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  1. locika

    3-Deck loss

    Name: After PVP deck locked the cards lost from it and the match started Severity: 2 Rare (once happened) Location: from Forge to ingame Reproducibility: Cannot be reproduced on live server, too many variables exists Description: ranked PvP matchmaking searched for opponent and at the same time, when I placed an auction the match started. In the forge my deck went empty and it was empty in the match too. After the match the deck left empty (see screenshots). After relog, for 1 sec a ? mark was on my deck, after that everything went back to normal.
  2. Same here, I hope it will help: log.txt Reproduced many times (tested now in rPVE) Reproduction steps: -Go to a map, where somebody made a group -Find a bugged group (bugged groups leader names are the first in groups ABC names) -Try to join -Create a new group on one of the maps
  3. This is the same bug as U just gold missing or everything aftermatch things?
  4. I think the Endgame rewards are bad. I think I'll use a template for DEV-s NAME: Endgame reward system doesn't work SEVERITY: 2 LOCATION: In Forge, engame screen REPRODUCIBILITY: Always DESCRIPTION: After a victory, no upgrade cards are visible, 0 XP, no new map unlocked and no new difficulty unlocked, just the chest claimed golds are visible. Looks like a lose. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: I hope somebody makes a screenshot of ingame, but I'll try to make it ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: This issue was never before the new fix, maybe it's affected
  5. For me: e-mail/pass part of login succeeded after 3 tries, character name/selection was available, after that login was successful, after 5 mins at forge I get DC. So maybe the character selection kept alive the connection long enough to be the forge available. It was yesterday at 22h. After the DC, I cannot reach the forge online
  6. locika

    Instant DC

    Same here, but I'm hyped, a listened the music of the forge!!!
  7. I think this is the devs point of view
  8. Hello, I just make this post for our fun, make bids, when will open beta come. (There is no gifts or anything, I'm not a dev just a fan as u ) Just write your username to one of the days. https://teamup.com/ksm4jnsjns97cmpuig The winner is, whose bid will be to be nearest to @fiki574 -s or another dev-s announcement. Regs
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