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  1. You're right that it is extremely hard but I believe that this deck can definitely get the player through many missions because of it's ability to switch off of defense and offense, especially the root ability. Since you can do that, new players are able to switch up their techniques and etc. I believe that many players, whether you're a starter or expert, can complete tons of PvE missions with this deck.
  2. If you haven't checked it out already, take a look at the new Role Play coming to Battle Forge Reborn Forums (made by MrXLink). Learn more there- 

  3. @SilenceKiller99 I prefer Grimvine over Colossus because of the simple fact that he is much easier to obtain over Colossus and get the cards to upgrade him to level 3. If possible, I suggest that the player switch the 2 if he/she believes this not to be a problem which will be mentioned in the Guide. Thank you for the suggestion. Next, I believe that the Living Tower replicates Hurricanes use as well as the fact that Ensnaring Root is more effective over Hurricane with Windweavers because they are stuck in the same place instead of thrown around, making it difficult for Windweavers to aim at the troops. For Curse of Oink, I mentioned it in my reply to Drezrak and hope you will read it there. Answer to Deepcoil, Fathom and Warder is simple for me, I think starters will be wasting tons of Void power instead of just keeping the troops they used to capture their 3rd orb to keep attacking until they get enough Monuments for their 4th so I think it it better to rather keep the space for more cards. About Shrine of Memory, starters are not typically worried about gaining much more Void Power and can wait because they are not so far into the campaign or should be doing so high levels of PvE that they should be fine without it. Lastly, Forest Elder typically is extremely hard to get and I believe should not be included in a starter's deck. If you have any more questions, reply one more time and I will get back to you. @Ultrakool Thank you so much for the positive support. Also, I assure you the issues you addressed in my post will be fixed immediately. Thank you so much for the positive feedback and for taking the time to read my post. @Treim I do see your point and I actually do take you side with this so I will consider taking out Drones and replacing them with Thornbark, Thank you for the suggestion and I will think about it.
  4. Sorry about all the holes in this but here I go: @Treim I did not add Healing Gardens because I believe that most starters would not even bring out the card because they'd feel like they needed to spend their void power on Troops and Wheel of Gifts and not even think of using it. As for Equilibrium, at that point you should have only Deep Ones and now making Timeshifter Spirits and there wouldn't be so many troops. Besides, Timeshifter Spirits should take care of healing at Tier 3. I apologize for not adding the third option of the Wheel of Gifts but I did not see the option on the card info on allcards.bfreborn.com and completely forgot about it, I will be adding that in once given the details of the ability. For having Timeshifter and Mark of the Keeper, I believe that you make a good point but Mark of the Keeper is more for defense, while you can take the Timeshifter's ability with you and use it at your disposal for saving the troops in battle if necessary. For Sunken Temple, this card can be useful for starters that don't want to waste their charges of cards on summoning the cards at an area much father back instead of just bringing out some Pest Creepers and killing the enemy with them. Lastly, the Root Network with Root Nexus and Living Tower are 100% for defense and hiding behind walls. These are useful at Tier 2 because the enemy in PvE will still send small troops that can be knocked back but after that, I don't feel the need to add cards just to exercise the use of the Rooting ability any more. If you have more questions, just reply once again and I will take a look. @Drezrak There is Timeshifter Spirit in this deck because I believe that starters should try their best to get this card from the start so they already know the basic functions of how you should use the card because of the major role it can play. I understand it can be hard to get but that's something the player must find a way to get past themselves because there are plenty of ways. Next, about Razorleaf, though Razorleaf can be extremely effective with his Root ability and Root Nexus, starters tend to miss with his ability and misuse it so I believe it could be a waste of Void Power and not worth what expert players say it is because they are of different skill levels. Lastly, Curse of Oink, don't get me wrong, is an amazing card. I love it myself but I simply did not have any more room in the deck and decided to get rid of that one because of the card's short time span of remaining a pig if attacked. If you have any more questions, reply one more time and I will get back to you.
