my avatar was properly displayed (Ice guardian), but when I logged in today shortly it had reverted to war eagle. Didn't want to mention it because I thought it might've just been me misremembering it since it was fairly late.
  4. Possibly, I didn't ask the other players if that was the case. It's not an important bug and I don't really mind it, just thought I'd bring it up since it I didn't see anyone else mention it. Would like to see if anyone else came across it too.
  5. NAME: Incorrect avatar displayed after character creation SEVERITY: 3 LOCATION: character screen, forge, probably during missions too. REPRODUCIBILITY: Unsure, seems to be common since a large majority of players (roughly 8/10's) that were active at the time I was logged in were also using a default avatar (I have not confirmed if they had chosen it themselves or not). I assume this is caused by creating a character whilst the servers were unstable and players were constantly dc'ed during / after creation. DESCRIPTION: The avatar I chose during character creation is not
  6. Can confirm that it's only a visual bug. That message appears when creating a character but it had no impact on my account and I properly received the starter decks. Remember you CAN'T actually make multiple characters on a single account (like in the original game).
  7. Yeah it was very frequent within the first few hours of the stress test servers going live, haven't been able to reproduce it for a while now.
  8. Common error code on login Name: login code Severity: 2(?) Location: login screen Reproducibility: On login, 4/10 Description: After initially creating a character and disconnecting immediately in forge, most login attempts afterwards resulted in this error. Additional info: Before anyone asks, No my username and password fields are not empty Update: Error is less frequent, and the ratio is lower after having a large sample size.
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