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  1. locika

    Open Beta *Memes* Collection !

    I think this is the devs point of view
  2. locika

    Bid for beta start

    Hello, I just make this post for our fun, make bids, when will open beta come. (There is no gifts or anything, I'm not a dev just a fan as u ) Just write your username to one of the days. https://teamup.com/ksm4jnsjns97cmpuig The winner is, whose bid will be to be nearest to @fiki574 -s or another dev-s announcement. Regs
  3. locika

    Closed Beta Applications

    Hello Guys, My name is Loci, I'm from Hungary, 27 years old male. So your question is, why should you choose me for beta test instead of anybody else eh? First about the BattleForge experiences: I started the game from renegades, and it charmed me with his unique play mode, what combines card games and the RTS (I'm a big RTS fan:) ). I started to play at first PvE matches, but after I tried the PvP, and it was more avesome, I think I have more than 5 years gaming experience with BF and the trading system was fantastic, I didn't spent any money for this game (I was in high school) but I had a really good deck, red many guildelines to make my perfect (shadow) deck (of course I tried anothers too :D). Another thing is the testing. Now I'm working as a sw tester, so I have many experience in normal testing, but I've never tested any game in beta or I didn't found any bug (ok,ok I was beta tester for Heroes of the Storm, but I think I was just one for the L&S test). Now I'm playing mostly with LoL, but I think this universe was more complex and has far more better opportunities than that. You can reach me in Discord if you add locika#6358 I hope I will hear you soon, BR, Lorand P.S.: as a member of skylords reborn forum, I think all of us appreciate your job, keep going and I hope latest in open beta we will meet in game

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