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  1. Groping

    Who is around my age or older?

    23 ^^ soon 24
  2. Groping

    Which was most exciting for you, PvP ot PvE

    I always liked building my t3 t4 army and then smash the enemy lines so I highly prefered pve since t4 was useless for pvp x) but eh I also liked pvp but I was kinda bad
  3. Groping

    [Important] Open Beta Delayed

    hehe no worries. So I can spent more time on allcards perparing decks and stuff
  4. Groping

    Faction Discussion

    I always prefered pure decks, like pure frost (all time favourite) or pure natur and pure fire. Never really connected with shadow x)
  5. Groping

    Did you spent money on the old BattleForge?

    I can't remember how much is spent. But I was kinda lucky with boosters, so most of the time I made profit if I bought a few boosters
  6. Groping

    which card gives you the most nostalgia?

    Avatar of Frost, but there are soooo many frost cards I like uhh can't wait to build my pure frost deck again
  7. Groping

    Open Stress Test Information

    how can u even lose hope i get more excited from day to day. Its almost 2 1/2 years ago I joined the forum and I think I didn't post anything for 2 years even if it takes another 2 years until the game is ready, I'll wait. Its worth it xD actually I guess I don't have any other choice
  8. Groping

    New DevPlatform

    check it again ;D
  9. Groping

    New DevPlatform

    now i have to think about Taric all the time, lol
  10. Groping

    League of Legends

    IGN: Groping Role: Mostly Botlane Region: EUW Gold 4 but I didn't play much this season. Going for Plat in s6
  11. Groping

    The legendary forum game "count"

    681 ....
  12. Groping

    ΕΑ Hates us ?

    [quote='WotdeFack' pid='9646' dateline='1437911493'] [quote='Treim' pid='9644' dateline='1437911378'] [quote='WotdeFack' pid='9643' dateline='1437911244'] I don't think its EAs fault, lets not blame it on them, they did everything they could to save the game.. [/quote] i don't really think that is true. The decision to shut BF down is somewhat understandable but they didnt do everything to prevent it. And the handling of the shut down makes it even worse.. [/quote] Okay, didn't know that they didnt do everything to prevent it.. That makes it even worse indeed. [/quote] so why did you say it in first place then?! :D [img]http://i.gyazo.com/cf09449ed547c520ed26a9947ab6ac5e.png[/img]
  13. Groping

    BattleForge ownership

    i think this answers it pretty much -> http://bfreborn.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=224 :D

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