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  1. As I was trying to make a mixed deck with a nature start ;-;. It is quite funny, the game doesn't like Nature. I kept trying last night to fix the issue by closing the deck every time I placed a card - Suddenly a variety of cards were crashing my game not just Nature. I did this slowly so the game doesn't overload. I kept persisting and for some reason, I decided to build the deck normally and it just worked, no crashes or anything. I played on the normal servers. A very weird encounter, but I'll try and identity similar problems I encounter today.
  2. It seems to be all nature cards, I just tried again just now and it's any of them. I think I can run the game just fine other than this. EDIT: I'm trying to upload the screenshot but it's also stuck too.
  3. It appears my Battleforge crashes when I create a deck when placing a Nature card in it. For specifics, I place any Nature card inside a deck and lock it. The game freezes with the heading above "Deck edit complete!" but the lock sign doesn't actually lock. I can move my mouse around the forge like normal, I can see the effects of lighting, ambient effects and the background moving perfectly such as the cloud shadows. However, I cannot click on anything or do anything after. After a little while it disconnects me from the server, I have tested this with other cards like Fire, Frost, Shadow, du
  4. Hey forums, I've been making a new Nature Deck (Battlegrounds Single Player) out of the cards I got from boosters, or bargains in the market. I was wondering where shall I improve this? I understand I need to upgrade of course, but are there any essential cards I could use? This is is because I am used to Lost Souls Frost/Shadow decks but not nature x). Any suggestions would be fantastic, and don't be afraid to give some advice regarding high costing cards, it's nice to know what all cards do! Keep in mind this is Single Player Battleground. Thank you!
  5. EDIT!: It was just a thank you for the help! I managed to get some cards, and I was wondering if it looks so much better now? As well as if it's okay to have some advice for my Frost/Nature? ^^ ANOTHER EDIT!: Played with the Shadow/Frost deck more and found I can easily do level 7 and save about 7-8 minutes! I didn't realize the strength of having the dragons or having those T4 spells. So easily overlooked jeez, thank you so much everyone! Really am enjoying the game much more!
  6. I was thinking something feels wrong about my Void manipulation. I'm still a bit confused about how to use Shadow Cards, but thank you for idea! I'll definitely take it into consideration!
  7. Oh my apologies - The battlegrounds Scenarios, the yellow circle ones on the bottom right. And only 1 player maps. But these forums and guides can help me! Thank you Kubik!
  8. Hi all, I consistently play on the 1 player PvE scenarios to earn gold and upgrade cards. I would complete the mission in 15 minutes at level 5. (Deck is Lost Souls currently level 40). However, I found that some scenarios at the same Level are a little extreme causing me to lose all my end game cards at the end. You see, I got used to how the attack patterns are with reinforcements and layouts of the map to estimate where power wells and orbs are whilst predicting which camps are going to be tough to get in. Usually, I would win with a somewhat same strategy saving me at least 5+ minut
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