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  1. Kilian Dermoth

    Balance changes Balance changes to game

    Fastest yes, best not necessarily.
  2. Kilian Dermoth

    Balance changes Balance changes to game

    I wouldnt say that amii monument is per se cheating, because it does what it was made for. Only on soul tree I see it as cheating because I doubt that it was intendet to skip the last part of the map. On one side I like the idea of the card and the card itself but I dont think its a good card as it is now, its even better than a real monument! Improvements could be to make it T4 so that it is used for 5 color decks only or make it temporarily like enlightement (a weaker enlightement available for all colors), maybe there are even better ideas. I wouldnt take votes to serious, because they can be faked by multiaccounts and are usually more like an emotional desicion, than a rational one. Also I wouldnt make a difference who says what but more what the person says. If its reasonable for a PvP card but comes from a newbie speed runner its more worth than a bad idea from an expert PvP player. For me its important to know why a change is made and whats the reasoning behind it (this way I think that the forum is better than discord, because you can come back and easily find the discussion about each card). Also its important that everyone could take part of the discussion even if only a few will do at the end. Votes could be used to see if its an accepted change by the comunity or not. But the descion must be made by someone who will be neutral and objective with the right priorities at best (I know its impossible).
  3. Kilian Dermoth

    Balance changes Balance changes to game

    @Halis Have you even read the whole thread? Because it doesnt look like you did. You talk completely off topic stuff. Its not speedrunning per se its the cheasy / cheaty parts of the speedrunning. No one want to remove speedrunning but people want to improve the game by remoeving or correcting bad game design or bugs. Your speedrunning collegues (and you?) want to leave everything as it is because of nonsens like comperable all time rankings. This has nothing to do with what you explained speedrunning is about, because I think almost anyone knows that already so that you just explained the obivicious, which wont be affected in any way. Because it will stay the same after balancing the game. Btw. you again proved how conceited you and your collegues are by saying that I dont know what I am talking about... And I bet you would say that to anyone else who would have a contrary opinion, in this case, that balancing the game especially for modes where this is ncessary (as PvP) outweights nonsense like still being able to use bad game design (like Lebovin promoted) or to keep rankings comperable forever. @Pritstift 1.) No one want to take speedrunning from you, but its the least important to consider when it comes to balancing, bug fixing or improveing game design. Even EA added it as the last mode, maybe because the effort to do so was minimal. 3.) Its wrong what you say, this is done! I think I even read about it in your beloved all time speed ranking thread (but not sure if it was there or somewhere else). 4.) There is no proof in what you are saying. The simplest proofs for what I am saying are guns of liar and soul tree. You skip usually essential parts of the map, not just side quest, in a way that wasnt intendet for sure. That doesnt mean that it is done on any map, only that it is done at all. Also its obivisious that you have to know the map to do so but no matter its still a cheat. Even for cheating you have to know how to cheat, dont you? 5.) You will find for any bug or cheat a technical reason, but it doesnt change anything, because the game runs on a technical machine, any behaviour has technical reasons... 6.) Tell me where I did say that? I said that the first priority for balancing is PvP, that means cards that are used or will become used in PvP. I even stated that this should primarily include cards until T3, because T4 is almost not used in PvP. But PvP should still not be the only reason for balancing, so PvE cards which are almost useless should get buffed for example. But this one has a lower priority and even here speed running shouldnt be taken into consideration. The reasons for this are many and most are already said (not only by myself). 8.) Another story, but yeah it should get some balance, but I dont know how besides of buffing non useful cards to get some more diversity. But you shouldnt be able to win with any possible deck.
  4. Kilian Dermoth

    Balance changes Balance changes to game

    Again a wrong assumption, I am not a pvp player (even if some interest exists and I might give it a try from time to time), but I undestand that it needs balancing while the other modes dont necessarily need big balance changes. Its for example cheaty if it comes to skipping whole parts of maps, because thats what cheats usually do. Best example: "soul tree and amii monument", thats for sure a bug and a cheat. Another one is to start a map with 4 players and let the other ones leave to have the wells and monuments just from the start and skip a whole or even 2 tiers. Yeah you use built in game mechanics, but you know what? Cheats are also built in or game mechanics which get abused. No difference to what you do, it just doesnt sound as good as "understanding game mechanics" or how you want to call it else. Speedrunners are just a loud minority. It looks like you demand that the devs should built the game just for you, how many, 8 players, because you are the loudest here? Also balance changes shouldnt be made to keep all time rankings, so that this 8 persons or even less when it comes to the top position, can keep their first, second and third place, no one else is carrying about? Thats even worse than pvp players who fear to ruin their win / lose rate ...
  5. Kilian Dermoth

