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  1. So i don't know if this kind of topic was already made but i think we need something like that. i know a lots of peoples might want this( or no) but a button to reconnect to the game where you lose your connection because when you quit the game your pillar of power are still up and orbs too (not sure for orbs) will be something good. it's a bit annoying when its arrives,you have to close your game reconnect re create a party its breaking your farming of BFP sorry if my english is bad i'm French
  2. so i've search on the forum if there was the same probleme than me , but a don't find it so i'm posting this here ( realy sorry if this kind of bug have been already solved) when i'am trying to connect to the game it's a ' Succes ' but then after like 2-3 min my client crash and it's keep happening when ever i'm trying to connect to the game since already 2 day ,my connection is working soo i don't realy know what is the probleme here : (
  3. Le problème que tu a tout le monde la , et il est une des issus de bug que les dev connaisse qui on était reporté et qu'il doivent résoudre sa leur prend du temps t'inquiète pas il travailler d’arrache pied pour régler ce problème et plein d'autre encore
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