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  1. You're right that it is extremely hard but I believe that this deck can definitely get the player through many missions because of it's ability to switch off of defense and offense, especially the root ability. Since you can do that, new players are able to switch up their techniques and etc. I believe that many players, whether you're a starter or expert, can complete tons of PvE missions with this deck.
  2. If you haven't checked it out already, take a look at the new Role Play coming to Battle Forge Reborn Forums (made by MrXLink). Learn more there- 

  3. @SilenceKiller99 I prefer Grimvine over Colossus because of the simple fact that he is much easier to obtain over Colossus and get the cards to upgrade him to level 3. If possible, I suggest that the player switch the 2 if he/she believes this not to be a problem which will be mentioned in the Guide. Thank you for the suggestion. Next, I believe that the Living Tower replicates Hurricanes use as well as the fact that Ensnaring Root is more effective over Hurricane with Windweavers because they are stuck in the same place instead of thrown around, making it difficult for Windweavers to aim at t
  4. Sorry about all the holes in this but here I go: @Treim I did not add Healing Gardens because I believe that most starters would not even bring out the card because they'd feel like they needed to spend their void power on Troops and Wheel of Gifts and not even think of using it. As for Equilibrium, at that point you should have only Deep Ones and now making Timeshifter Spirits and there wouldn't be so many troops. Besides, Timeshifter Spirits should take care of healing at Tier 3. I apologize for not adding the third option of the Wheel of Gifts but I did not see the option on the card info o
  5. How to Create a Well-Balanced Pure Nature PvE Deck for Starters. Tier 1: Shaman (70 Cost, 410/410)- I start with the Shaman for to most, obvious reasons, but for the starters, the Shaman is a great card that helps out in an incredible amount in Tier 1. It works in a great combo with Wind Weavers and Werebeasts for reasons I will explain later. When first using this card, I strongly urge you to keep the Shaman behind the troops before telling them to heal so they are able to keep their distance from the enemies while the enemies attack your Windweavers or Werebeasts. Once you are more comforta
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