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  1. Rivazar

    Communitymaps-update May 2020

    Where is actually "here"?
  2. Like gold, upgrates, bf points?
  3. Rivazar

    Future of the game?

    Well it is nice ti see game alive, and i want to ask a question, what is going to happen with it. Now is the "test period", but test to what, is this game going to be released at once? I thought about it more like fandom project.
  4. Signing in to this forum and getting back to game after 10 years put me into question. Now that I have only beginners cards and no way to donate like before to get decent cards quickly I started to wonder which cards to collect and decks to made. Back in 2009 I played pure shadow only cause I liked it, right now I am thinking with which archetype to start with so that I don’t waste resources on smth weak. I hardly remember what was playable, only that most people played pure fire and nature in pvp, pve I don’t remember at all.
  5. Rivazar

    Monetization system

    I wonder how much now people supposed to play to get at least tolerable deck.
  6. Rivazar

    Monetization system

    In old BF there were BF points, with them can people cards with boosters and auction buy. What is here, only pve/pvp points grind and pve reward cards?

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