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  1. Dzodin

    [Forum Game] Rate the song!

    7/10 I have no idea what this is or why do I enjoy it, but hell, its really not bad. Something of nostalgia. Its from the Avatar: The last Airbender.
  2. Dzodin

    Introducing... Ultrakool, our new Moderator!

    Congratulation @Ultrakool
  3. Dzodin

    [Forum Game] Rate the song!

    5/10 Sorry, but not my kind of music.
  4. Dzodin

    [Forum Game] Rate the song!

    6/10 Not bad.
  5. Dzodin

    [Forum Game] Rate the song!

    Havent seen this anime, so I cant give it the praise it may deserve, but the song is 7/10
  6. Dzodin

    [Forum Game] Rate the song!

    8/10 Shadow of Mordor is the stuff :3
  7. Dzodin

    [Forum Game] Rate the song!

    Kinda like it ,l dunno why thought. 7/10
  8. Dzodin

    [Forum Game] Rate the song!

    The fricking nostalgia, my god 9/10
  9. Dzodin

    Say something about the person above you.

    Is from a country which name I cant pronounce XD
  10. Dzodin

    [Forum Game] Rate the song!

    I really dont like rap, but this, this is pretty good actually. 6/10
  11. Dzodin

    The Elemental Clash (The BattleForge RP)

    Chapter 2: Memories of the Pain That night, Dzodin couldnt stop thinking about her. Her soft touch and soothing voice. His mind was in peace, for the first time in his life. The feeling suprised him, he doesnt remember anything like that. In the morning, he went to the market. People of different factions, being nice to each other, selling many things. He slowly made his way throught the market. Then he heard a woman scream in pain and something broke in him. The calm and free mind was now filled with anxiety and pain. He fell on his knees, holding his head with both arms. His breath was shorter every time he breathed. His whole vision was going black. Before he past out he screamed so loudly the whole city came to see what happened. Then he fell on the ground with his eyes being red. He woke up in a room which he didnt recognize. As he slowly opened his eyes, he saw Iris, looking at him worringly. He tried to sit, but he felt massive wave of pain, so much that he grunted loudly in suffering of it. She came closer to him and said: "You made quite the show, whole town was asking me who you are, when me and the guards came for you." said with soothing confident voice. "What..did you said to..them?" said Dzodin with heavy breath. "A broken man" whispered to him. "And do you see me as a..broken man, Iris?" "No, you are just someone, who came throught to much pain. That always changes a person, no matter the gender, no matter their social status, no matter their faction." she said looking into his bloody red eyes. "Tell me Dzodin, do you trust me? Atleast a little bit?"she said with a shy voice "I do" he grunted. "Then, give me your hand, again" Dzodin slowly gave her his hand and her eyes once again lit up in puple energy. When she came into his memories, she saw little bits of his childhood. It wasnt a happy look. Dzodin was being beaten by his father while his mother was lying unconscious on the floor. The she saw other memories of him, all were mostly the same. The she the last memory of his parents. She saw memory of his mother killing his father, right before him, and then herself. Dzodin cried and then ran into the streets. As time went on, his distrust towards people grew larger and larger, but he also he a grew a respect towards women, because of his mother. And the last memory then Dzodin let her see, was the one where he met Dellorian. Then she came out of his mind. "I didnt know....I didnt know you were throught so much." said Iris emotionaly and with tears in her beatiful purple eyes. "It doesnt matter, Iris. I was lost the day I was born." he said with depressing voice. Then he tried to sat on the bed. He once again grunted in pain, but he was able to sit. "And with this curse, it would be better of killing me." Iris looked confused. So Dzodin slowly took down the bandage. There it was, the curse. It was stopped before it could do much harm, but still, the skin was transformed and the hand too. "You didnt see it right? In my memories." "No, but why is it not infecting your body?" "She stopped it, Dellorina somehow did it." "Does it hurt?" she said worringly "It does" "A lot?" "Yes." She stood up and turned around. Then she pointed with her arm on a locker. It opened and some of that strange material flew towards her. Then she bandaged the arm with the material. After that she bandaged it with the original bandage. "Is this better?" She looked at him with a small worring smile. "It is. I.. thank you but why? Why do you keep helping me? You could have helped any other person in this city. Why me?" She sat down next to him, gently turned his head towards her and looked him straigh from eye to eye. After a brief moment with the most soothing and soft voice he has ever heard she said: "Tthat doesnt matter right now, does it Dear?" "N-no, it doesnt" she smilled and stood up. "Now go, tommorow will be a ball, I need to prepare. You can come, If you want" "I would love to." said Dzodin with suprisingly positive voice. "Im glad, now go Dear. When he exited the fottress he thought to himself. I feel like, I feel like she is an angel. When she looked at me, it was...was. I dont know if that is a word for it, and it doesnt hurt anymore. I dont know why, but I dont care. Tommorow will be the ball, could be interesting. The he proceeded to walk towards an inn where he paid for a room from the money, he got from all the thieving, months before. He fell on his bed and said to himself. I dont know, If im mad or not. then he paused looking at the ceiling But I love her.
  12. Dzodin

