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  1. Cruzakei

    Inconsistency of PvE Scenarios

    I was thinking something feels wrong about my Void manipulation. I'm still a bit confused about how to use Shadow Cards, but thank you for idea! I'll definitely take it into consideration!
  2. Cruzakei

    Inconsistency of PvE Scenarios

    Oh my apologies - The battlegrounds Scenarios, the yellow circle ones on the bottom right. And only 1 player maps. But these forums and guides can help me! Thank you Kubik!
  3. Cruzakei

    Inconsistency of PvE Scenarios

    Hi all, I consistently play on the 1 player PvE scenarios to earn gold and upgrade cards. I would complete the mission in 15 minutes at level 5. (Deck is Lost Souls currently level 40). However, I found that some scenarios at the same Level are a little extreme causing me to lose all my end game cards at the end. You see, I got used to how the attack patterns are with reinforcements and layouts of the map to estimate where power wells and orbs are whilst predicting which camps are going to be tough to get in. Usually, I would win with a somewhat same strategy saving me at least 5+ minutes on the clock. I got used to Level 5 and i've only been playing since the 17th of May. I apologise if it's just me sucking hard, but there have been times where I would try and be suspicious on how the game would be played based on certain attacks and layout. I'm sorry if this is just me being superstitious but most of the time it has been spot on. And another sorry if this is just me being arrogant. 1. Enemies that are consistently calling reinforcements in abundance + Close quarter combat with power wells and orbs placements are near one another = No Boss. - This makes it really hard in the early game to get rolling. 2. Reinforcements inconsistent, map wide, camps layed dotted across areas but not as close = Easy to get 4 orbs and most likely a Boss. - Quite the opposite, easily building up power economy for late game cards. This is just the general basis on how I think Scenarios would go and thus suit an appropriate strategy for this level, making it efficient and consistent in earning gold and ending the game fast enough with the proper units. However, some scenarios has seriously caused me to waste so much time and I felt like I needed to type this in order to understand why this is the case. One scenario, linked with the idea of No. 1 + 2 Bosses and XL Monsters with Units specifically to my kill XL Units has left me completely clueless if I was in a 6 or above Level Scenario and not a 5. I think I am just quite ignorant with the idea I can't consistently gain gold, but I swear some of these Scenarios shouldn't be at my Level. But yet again. I understand if I am just playing wrong or not strategically using my units correctly but the sheer fire power from the enemy makes it difficult to win time to time. I am open to any suggestions on this topic! So be sure to keep it clean :) This is my current deck, and any help would be lovely honestly! Thank you Forums. - Cruzakei

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