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  1. Stride

    I can't launch the game

    Thank you good sire Kilian Dermoth i managed to resolve the issue
  2. Stride

    I can't launch the game

    I don't have an antivirus i only use the windows firewall but i can try and disable that and redownload to see if it helps
  3. Stride

    I can't launch the game

    when i try and launche the game it tells me im missing the libssl-1_1.dll file but i have it, any suggestions to how i can get this fixed? Thanks.
  4. Stride

    Important Progress Update and Clarification

    everybody shluld respect the developer team by the fine work they are doing, not critize them. for real we the skyforge community should be like family support eachother not critizize everybody especially not the developers. i'm not one of the beta testers or a supporter either way how much i wanted to i respect them all. because of the fine work they are doing and what they are able to accomplish for us the community, i've been waiting for this a long time. i'm still going to be patient about it and not give critisizm, why not give them more compliments on the small progress and big. because either way it takes us all a step closer to being into the forge, into the battle beside eachother and making us all whole again.

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