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  1. Unpopular opinion: Fix the existing factions first instead of working on making Fire-Frost cards a thing (or introducing dozens of new cards). No need for more splash cards as long as stonekin are ingame unchanged and bandits suffer from being among the worst pvp decks out there...
  2. About the Warlock: A Pure Fire deck lacks the slots for additional "fun" cards, esp. in PvP. To include the Warlock into the typical pure Fire deck it needs to replace one of these units: - Enforcer - Gladiatrix - Skyfire Drake - Ravage (a heal can be seen to be sort of similar to a damage mod that the Warlock Spell provides) From my point of view the only cards that POSSIBLY could be replaced are the Gladiatrix and Ravage. And both come at a hefty tradeoff (no gladi = less reliable counter to air units with Spear + Eruption, no Ravage means much more problems at keeping Skyfir
  3. Rogan Kayle should become a bit cheaper, like 70 or 80 power max, his attack and damage is decent but he's underperforming for sure. The ability is great but a bit too expensive aswell. Alternatively, him being immune to knockback could be interesting. About Moon and Virirdya - haven't used them much yet, can't comment on that. But I think the legendarys are too expensive in general.
  4. After playing some time with the new BFP system I think this is a great way to distribute BFP to players, good job.
  5. Statements like this are coming almost exclusively from people who want to shove their weight around. There are dozens of games that have ladders for multiplayer matching and are wiped every now and then. Yet people still play these games, even if they have to re-invest up to hundreds of hours. The game requires a steady time of like 4-5 hours per week to receive boosters and manage to play a mission or two, or a couple of pvp matches. It's literally not much more than playing CS GO at this point. Considering this fact it's likely you won't start playing even after a wipe either. Ju
  6. I proposed to change the L/XL damage types to deal +50%/100% additional damage instead of the flat 50% bonus damage they currently have to reduce the cost efficiency of t3 and t4 units. The unit is stronger but at the same time more vulnerable to its counters.
  7. DarcReaver

    Rifle Cultist

    sorry read your post incorrectly. Good that we're on the same boat here.
  8. I'd also suggest a range increase for the ability on top. Makes them easier to use.
  9. Still think this is the wrong approach to the Mutating Maniac. The unit is a fire-nature version of a mutating frenzy. Frenzy has a risk concept connected to it with loosing HP -> gain damage%. Mutating Maniac needs control + aggression elements to fit fire-nature. It should have more of a Vanguard/tanky unit role that can stand in the center of aggression for a long time and frees other units from focus fire. this makes this unit useful in both PVE and PVP instead of only making it a niche pick for certain PvE maps Possible solutions to apply this: 1) Toxic Cloud applie
  10. DarcReaver

    Rifle Cultist

    Do you even read texts before quoting them? Yes, a Necrofury, along with most other XL units, performs better than Rifle Cultists. Which is what I wrote. So what's your point? It's a common issue that the splashable XL units in t4 overperform. Necrofury with nature spell support + unholy hero has among the highest burst damage in the game. That doesn't change the fact that Rifle Cultists ARE a good unit. Their ability range is longer than Necrofury, they can profit from + % damage from Corsair aura and they do not need nature splash cards to perform. Still XL units are easier to mi
  11. DarcReaver

    Rifle Cultist

    Dunno if you ever used the Dark Grenade ability, but the AoE damage is nuts, and it benefits from spells like Unholy Hero. It's a very cool and unique unit but as usual overshadowed by all the XL units running around.
  12. Minorities are usually overpresent in any kind of public internet vote because they have a higher percentage of participants compared to other groups. Solely listening on thse votes is a bad idea because of that. About the daily rewards: Just as another option: How about adding the "get a free common card" for a "win of the day" quest?
  13. Edit: great, half my post is now in the spoiler area and I can't get it out. Some mod can move the text behind the videos out of the spoiler area pls? I can't edit it. The more I think of the balancing discussions the more I think the problem is rooted relatively deep. I want to split this post in 2 areas, part one is to introduce to a seasoned RTS game from Blizzard, which the older players should still know and is widely considered to be one of the best RTS of all times: Warcraft 3. (of course there is Starcraft, but I'm not that invested in the meta and didn't play it that
  14. If you don't change the overall meta the veterans will stomp the newer players and drive them away from the game, leaving the pvp community ultimatively dead for everyone but a couple of old day players. It's already almost impossible to catch up to all the abusive combos, micro tricks and other gameplay elements to even get on par with the "average joe" player who used to play Bforge before shutdown. Bugs need to be fixed, wombo combos should be harder to obtain and overall it would be nice to have a couple of equally available units for each unit role instead of a couple of no brai
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