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    3-Deck loss

    I added file now
  2. Zenox

    3-Deck loss

    NAME: Showing an error message upon entering game after i log in SEVERITY: 3 LOCATION: The forge REPRODUCIBILITY: Always DESCRIPTION: After i logged in today i encountered error,it just appeared first while i was on forge without me pressing anything.After pressing ok i noticed i sold card on auction and claimed bfp. After that i tried playing game to see if bug maybe prevents me from playing game. But it did not appear to do anything, game froze few times but i think it's duo to my network since third time playing game i didn't get dc. SCREENSHOT/REPLAY: You can find below ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I didn't had any problems like this till yesterday when added card that serves as monument, but also i tried removing that card from deck or changing decks but error still appears. log.txt

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