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  1. Drezrak


    @Lord NullPointer That's the point. I just see anime which are about this type of girls, i often described now. I never seen an anime about some strong female main characters. I'm not mention, that they doesn't exist, but i just didn't see them in the internet. Because they were not that hyped. And about the womens in high ranking position in companies... No, they were not as much as in western countries. They are far away about to reach the standard as we have here. Women has it way more difficult to get high ranking positions than man in japan. (and i mean really more difficult). Things like women quote doesn't exist. EDIT: Of course in western countries it's also not perfect, but it's way more better than in japan.
  2. Drezrak


    Like i said, in my previous posts, there are good anime (i never doubt it). But i don't watch anime, so i can't tell you, if there are more good or bad anime out there. All i know is what i see in the Internet or hear in RL. And what i see and hear makes me puke. Half naked womens, with big boobs, looking shy. this is just disgusting for me. @Ilsyde Yes, it's the same thing here. If there is a focus on hot, half naked girls, i won't watch it. But this isn't the majority of the movies. And there are lot of movies where women act, which have not this supermodel standard. And show me some anime where are not this cute, big boobs, whatever girls on the screen. @Lord NullPointer The problem is here, that women in anime are always downgraded to this sex objects. And this is the problem in japanese culture. This is not an extremly open culture, like you think. Women has not the same position as here in western countries. The standards are about to change now, yes, but they still have no the same position as man. And if you ignore this fact just by saying, every girl is just a character in a story, and not seeing this whole discrimination, YOU are the problem.
  3. Drezrak


    @LagOps You misunderstood me: I like one piece. Still now, but i won't watch it anymore. I simply can't stand this whole hype about anime and this freaks, who are obsessed about anime girls. Of course, i don't know many anime, but i always see this oversexualizing.
  4. Drezrak


    So i think I am going to post the most hatred comment here: i hate anime. The only anime i watched was one piece, but i think i'm getting to old for this shit. The reason why i hate anime is, that i always see this big breast, big eye, cute, young girls. And i always see guys (RL or Internet) who like them. That is just fucking disgusting. yeah, if you had this fetish, go on... but don't glorify this whole genre. There are maybe good animes outside, which has a good story and characters, but i always see this disgusting oversexualize. Big boobs, ass, short skirt. It seems that women and girls are just sex objects. And this is why i hate them.
  5. So, the TU Berlin have decided to close the "Cafe Erdreich". The TU already have decided what happens after. They don't wanna let the students use this room anymore. Reasons why the TU want to close it: failure to comply with prohibitions on smoking; negligent trigger of alarm; advertising for sale alcohol via internet. Actually all of this happened. There is no excuse for this.
  6. No need to be sorry. It's good to inform, before you sign something. @DefAnske Hochschule Mittweida is going to be informed about this petition. Maybe more will follow. i try my best.
  7. There will be answers the next days, maybe today. But for now it is closed. Till 15.10. the community has to get out of the location and has to remove all their equipment.
  8. No one really knows yet, why the cafe is closed. The only reason they said is because of "deviation from the agreed usage". As it sounds the students didnt use the cafe just for things, they were allowed to do it. This cafe is a meeting place for students of the TU Berlin, for drinking, relaxing, but also for events from the TU. But they were allowed to do it. I don't know what happened, that the TU want to close it.
  9. Why is there an ultra-rare card in a starter - deck? Why no razorleafs? Why no Oink?
  10. Hey Guys, i know there is already a thread about it, but i want to make a new one, to make it clearer. For all of you who play LoL, you can post here your Ingame Name, so other player here can invite you. I will keep it updated. Just write down your Ingame-Name, your region, and your role, which you prefer to play. Maybe we can found a Battleforge Reborn Clan on LoL List: BFR Forumname LoL name role/Lane region comments Drezrak Klombor Top/Support EU West german, lvl 30 Azta MeHaza Top/Support EU West inactive last year Marco3104 Marco3104 Top > Jungle > mid EU West german, Diamond, Riven Main Treim Zagrem Top, Jungle EU West Diamond V (62% winrate) RadicalX RadicalX Mid EU West EranShoval Lee Śin (EUNE) Lee Sin Everywhere veryhasted Switchard (EUNE) Jax Everywhere SilenceKiller99 SilenceKiller99 Everywhere EU West Silver Ultrakool ultrakool ADC EU West unranked Atlas who held the world Darckhuman Destroy everything Brazil WotdeFack WotdeFack bottom EU West mostly kennen and malzahar Extenessis Extenessis everywhere EU West inactive last 2 yearsWannaBeSheep TCM Glubbale support EU West
  11. Wish granted, but now you are female I wish i could live in the world from "one piece"
  12. I need 2h 21min from my location with my car to arrive at the location from anonyme0273.
  13. Wish granted, but there are too many new childs born. I wish Sum41 would play a concert in my town.
  14. 1191, in this year Richard I. married Berengaria of Navarre.
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