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  1. Kilian Dermoth

    Advice on laptop purchase

    The problem is the GPU. I dont know how it compares to the usual Intel HD Graphics so I cant tell you for sure. At least I played the game once at EA times with 1,6Ghz, 4GB RAM and an Intel HD 3000. It worked but I had to use the lowest possible graphics settings. So I think it might work but you probably will have to decrease the details a lot. Also I wouldnt pay much for such a (especially used) notebook. I wouldnt pay anything above 100€ to be honest and even this would be to much for my opinion. What about Bootcamp?
  2. Kilian Dermoth

    Asia Players/Server

    Come back xD, battleforge is more important! The game has a big latency (> 100ms to several of 100ms) even for EU players. But I think that the game was made to deal with a big latency so it could be that it almost doesnt differ to the experience EU players have. Still I know that the routing to asia or south america can be shit, so you had just to test.
  3. Kilian Dermoth

    Lost Spirit Ship Hype

    True that a Lost Souls Ship is only strong with multiple enemies around. It is really weak against single enemies compared to many other units. But even 2 Wyrms (energy cost: 600) win easily against 3 Lost Souls Ships (energy cost: 720). Plus the wyrms retain their damage output against single targets and can even focus against single targets in a groups, so that they have to fight lesser enemies. So the pure damage is NO advantage of the Lost Souls Ships, almost any other T4 unit is better here. Besides the ability to attack while moving there is another advantage: it attacks fast and can attack multiple units at the same time. Melee units for example can attack very slow and only unit by unit. So if you have multiple units standing far away of each other the Lost Souls Ship will be always quicker, even if the melee unit would do more damage.
  4. Kilian Dermoth

    Lost Spirit Ship Hype

    Giant Wyrm might be stronger but Lost Spirit Ship can attack while moving, Giant Wyrm cant.
  5. Kilian Dermoth

    Analysis: The problems and implications of player progression

    I think so but at the moment there is no ranked PvP so you cant get exp in PvP although you stay level 0.
  6. Kilian Dermoth

    Game usage numbers to public? / AH influence

    No it is the Open-Pre-Beta, Open Alpha or Stress Test.
  7. Kilian Dermoth

    Game usage numbers to public? / AH influence

    That would be nice, also other people could use this numbers to create graphical stuff if they wish. For example AH price graphs for specific cards.
  8. Kilian Dermoth

    Game usage numbers to public? / AH influence

    I think that the AH stuff was just (maybe an important) example. I understand him the way that he wants just statistical data or a way to query this data, this might include for example: 1. How many players are online 2. How many players are registered 3. Which cards are actually in the AH (with filtering by name, color, and so on) with which price. 4. How many player have solved all PvE maps on standard, advanced, expert. 5. By how many player was map x solved at which times. 6. How many boosters were bought in total, today, yesterday, ... 7. How many BFP do the players actually have, in total, average, median, ... 8. and so on.
  9. Kilian Dermoth

    Improve Upgrades Tab

    My problem with the tab is that if you get a few updates its almost impossible to find the already obtained updates which wasnt already applied. The reason for this is that the scrolling doesnt work vell, thats because one click with the scrolling wheel jumps several rows, so that you miss cards. Filtering could help, especially filtering those upgrades which you have obtained but not applied yet or alternatively fixing the scroll speed would be also very nice.
  10. Kilian Dermoth

    Where are you from?

    I am from the prezel land! Edit: And this is post number 666
  11. Kilian Dermoth

    Mac Wrapper?

    Possibly Wine + Mono works. Otherwise a virtual machine might work. A native support will never be available.
  12. Kilian Dermoth

    Batariel/Fire Deck PVE

    For heal you usually use Nature so you have 2 choices: 1. Go 5 Orbs For this you would need to steal the orb of someone else (except on a few campaign maps) or you would have to build Amii Monument and hope that nobody built it before you. I dont recommend any of this way. 2. Enlightment For this you would need 2 Nature orbs but in this case I would skip Thunderwagon because you had to enlighten it too and this would be to costly (energywise and charges). I assume you go Fire / Nature so for T2 there are at least 2 good options for units: Vileblood or Firestalker Other good cards for T2: Lavafield, Oink, Breeding Grounds, Ray of Light (with units like Vileblood) For T3 there are also good options, I personally prefer Magma Hurler but there are some other possible good units. Warshrine and Wheel of Gifts will greatly improve your deck. The first allows to spam spells and abilities almost infinite and the second will buff your batariel, other units and even your teammates. Especially with warshrine in a deck I would go with many spells (my decks have about 10 spells) and some of them are T3 spells like thunderstorm and revenge. Btw. you even dont need Fire at all for a Batariel deck but In this case Enlightment and 2 Nature orbs would be mandatory.
  13. Kilian Dermoth

    pve deck brauche hilfe

    Mehr Infos! Welche Fraktion darfs denn sein? Und meinst du PVE, rPVE, speziell eine Map oder einfach ein Allrounder? Generell empfiehlt sich für den Anfang in PVE einfach Heilung also mindestens 1 Grünes Orb. Dann ist es auch schon fast egal was du sonst reinpackst, sofern es nicht um Speedruns geht. Übrigens wird es hier ungern gesehen wenn man rein Deutsch schreibt. English translation (Google):
  14. Kilian Dermoth

    Natur / Frost Nature / Ice

    Hard to tell without knowing the whole deck. But if you really need a unit, Giant Wyrm or Primeval Watcher would be options. Otherwise Noxious Cloud could be great. Also RPVE isnt only all about T4, so you could improve T1-T3 instead.
  15. Kilian Dermoth

    Natur / Frost Nature / Ice

    1. Purple does almost twice the damage. 2. The additional damage is able to kill almost dead enemies (especially if they get an ice shield) by its own so you can focus the next shot on another enemy. 3. Nature / Frost has pretty much CC, you dont need an additional one, especially because they get ineffective the more you have. 4. Stonekin dont have a problem with surviability (CC, heal, damage reduction), so you dont need an additional CC. 5. Stonekins biggest problem is the little damage, so everything that increses it is good! Also I dont recommend to take both in your deck, because you could use the deck slot for much better stuff.

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