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  1. Kilian Dermoth

    to fast to boring.. nerf rPVE!?

    No, I hear about extra hard difficulty the first time. Would it be possible to add it in the UI of the game, so that those who want a challenge can try them? To the frustation thing: yes and no. It might make someone rage more and maybe swear but I think its still less frustrating because its easier to get over it and just forget a loose. I have seen such modes in Elder Scrolls Legends and Hearthstone. I dont have any numbers but I think they are still well visited. To random decks: they shouldnt be completely random, not like frostmage and mine in the same deck, that wouldnt work. But for example master archers instead of frost mage or even both instead of frost glyphe. There should be a system behind the random decks. First step would be to choose the orbs, that could be done completely randomly. Next only all cards are filtered by those, that can be played with the orb constellataion. After that you should get at least 1 unit by tier. The units should be one that can be played alone in a tier (like windweavers, magma hurler, shadow phoenix). Units like frost sorceress would make it necessary that you get another unit. Maybe a unit ranking should be involved. Then you should get some spells, not necessarly 1 per tier, but here should be also a ranking involved. If you have creeping paralysis, curse of oink should be very unlikely to be put in the deck, too. And so on. And a few slots, maybe 4-6 are completely randomly chosen among the playable cards.
  2. Kilian Dermoth

    to fast to boring.. nerf rPVE!?

    Yeah I know the cards. A few hours ago I tried to build a deck based around bandit sorceress ability. But it didnt really work... Never used lost converter as far as I know. But I usually dont play lost souls at T2. I somehow dont like frost (except stonekins). And to fleshbender, yeah I used it once for RPVE9 xD. Maybe its possible in the futre to add new game modes. Because of thinking about TCGs, the modes where you build a deck out of random cards and play afterwards are kind of fun to me. They are always somehow different. I think they could also lower the entrance barrier to PVP because this way new players could have luck with cards and good players hava bad luck. So the first group would get a chance and the second group a challenge, this is what both groups want. Also loosing with a random deck is less frustating because you cant blame that the other just had alread all cards upgraded and you had no chance because of this, also you could think if loosing: "bah, just bad luck, next time I will be luckier and win some matches, instead of: no chance, lets leave".
  3. Kilian Dermoth

    I can't launch the game

    Tried to turn of AV, and redownload it?
  4. Kilian Dermoth

    to fast to boring.. nerf rPVE!?

