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    Battleforge, Ark: Survival Evolved, Fallout 4, Dota 2, Smite, Gaming in general

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  1. Massmerize


    granted. but none of your devices can run this synth software. i wish that i'd be the creator of this beautiful topic.
  2. Massmerize


    Granted, but she'd have all of them sweet STD's *insertdoesn'tmatterhadsexmemehere* I wish that farting would be as contagious as yawning.
  3. Massmerize


    Granted, but people would also scream "YOLO" at the end of every sentence they use 'gay' in. I wish to see a picture of " @Kiwi" in this thread.
  4. Massmerize

    Important: Open Beta Status Announcement

  5. Massmerize

    [Official] My Improved CardBase

    thx for this!
  6. Massmerize

    What Does "Kevin" Mean? [Poll]

    might be true. ^^
  7. Massmerize

    What Does "Kevin" Mean? [Poll]

    To be fair here, i think the poll is not really - missing the correct english phrase here - equally distributed to make a guy named Kevin get away well... Edit: for example what about an afro-american (politically correct term?) who is a Genius but lives in Asia with is Caucasian parents who adopted him. Also you will probably get feedback here from a community of mainly 15-30 year old male gamers, mostly i guess. If that's your target group it's fine though, i'd guess.
  8. Massmerize

    Your way to BFR ;)

    I tried to find a new game that is similar to how Battleforge was... and now I'm sitting in the hype train trying not to annoy the devs too much... P.s: I hope they soon get rid of their social life, and private life... no offense guys ^^ love this comment. BF reporn would also make a great name ^^
  9. Massmerize

    Hardest Szenario?

    It's been such a long time but I always found the 12(correct me if i am wrong here!?) player maps the hardest as it was really difficult to get all the players in and keep them in the game when there was a struggle...
  10. Massmerize

    New DevPlatform

    yee progress ^^ wohoo!
  11. Massmerize

    If Fire-Frost was a hybrid faction, who would it be?

    Fire & Frost ... hmm ... how about Water xD
  12. Massmerize

    Current Proposal: Rewards

    I'm really looking forward to see this live again ^^
  13. Massmerize

    First thing you wanna do

    i had myself named something like xXkklxbelzebobXx as none of my usual names were available... sorry for my late response though
  14. Massmerize

    PvE Competitive Maps

    I definitly agree!

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