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    Closed Beta Applications

    Hello there My name is Jonas and I'm 19 years old. Currently I'm in my second year Applied Informatics - Application Development. Availability My main activity when I get home from school is programming/gaming. After I'm done working for school I game for about 2-3hours a day. In 2 weeks I have summer break so I will be able to play a lot more often. Battleforge Experience I used to play a lot of Battleforge back in time.. Most of the time I played PVE with my friends. PVP wasn't really my thing back in the days. But now I've become more of a PVP dude. I have so much great memories with this game.. Man I miss it so much! Why would you choose me instead of the others? In school we have a lot of different projects. We need to be professional and we have to communicate very well with the other developers on the team. In these projects I encountered a bunch of bugs. These bugs had to be reported in a professional and usefull way. I have developed a good way to formulate bug reports and I think that's a great skill to become a closed beta tester. I'd love to help you guys out with this amazing project that I have been following since 2015. It would be a great challenge for me too! Kind regards Jonas Discord: Xaedan#0441
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    Ugliest Unit

    I think twilight was the ugliest form lelz

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