    Balance changes Balance changes to game

    So its better to give no bug report at all?
  6. Kilian Dermoth

    Balance changes Balance changes to game

    @wanky Nice written, really, but it doesnt represent the truth. But I think, I never played with you or just cant remember so that it might be true for you and how you act but sure not for the speedrunner community! I already played more than once with speedrunners (it looks again conceited that you accuse my experience is based only on one game) and there was never talk about speedrunning upfront, because this way I would leave or would say that I am fine with it. And if I say never, I mean never! The talk (usually with insults, threats or by leaveing) came always mid game when I didnt play that cheese. And I bet I am not the only one who experienced this more than once! @Dion my experience is similar. But I use global effect buildings, too. Void manipulation only if its needed for my deck (spell casting) or to make it easier for the other players (especially new ones on expert maps). Funny is that there are even players who get enraged if you build such buildings yourself and want to make you to destroy them so that they can go almost afk and feel helpful.
  7. Kilian Dermoth

    Balance changes Balance changes to game

    Dont know if we are talking about the same message. Mine apperead mid game and asked for reporting if bugs appear. I have seen that message but didnt experience any bug. Also if you contacted me, then I just didnt recognize it. Btw. I think that rPvE and normal PvE players are the biggest part or I am wrong? Because rPvE != PvE != speedrun. Wrong. I dont care about that. There are 3 main reasons why I dont like speedrunners: 1. Playing with speedrunners (non single player maps) means like playing with people who abuse the game mechanics in such a way that it feels like cheating. You may like such a playstyle, like other speedrunners (had to laugh many times about the amii monument and soul tree discussion because its just to obvisious that the speedrunners want to protect their "cheaty" game mechanics as much as possible). I dont like that "cheaty"-playstyle. If you play with such a guy he will even force you to play his shitty "cheaty" game, too. It became nearly impossible to play guns of lyr without skipping the most part of the map. They even insult you if you play "normal" instead in the way they want, I just recall some games with Lebovin for example... 2. They are way to conceited for knowing their "cheaty" game mechanics and think they are better than other players and show their behaviour every single time you read something, one of them is saying. 3. They seem to care less about others, they want only their pervert way of playing this game to be protected as much as possible. Wrong again and a perfect prove for the 2. point. I for sure know many of this tactics and sometimes I use them too, but usually I dont force anyone and often I prefer to play without using them. For example the amii monument soul tree bug was the first thing I tested when I had amii monument for the first time (at ea times) without being told about it from someone else. First I thought it cant be that EA overlooked this, but they really did... Btw. I think that changing cards on game mod is a really bad idea. This would lead to very much confusion especially for new players but not exclusively to them. It might work for people who will play only one mode and talk exlusively to people who play only this mode. But if people start to play different modes or talk with people who play different modes they would rarely talk about the same thing. Extra text on cards wont fix that, too.
  8. Kilian Dermoth

    Balance changes Balance changes to game

    To the bug reporting thing: At first the whole thing is just to complicated (giant overcomplicated template, multiple forums, 1000s of bug reports and so on) and when the open stress test began there were already over 1000 bug reports from closed beta testers that just appeared at once for non closed beta testesters. So, especially at the beginning it was hard to tell (for non closed beta testers) if a bug was already reported or not while the reactions of the staff were sometimes totally unfriendlay to already reported bugs or there were even no reaction at all (did they read, will they do anything, is this report even appreciated?). Also the reactions I have seen to bug reports that didnt use the template were unfriendly, too. Thats why I thought: fuck it, there are others who will report the same bug, let them have the hassle with that overcomplicated template, searching the forum and the reactions of the staff. But sometimes I just felt, maybe its a not so common bug or its a new bug, so I just wrote a little bit on discord about it and got sometimes also a bad (aggressive looking) answer by the staff about why I am not writeing in the forum? No this reaction didnt made me to write in the forum because of some of the mentioned reasons and I even thought: fuck it, next time i think twice about even reporting on discord. This happend some times and every time my interest in reporting in any way got lower, especially because the game looks very stable for me now. Yeah thats critisism on the staff and how bug reports were handled, especially at the begin of the open stress test. I know you might have another opinion or another point of view but I am not interested in discussing this further, just take it as my (bad) experience and do with it what you want. Another reason for not reporting bugs is that most of the bugs I encountered were common bugs where I thought I couldnt provide that much of new information, because most of them just appeared of a sudden and werent possible to reproduce. Most of them also appered while interacting or playing with other people, so maybe they did something (while I did something?) so that its impossible to reproduce without knowing what the other person did. So I just could say, hey I had that bug, but really dont have a clue why and it often didnt happen again for a while. Other people might have other reasons for not reporting or are just lazy. And to the message with the bug reporting. I have seen that message but if it only apeared while a specific bug happend, I just didnt recognize that bug at all, just the message. And that discord has its own bug report section is completely new to me, I even had to check if it is really there after I have read it in this thread. Especially because of the reactions of the stuff I thought there wont be a simple way to report a bug. The section is new, isnt it? To the balancing thing: PvP: should be the main aspect for balancing (until T3) because its most important here. PvE: should only be balanced in a way so that unused cards get also used. Further than that there shouldnt be much balancing, because its not necessary that the cards are all competitive to each other. Thats not how PvE works. Speedrunners: I wonder why they are even mentioned that much? You shouldnt care about them at all, because speedrunning is playing PvE in a (usually abusive) way to achieve lowest times. So if balancing for PvE doesnt matter that much why should it even matter for speedrunning? Especially because speedrunning is about abusing unabalanced cards. So balancing speedrunning would mean to remove that unabalance in some cards, speedrunners are using, and not to keep this unbalance in some cards. Also this would be more of a PvE and PvP balancing than a Speedrunning balance. Even if they are affected by balance changes there is really no reason to consider especially speedrunning while balancing cards. A good speedrunner should also be good with changed cards, also this could lead to new challenges to them.
  9. Kilian Dermoth

