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  1. Yima Ymir

    Legendary units (T2)

    Hi guys, have been playing for a while now. I often play PvP sparrings to test new units. I always liked the idea behind legendary units, but I dont think they are viable in PvP right now. Their abalitys dont have enough of an impact for the power costs. 1.Rogan Kayle is ok but could need a little buff. 2.Viridya should be a M counter. Cause she is a S counter right now, but she knocks small units back and then does not even hit them fully. So she does like no dmg. 3.Moons abality costs waaaay to much. While she herself costs too much too. These are the cards, which could be very interesting if buffed right.
  2. Yima Ymir

    Experiences with the stress test so far

    I actually played like 2 games and it was awesome. It is so nostalgic to play it again. I hope thatevery issue will be solves as fast and possible, so I can play all night long :).
  3. Yima Ymir


    I think it would be a very good idea! The concept of clan wars ist cool, but the details about how many pvp matches will be held and who would parcitipate in them is something to think about. I would also appriciate clan levels and in connection to that, some advantages in comparison to lower leveled clans. Also there should be solo rankings AND clan rankings, where you get a reward according to which rank u were at the end of a season.
  4. Yima Ymir

    PvP Same cards but different tier (PvP)

    I see what you mean but if the powercost of building an orb would be lowered the games would be even longer, because you need to slowly build up a power adventage to go up a tier. Lowering the amount of the same colour needed is a pretty cool idea. I like it very much. But i would not lower the build time of orbs, because then it would not be that high of a risk to go a tier up. The opponent would not have any time to counter play with his left energy. Yes i also would appreciate new or updated maps
  5. Hello fellow Skylords, this game mostly revolves around PvP matches, so it is sad that many cards with cool effects can not be used in PvP, because of their number of required orbs. It is rare that tier 3 is reached in PvP battles, not to mention tier 4. I have never seen someone having tier 4 cards in their PvP deck. So my suggestion is that many high tier cards change when they are used in PvP. By changed i mean that their effects stay the same (with nerfed values) but their tier goes down by 1 for tier 4 cards and maybe for some tier 3 cards as well (just if the the tier 3 cards would not be too OP in tier 2). Of course this comes with a nerf of the base stats and dmg of their effects. If the Devs do not want to make it too complicated i would set a percentage, which the cards lose of dmg, stats and effective time (for something like cc or buffs). I know it is much work but this would allow the players to find new cool combos and tactics. Maybe then there would be more people whom play pure element decks. Your Battleforge veteran, Yima Ymir

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