  5. How to Create a Well-Balanced Pure Nature PvE Deck for Starters. Tier 1: Shaman (70 Cost, 410/410)- I start with the Shaman for to most, obvious reasons, but for the starters, the Shaman is a great card that helps out in an incredible amount in Tier 1. It works in a great combo with Wind Weavers and Werebeasts for reasons I will explain later. When first using this card, I strongly urge you to keep the Shaman behind the troops before telling them to heal so they are able to keep their distance from the enemies while the enemies attack your Windweavers or Werebeasts. Once you are more comfortable with this concept, you can try having the Shaman help kill the first group of enemies but immediately after, taking him back to start healing. Windweavers (70 Cost, 480/420)- Next are the starter nature archers, Windweavers. These cards are a big part of Tier 1 because of their strategic advantage with leading troops to a wall, then closing the doors behind yourself and putting them up on the wall. Also, when using them with a Windweaver-Shaman combo, you are able to use the Windweavers as a target for the enemy while they are attacking as the Shamans are simultaneously healing them so they survive the attack and you can use them afterwards for the next area as well. Werebeasts (75 Cost, 600/600)- Not only can you use these troops as a distraction while the Windweavers attack the troops attacking these troops, but these troops are a swift troop. This means that they are faster than others. This is very important in a lot of cases, whether it's just because you want to get somewhere fast to help an ally or you need to run away, this can come in handy. Mark of the Keeper (70 Cost, 1120 HP)- This building prevents any enemy from using ranged attacks, spawning troops, or using abilities in a 35 meter radius. This adds to your protection on Monuments and Power Wells so the enemy is only able to melee your troops, which is when the next card comes into play. Ensnaring Roots- Ensnaring Roots will stop the enemy is place. While they are paused, you are free to use ranged attacks from your Shaman, Windweavers, or other ranged cards in other tiers. Surge of Light- For obvious reasons, this card can save you in a big pinch. If your troops are about to die even if there is a shaman, easy fix, just heal them with this card and retreat if they won't make it without another Surge of Light before dying. Tier 2: Deep One *Nature Affinity*(120 Cost, 1650,1300)- Once at Tier 2, it would be a good idea to summon a good amount of Deep Ones (however many you have found to be necessary) to tank and destroy the enemies buildings you will encounter in the near future. As a little BTW, if your Deep Ones are being killed in the next area and you want get them out of there, try to Ensnaring Roots the enemies attacking the Deep Ones, heal them with Surge of Light, and order them to run away to your last conquered area. Ability: Forces any one enemy unit within 30 meters of Deep One to teleport to the Deep One's current position. Once teleported, the unit teleported to is then rooted and immobile for 12 seconds, but ranged attacks and special abilities are still able to be used. Root Nexus (30 Cost, 780 HP)- Place next to your Living Towers behind walls to provide healing for the Living Towers as they're being attacked so they last longer and give you a better fighting chance against oncoming enemies. Also in Tier 3, place by a group of Thornbarks for a great defense against big groups of troops headed your way. The Root Nexus will heal the Thornbarks as they are fighting multiple troops at once. Living Tower (70 Cost, 1000/1200)- Tower meant for defense. This is a great tower for putting behind a wall to backup some Windweavers and hiding some Root Nexus behind to provide healing while they are being attacked by archers. These towers also knock small troops down, making them useless for a moment while Windweavers and the Living Towers still attack. Breeding Grounds (70 Cost, 1200 HP)- Simple card. The units you summon in this building's perimeters will simply cost less Void Power to summon onto the field. For example, if you summon an Unstable Demon (originally costing 100 Void Power) within the radius of the Breeding Grounds, He will then cost 85 Void power instead. (15% less) Sunken Temple *Shadow Affinity* (120 Cost, 1000 GO)- A great building used often with Mark of the Keeper simply for defense. Personally, I build one of these buildings with a Mark of the Keeper to protect a set of Power Wells or Monument so the enemy is forced to send melee troops to attack. Ability: Summon a group of Pest Creepers to attack the troops headed near your Power Wells and/or Monument. Creeping Paralysis- Simple card. With a preparation of 5 seconds, all of the troops inside a 15 meter radius will be paralyzed for 10 seconds, good for getting some damage on enemies before they attack you. Tier 3: Timeshifter Spirit (100 Cost, 775 HP)- Great card to use with Deep Ones. If you have a group of 4-6 Deep Ones, the Timeshifter Spirit will heal multiple troops over 120 health, but will continuously start healing less than before after this unit heals many times. Ability: Creates a 30 meter wide zone that makes it impossible for the enemy to use special abilities, ranged attacks, or spawn units in the area casted. Thornbark (120 Cost, 1400/1300)- This unit carries the ability Root, which as you learned earlier, connects itself to other entities within the game that also have Root. This unit can connect itself to a maximum of 5 other entities. The more Thornbarks/Living Towers you have connected, the stronger attack they will all make. Add a Root Nexus, and while you're attacking, the Root Nexus will heal the entities it is connected to. Swamp Drake (120 Cost, 1500/845)- Wheel of Gifts (220 Cost, 1810 HP)- A building with 2 options. Either buff all of the allied units in the game with 20% Strength (Gift of Strength) or take away all of the allied units in the game damage by 20% (Gift of Resilience). This building is often used by Pure Nature users because of the huge boost they can give to your units as well as your ally's units. BTW, you are not able to repeat the effects of this building by building multiple of them. Tier 4: Primeval Watcher (260 Cost, 5550/3650)- Great for long-ranged attacks with another troop tanking for this unit *read Grimvine for more info*. I recommend building at least 2 Grimvines before making a Primeval Watcher because of his low amount of HP. Ability: Paralyzes all enemies within a 25 meter radius. Grimvine (260 Cost, 5800/5000)- A great unit for tanking, as well as taking out buildings. My preferred strategy and a great example of the Grimvine's abilities is to send in 6 Grimvines *targeting buildings* followed by 4 Giant Wyrms *targeting the troops fighting the Grimvines* and 2 Primeval Watchers attacking from long range *use ability to paralyze the units attacking the Grimvines and/or Giant Wryms*. Giant Wyrm (300 Cost, 4000/3530)- Even though you start with this card, it is a great card for taking down big enemies. 4 of these all attacking one enemy at once will do mass amounts of damage which makes this unit perfect to follow up Grimvines with. Regrowth- A very useful spell to cast when your Tier 4 troops are about to die. Once casted, Regrowth will heal all allies in the 25 meter radius instantly up to 1700 health and continues to heal all of the allies in the radius 3% of their health every second up to 4200 health. Just as a last little thing, I did not post nearly everything you can do with this deck because I believe that it would help if you tried to find those yourself and came up with new strategies to use and be proud of what you've accomplished Questions and Concerns: If anyone has any questions, either private message me on Kik @lil_weave_john or just reply to this post. Suggestions: If anyone wants to add anything to this, you are more than welcome to let me know and I will consider all entries. Lastly, if you believe I should switch one of these cards out with another, reply telling me why I should and I will also consider all entries with this as well. Thanks for reading! I hope this will help you make your time on Battle Forge Reborn a great time!
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