    Clan Tags

    If my nick wont fit, I am against, especially because I dont see the relevance for clans...
  10. Kilian Dermoth

    to fast to boring.. nerf rPVE!?

    Its one thing if its agreed to do so its another one if forced by others. I wonder what someone who does that might think, but it might still be retarded... And this is everthing but teamplay...
  11. Kilian Dermoth

    Game Crash: When placing a Nature Card in deck editing

    You shall not play nature xD! Its odd but somehow funny xD. You didnt play on the test server?
  12. Kilian Dermoth

    Looking for help to make Maps

    Starting to make a map, even if you never did before? Here is where you start: Paper & Pencil, no I am not joking. The first thing you need is a concept. If you dont have one you wont do maps even if you knew how to handle the map editor. Otherwise its easier to look exactly those things up on how to do it in a map editor if you already knew what you wanted to do.
  13. Kilian Dermoth

    to fast to boring.. nerf rPVE!?

    No, I hear about extra hard difficulty the first time. Would it be possible to add it in the UI of the game, so that those who want a challenge can try them? To the frustation thing: yes and no. It might make someone rage more and maybe swear but I think its still less frustrating because its easier to get over it and just forget a loose. I have seen such modes in Elder Scrolls Legends and Hearthstone. I dont have any numbers but I think they are still well visited. To random decks: they shouldnt be completely random, not like frostmage and mine in the same deck, that wouldnt work. But for example master archers instead of frost mage or even both instead of frost glyphe. There should be a system behind the random decks. First step would be to choose the orbs, that could be done completely randomly. Next only all cards are filtered by those, that can be played with the orb constellataion. After that you should get at least 1 unit by tier. The units should be one that can be played alone in a tier (like windweavers, magma hurler, shadow phoenix). Units like frost sorceress would make it necessary that you get another unit. Maybe a unit ranking should be involved. Then you should get some spells, not necessarly 1 per tier, but here should be also a ranking involved. If you have creeping paralysis, curse of oink should be very unlikely to be put in the deck, too. And so on. And a few slots, maybe 4-6 are completely randomly chosen among the playable cards.
  14. Kilian Dermoth

    to fast to boring.. nerf rPVE!?

    Yeah I know the cards. A few hours ago I tried to build a deck based around bandit sorceress ability. But it didnt really work... Never used lost converter as far as I know. But I usually dont play lost souls at T2. I somehow dont like frost (except stonekins). And to fleshbender, yeah I used it once for RPVE9 xD. Maybe its possible in the futre to add new game modes. Because of thinking about TCGs, the modes where you build a deck out of random cards and play afterwards are kind of fun to me. They are always somehow different. I think they could also lower the entrance barrier to PVP because this way new players could have luck with cards and good players hava bad luck. So the first group would get a chance and the second group a challenge, this is what both groups want. Also loosing with a random deck is less frustating because you cant blame that the other just had alread all cards upgraded and you had no chance because of this, also you could think if loosing: "bah, just bad luck, next time I will be luckier and win some matches, instead of: no chance, lets leave".
  15. Kilian Dermoth

    I can't launch the game

    Tried to turn of AV, and redownload it?

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