    The Elemental Clash (The BattleForge RP)

    Chapter 1: The Queen of the damned It was a few hours since he woke up and no guards or anyone came close to his cell. Then as he was thinking about that, he hears some footsteps. He recognized to guars as their armor was heavy and simple to regonize by sound, but the third person. It couldnt be almost heard, but the guards were talking to someone. It was like it wasnt at the floor at all. Then they came infront of his cell. The third person was a young girl no more than 20, long curly hair with the darkest purple you can imagine. Her dark purple eyes were looking on Dzodin with could be described as curiosity. She was wearing a black dress from a material lighter than the air itself. Her arms were covered in gloves from the same material, from palm to elbow. She looked as a shadow sorcerer, but the guards were Lyrish. "My queen, this is the man we found yesterday." one of the guards said. "He was lying before the city and.. "Behind or in the Mist ?" interrupted the second one. "In-in the mist, my queen." said nervously the guard "Hmm" she said, while looking at him. "Balon, give me the keys and dismissed" "But, my queen.." Balon said "Diss-missed!" she said more loudly this time. "Lets go Balon" Balon growled with anger and went with the other guard. "I see you are not a spy or assasin, so tell me, my dear, how did you get here ?" "Well, If I'd know where I am then I would have gladly tell you, so where are we?" Dzodin said with a smirk on his face "You dont know?" "Nope, only thing I know is the I cant trust anything I see. I have a feeling Im going mad." "Give me your hand" she said with a soft soothing voice and he gently took her hand. In a split of a second, her eyes went from the nice small-looking to a eyes raditing with shadow magic and her whole eyes were purple. But Dzodin just stood her, waiting what will come of it. After a few seconds, she returned to her normal state and said. "Who are you?" She said uncertainly. "Im Dzodin, thief, wraith and occasionally an unwelcome guest in a place I dont know." "Im Iris, queen of this city, city of the damned" She said with a shy but a little proud tone. "So Iris, tell me, where is the city of the damned?" "Its hidden before the all factions, It reveals itself to only the ones who need the help, refugees from the stupid war this world is in." "Then why Im here?" "Not everyone here is a refugee, some people want to start a new life, mostly shadow, like me." "Hmmm, Im just trying to survive, I have nothing. I lost everything long ago." Said Dzodin with a depresing tone. "Dellorian, am I right?" Iris whispired to him "What? How..you looked into my past right?" "I did, but only past few months, my ability to see into others pasts is limited by how the certain people view me as. I will let you out of your cell. Try to find home here, we'll see each other soon enough." Iris said with a soft soothing voice. Then she started walking away, when suddenly Dzodin said. "Iris?" "Yes?" "You said that you saw my past, but why then did you asked me who I am?" "I wanted to see If you were honest or liar, If you were a liar I would have left you there." "Well, thank you, Iris" "And just a hint, dont call me that in front of everyone, I have pretty big authority in this city, so Its my queen for you." "Sure, Iris." He said with a smirk on his face. She only turned her head with a smile and then walked away. He went out of his cell and saw a massive city. The cell was in one of the many towers on the walls around this massive city. Dzodin looked to either side and both were covered in a huge layer of mist. "So this is the Mist Iris was talking about." The day went by and Dzodin got some money, food and drink from helping others with different things. But the whole time, he was thinking of Irises soft and calm voice. It was like an angel whispering to his ear. In the night, he was sitting on the highest point on castle, which was the highest point in the whole city. What a day. Dzodin thought to himself I have a feeling, If she wouldnt talk to me, I would have really gone mad, but when I heard her voice. It was like an angel telling me "Everything is alright." He was looking onto the night sky, and then he hears a humming. He listened for a while, then he looked on the balcony under him. Iris was there, humming while gently and slowly moving one arm, like she was making a spell. A purple magic came from her arm and It looked like she was writing something. He waited for a few minutes and enjoyed the sound of her voice. It calmed him so much, he almost didnt felt any pain from his left arm, which was newly bandaged. Then she stopped humming and Dzodin said. "Its already over?" Iris was still looking on the Mist and said. "If I hummed a while longer you would have fallen asleep there." "True, but It would be my first sleep without nightmares." he said as he was jumping down on the balcony. "Tell me Dzodin, why do you think that it was your fault that she died?" she said suddenly. Dzodin's smile instanly dissapeared. " I could have been faster, I could have ignored them and went straight for her, instead I wanted to release my anger." he said, with almost tears in his eyes. Iris turned around and came closer to him. She gently put her hand on his cheek and said. "So, you could have seen her die? She was already dead, when you arrived dear." Her gloves were very soft, so soft that Dzodin coudnt focus on anything else. Then his eyes looked at hers. "You are a good man, dont let this destroy you, hmm?" Iris said again in her soothing voice. Then she slowly took her hand of him and went back into her room. As she was walking, she turned around and said. "Good night, dear" Dzodin stood there for another minute, and then he dissapeared back into the city.
  13. Dzodin