    Some exploits (by far not complete): Soultree: Amii Monument Guns of Lyr: Using cultists to destroy the building that leads to the last wave Sunbridge: Quick Gate Switching Convoi: The Nightguard trick Dwarven Riddle: Flying Units which can go to the other side Different Maps: Blocking quest units (Jorne, Bandit Walker, ...) General: Decomposing others units, Takeing others monuments, wells, and such All are exploits. Its odd that people who use such exploits usually are those that complain that maps are to easy... Back to topic: the main problem I think can be summed up in one word: repition. To break it, you need (new) content or something that makes it feel less repititive. RPVE is one way, even if its basically always the same there is still variance, not so for campaign maps, they are always the same. Still despite the variance RPVE is the same, so that it gets boring after a while, too. Campaign maps in contrast are different, some even with unique ideas but they lack variance, because a campaign map stays always the same, no variance. One role does play the AI, because it is really stupid, basically it is: spawn this units after this time and run to this point, thats it. Everytime exactly the same way. Another way could be PVP, here you have variance because you dont know how the other person will act. Maybe its not the case on high ELO because people tend to play some known tactics after a while. But PVP has its own problems, for example the high entrance barrier. Campaign maps, because of limited maps will always lead to repition. Especially because the AI isnt fixable, is it? Maybe it is possible to build community maps, that have some variance, like RPVE, dont know if that is even possible with the map editor. Otherwise you had to keep building more and more campaign maps to keep it entertaining. Btw. I am eagerly waiting to play the 2 12 player maps (which feal like 4 new campaign maps) again. At the end of the game at ea times i liked to play them most. RPVE will depend on the personal gusto if its entertaining but after a while everyone will get bored, doing the same even if there is some variance. The thing is that this seems to be the main content of the game after finisihing the maps once. But people who doesnt enjoy RPVE can feel to be forced to play it because of 2 reasons. First most players are playing RPVE, it is more difficult to fill a campaign group than a RPVE group. Second you get something for playing RPVE and you exactly know before what it is. It isnt the most rewarding in average but it is still high rewarding and you know for sure what you will get. But playing campaign maps is a bit of a gamble for the normal player (I dont car about speed runners and you shouldnt either, because they are only a small part and not representative for all players). Also it depends on the difficulty: Standard: is easy, boring, less rewarding, almost a waste of time if you dont want to chill a bit in the game. Expert: is to hard and time consuming for many players, especially if you dont have a good (or even specialized) deck yet and if you loose you gain nothing. And winning could give you still something bad, something less worth than rpve. Also seeing that someone else got something of worth while you got nothing of worth can lead to frustration, if you choose campaigns as main resource to boost your cards. Advanced: Even increased problem with the rewards, because they are always less worth and I doubt that this is more rewarding than RPVE but it wil take usually a bigger effort. So RPVE is still superior for farming for most people. Because they get for sure a good amount of gold and they can buy anything with that. You even can count the matches you need to get the upgrades you want. I think from a psyhcological view getting a upgrade you dont have will promte campaign play more than it is now, because you will know the chances are good that you get the upgrade you want after some games, because it must drop somewhen, while when it is completely random it could happen that it even doesnt drop after 200x of play. This way campaigns would get more interest by people who like to farm their upgrades by doing campaigns than paying them by gold and it would decrease the amount of people who play campaigns because they are in average more rewarding, because you had to have all upgrades of a map first before you get gold, and not just you, all had in the group had to, to get more gold than you would get by playing RPVE. This would also slow down the gold supply for Speedrunners. Another completely different aspect to break repitition is one of the game mechanics itself: the TCG part. A TCG should lead in people haveing diversity in decks but this somehow doesnt work for battleforge. I have nature as starter, so I put atleast windweavers and ensnaring roots in. Something else usually makes less sense. Yeah there are other ways to play nature as starter but they usually dont work as well as this combo. Or Fire as starter without Nomads (Green) or at least Mine? Frost as starter without Frost Mage? Ok good shadow can be played in many different (map specific) ways. Then i had to choose, spell based damage deck, tower / root based defense deck or unit based offensive deck? And based on this descion and the colors I have the deck should roughly be fixed if it should work. Its is finally the problem of balance among the cards that lead to this. For example: how often have you seen something else than church of negotian on bad harvest at position 3? Its really rare and if you try something else you get called out... This way the community even prohibits this kind of diversity. Another problem in this context is that most of the cards that work a little bit different than usually and could lead to a bit diverse gameplay are often damn expensive so that you had to farm a week just for one card. I think many people begin to get bored before they can affort it to get other cards to play around. That are two contratry points. First you describe the skill discrepancy. But the second is that high elo players tend to stay with their working strategies. Both is bad. While you might think that multiaccounting could improve the second thing, and it might, it would also make the first point even worse. Thats why I think that prohibiting multiaccounting is a really good thing. I didnt play much PVP since the release, just tried 2 or 3 times and got raped very quick by spitfire, juggernaut and co, while my deck level was very low and I had almost no rare cards. But in the past days I played a few PVP matches after I had almost any card almost fully upgraded and I somehow liked. But then I met from time to time a highranked multiaccounter that was matched with me, sometimes even manytimes in a row. And I began to think: "fuck that shit, I am doing something else" So I can tell you for sure that mutliaccounting will lead to even less people getting into PVP, because it will lead to high elo players playing against low elo players, what shouldnt be satisfying as you described. But I dont see that big of a problem with people who have "ranked axiety". They are already in PVP and there is always something that is called "unranked", which would lead to the same thing as playing as low rank multiaccount with the exception that you arent necessary matched with low ranks who dont want to play against high elo players.
  5. Kilian Dermoth

    to fast to boring.. nerf rPVE!?

