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  1. Haven't been active for more than 2 years. Remembered, that this project exists. Realizing, not only is it alive, but thriving. Played my first three games and got exactly the cards I wanted and cant wait to play more. *Sheds manly tears* :')

    1. olekkrol


      Good to see you back Dzodin <3

    2. Dallarian


      Release date brought many of us back.

      Welcome back.

  2. After such a long time, the server is finally up for everyone. Im so glad I could watch this project develop throught the nearly 3 years I have been here and I could not have been more proud. You really did it! You revived the game we all loved and that's is such a rare thing in times such as these. I hope everyone enjoys the forge once they get there and make this community best it can be. :) 

  3. 7/10 I have no idea what this is or why do I enjoy it, but hell, its really not bad. Something of nostalgia. Its from the Avatar: The last Airbender.
  4. 5/10 Sorry, but not my kind of music.
  5. 6/10 Not bad.
  6. Havent seen this anime, so I cant give it the praise it may deserve, but the song is 7/10
  7. 8/10 Shadow of Mordor is the stuff :3
  8. Kinda like it ,l dunno why thought. 7/10
  9. The fricking nostalgia, my god 9/10
  10. Is from a country which name I cant pronounce XD
  11. Happy Birthday Dude! :watermelon::hype::P

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Dzodin


      Oh ****! Thanks didnt expect anyone would notice XD

    3. Fauchderial


      Hey happy birthday :D !

    4. Dzodin


      Thank ya mate :D

  12. I really dont like rap, but this, this is pretty good actually. 6/10
  13. So....another chapter of mine is up! Hope you enjoy


  14. Chapter 2: Memories of the Pain That night, Dzodin couldnt stop thinking about her. Her soft touch and soothing voice. His mind was in peace, for the first time in his life. The feeling suprised him, he doesnt remember anything like that. In the morning, he went to the market. People of different factions, being nice to each other, selling many things. He slowly made his way throught the market. Then he heard a woman scream in pain and something broke in him. The calm and free mind was now filled with anxiety and pain. He fell on his knees, holding his head with both arms. His breath was
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