    The Elemental Clash (The BattleForge RP)

    Prologue: Its been 3 months since her disappearance and Dzodin started to lose hope. He didnt know where to go and he lost sight of her tracks long ago. "Why do I bother?" He thought to himself. "She was the only good thing in your life and you lost her like it was nothing." Dzodin started to sink into a state of depresion. She was the light of his life, and now he has none. For the rest of the day he just went straight, he didnt care where it went. When the dusk arrived, Dzodin saw a forest ahead. As he came closer to it, he realized it was not a normal forest, it was dead and some light blue lights were moving in it. Dzodin didnt care and went straight throught it. He was looking down, thinking of her, if she was still alive. But then suddenly he started hearing whispers. He looked to his right side and he saw nothing. He then continued onwards. But after a minute, he heards another one, this time he understood it. It said: "Pathetic." He started hearing more of them. "You left her to die!" "She is dead because of you!" "Terrible human being" "Scum!" were some of what was he hearing. As he was looking around himself the whispers came from spirits who were closely coming towards him. Dzodin was on a brink of a mental breakdown. He started going faster, but the spirits started to surround him. So many whispers in his head, black tears started coming out of his eyes. The shadow magic inside of him started to rumble. After that a mist slowly started appearing. Dzodin stopped and fell on his knees. The spirits made a circle around him and started shouting at him. Dzodin hold his head and started yelling: "Stop..stop...STOP!" he then screamed so loudly and painfully then the spirits dissapeared, but he fainted. He was dreaming and there she stood, right before him. Dzodin: Its you....I have officially gone mad. Dellorian: No, not yet. Her voice was very smooth and calming. Dzodin: So, are you dead? Are you here for revenge? I have planned on killing myself, but this would be faster. Dzodin was unnaware that he was in a dream. Dellorian: Unfortunately, yes. I passed away before you came in to the tower. They ravaged my body so you couldnt recognize me. And Im not here for revenge, you made my life much better. There wasnt a way for you to get to the tower in time. I know you wont forgive yourself but know this, I forgive you. Find someone who can help you be yourself again. Dellorian said as her ghost was slowly fainting away. Dzodin: No, please! Dont go! What am I gonna do without you!? Dellorian: Live a happy life. Dzodin: NO! DELLORIAN! Dzodin shouted, but her ghost was gone. Then he woke up. He looked around and saw that he is in a prison cell. The architecture looked shadow, but also frost, nature and fire at the same time. He didnt recognize which faction imprisoned him. He lean his head on the wall and said: "What am I going to do now?"
  14. Dzodin

    [Forum Game] Rate the song!

    Dont like rap, dont speak polish but still it isnt bad 5/10 "Darkness, my Bellowed"
  15. Dzodin

    [Forum Game] Rate the song!

    9/10 Amazing. Now, something that makes my heart melt.

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