    Because usually exploits are used to do this, thats why it is an exploit
  6. Kilian Dermoth

    anyone else notice in-match freezes becoming more frequent?

    Today I recognized also several freezes. It did not affected me personaly but at almost any 4 player rpve match today, one of the group was kicked or frozen (and could still chat with us). Usually I dont get disconnected ingame but if someone else got disconnected, I often get a disconnect after finisihing the map.
  7. Kilian Dermoth

    [Official] My Improved CardBase

    I think he mean the promo cards. I know that swamp drake promo was one of those cards you got when you preordered the game once back on release. And yes promo cards are in skylords reborn, but the chance to get one is very little. Didnt got any yet (after opening several boosters). But if you eagerly want one you can get one by trading.
  8. Kilian Dermoth

    Could some cards get a speed buff?

    It is not the only way to stun bosses @On Topic: Battleship: yes Construct: dont know
  9. I remember Primeval Watcher having a good damage output against multiple units (but bad against single units). Combined with the green Forest Elder, Wheel of Gits and maybe other damage buffs and you could maybe reach a fast killing speed of bases. But I have never tested it, because the cards are just almost unobtainable without 3 months or more of grinding...
  10. Kilian Dermoth

    Multiple stuff for game incl. issues

    Healing close buildings: works as intended and like it was at ea times... Expanding the afk time? One of the worst suggestions I ever read. Beeing afk for more than 5 min is totally disrespectful to anyone you play with. Ok it can happen that there is something in real life that makes that necessary but then you should live with getting kicked, especially because you are the one that dont play and why should you even get rewarded by being pushed by others while you take energy wells and monuments but dont do anything in return? I even suggest to decrease this time to 1 or 2 min. And if being afk happens on a regularly to consider bans.
  11. Kilian Dermoth

    Advice on laptop purchase

    The problem is the GPU. I dont know how it compares to the usual Intel HD Graphics so I cant tell you for sure. At least I played the game once at EA times with 1,6Ghz, 4GB RAM and an Intel HD 3000. It worked but I had to use the lowest possible graphics settings. So I think it might work but you probably will have to decrease the details a lot. Also I wouldnt pay much for such a (especially used) notebook. I wouldnt pay anything above 100€ to be honest and even this would be to much for my opinion. What about Bootcamp?
  12. Kilian Dermoth

    Asia Players/Server

    Come back xD, battleforge is more important! The game has a big latency (> 100ms to several of 100ms) even for EU players. But I think that the game was made to deal with a big latency so it could be that it almost doesnt differ to the experience EU players have. Still I know that the routing to asia or south america can be shit, so you had just to test.
  13. Kilian Dermoth

    Lost Spirit Ship Hype

    True that a Lost Souls Ship is only strong with multiple enemies around. It is really weak against single enemies compared to many other units. But even 2 Wyrms (energy cost: 600) win easily against 3 Lost Souls Ships (energy cost: 720). Plus the wyrms retain their damage output against single targets and can even focus against single targets in a groups, so that they have to fight lesser enemies. So the pure damage is NO advantage of the Lost Souls Ships, almost any other T4 unit is better here. Besides the ability to attack while moving there is another advantage: it attacks fast and can attack multiple units at the same time. Melee units for example can attack very slow and only unit by unit. So if you have multiple units standing far away of each other the Lost Souls Ship will be always quicker, even if the melee unit would do more damage.
  14. Kilian Dermoth

    Lost Spirit Ship Hype

    Giant Wyrm might be stronger but Lost Spirit Ship can attack while moving, Giant Wyrm cant.
  15. Kilian Dermoth

    Analysis: The problems and implications of player progression

    I think so but at the moment there is no ranked PvP so you cant get exp in PvP although you stay level 0.

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