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  1. don`t forget good rewards for pvp and yea definitly daily not weekly quest... and of course win this map on expert give more reward, why not.
  2. McLongDickson

    to fast to boring.. nerf rPVE!?

    i find achivements like "destroy 50 bugs on the map the insane god", "finisch the Mo map in 15 mins" or "Kill Ravenheart 100 times" and then you get booster, gold or BFP that would be nice but i dont know the devs can do this because this game was not make for achivments.
  3. McLongDickson

    to fast to boring.. nerf rPVE!?

    no not the tokens. the reason why i must play pve maps. In old BF you must playing PVE maps or no ups. this was the only way . Expert maps was fun to master with friends again and again... now i make 1 round rPVE and can buy my up with gold in 10 min and half afk with tutorial deck. You get to easy the ups thats my personal problem. I cant make pvp because no one play it. On a good day are there 10 people all of them top players... you must have rly luck to get somebody on your rank. And it makes not rly fun to wait hours and get everytime destroyed from the same player... But the post from radicalx have sokme good ideas.. so why not. Well for me exploit using is a way the developers did not intend. For example to block the king of Giants with own buildings so he can get rogan kayle is for me a exploit. I mean i have no problems with that play how you want.. but for me its exploit using.
  4. McLongDickson

    to fast to boring.. nerf rPVE!?

    Yea i know. but "exploit" using make it even less fun than rPVE. And i think not many players use it. I think the most players want to have a normal campain or do not know of this kind of bugs. I was playing bf 10 years ago and for me and my friends our checklist was: 1. Get the cards you need for advance/experts maps 2. finish advance maps a lot of time to get your ups 3. grind tokens 4. creates and ups PVE decks for expert maps 5. play expert maps a lot of time to get your ups 6. grind tokens 7. create a pvp deck with max ups 8. get a nice pvp rank 9. show your deck and pvp lvl noobs and pull them on rPVE and PVE maps. 10. Repeat 8 and 9 Now this game is: 1. play 30 mins rPVE for booster 2. play rPVE 3. up your cards 4. repeat 2 and 3 do not get me wrong im happy to play bf no matter what the devs do. I take what i get and this is a beta. But maybe the devs can change some things. New cards and maps would be nice but i dont know if it possible or allowed for the devs...
  5. McLongDickson

    to fast to boring.. nerf rPVE!?

    first i love BF and sry for my bad english... but for me the biggest problem atm is you get to fast to easy all you want thats why pvp and normal pve is dead. Rly i play this game a month? and have all what i want.. stonekin pure shadow twillight etc. pvp and pve fully upgrade... okay to be fair my loot luck on booster was good. Promo Mo for example. But you must only play rPVE maps thats all. For me personally they can increase gold and lvl requirement extremly. 3 or 4 times more. Then boost the lvl exp and gold on normal pve maps. And boost it extreamly for pvp. Nerf rpve. An then maybe people play pvp and normal pve maps more. Above all pvp. It sucks you have a pvp deck but you cant rly use it because only the top 10 players are in ranked and waiting for noobs. thats why 2 of my friends stop playing this game. Fully ups their cards for pvp and then you wait 30 min in ranked to get a top player. And only playing rpve is for them to boring. especially if you dont need more gold.. I know its a beta but maybe they can take it as idea or something. I hope you guys understand what i mean...

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