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  1. "The World ends With you" might be interesting, I really like it. The Fire Emblem series also has great soundtracks. Warcraft 1,2,3 and World of Warcraft also have pretty good soundtracks. Depending on your taste, Pokemon can also be failry relaxing, espacilly the newer ones. But hey, those are some I like, you don't gotta like em.
  2. Donations are nice, but the way you phrase it makes it seem like some weird, almost like donations would get you into beta. Also the X is way to huge and in general the text is way to huge and flashy. (This might just be my opinion tho)
  3. 1. Screenshot directly taken from the Front page of the Forum. 2. I highly suggest you read the FAQ, evne though it's under maintenance lots of points about it still stand.
  4. After a week or so of not being on here daily, you can expect me to be back on here daily <3

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    2. ThomasMann


      How about make it another week :kappa:

    3. Eddio


      @ThomasMann Why stop at one week? :kappa: 




      jk :P

    4. Eirias


      I think you're confusing correlation with causation :)

      After making an announcement that you'll be here daily, we can expect you to be back here daily :kappa: 

  5. Currently rewatching Huskys Bronze League heroes series, man I miss this guy.


    1. ThomasMann


      I too miss this guy. 

  6. @Asraiel Considering what Bio said earlier, his problem is already fixed ;P
  7. Yes, we were all wrong ;P
  8. Make it a mage card and put freeze onto it? ;D
  9. Not even a deathglider is present, RIP
  10. Well, I always love the interesting results I get in such a manner of tests.
  11. They will be restoring the game to the point of the last patch. So it will be post edit version.
  12. @Asraiel In this case (of this concept going life on release) it'd be the literal defintion of BFP as you could make double the BFP anyone else could. QOL= Quality of Life OP(for this one the context matters, as in a differnt context it means differnt things) =Opening Post
  13. Ofc my concerns are mostly regarded toward release (the P2W kind that is) and the ones that aren't P2W shouldn't even exist, QOL that was aviable in the old game should not be taken away in the way you mentioned in the OP. Your definition is probably the one you mentioned above. HOWEVER, I think me and the others mostly seem to agree on the fact that P2W = Anyway to progress faster than regular players.
  14. And later on you proceed to state that being able to buy BFP would be P2W, quite self contradicting. Keep in mind, you can achieve everything in HS by playing it for free, however many still call it P2W and I agree as the amount of griding (winning 30games a day and doing your quest for 100g+quest gold) just seems insane. It doesn't matter if the beginning cards are tradeable or not, players with a premium account would be able to influence the market from the first packs in a way no one with a free account could possibly do. If I remember correctly, this was part of the core game, and thus I highly doubt that it's subject to change.
  15. Sorry, but this sounds like the definition of P2W, which the team definetly doesn't want to happen, like Link even mentioned in the Thread you quoted. 1. This would give a market advantage to Premium accounts = P2W 2. Mailbox restriction like this sounds stupid to me. 3 This would give a huge advantage to the ppl with Preimum accounts in the early econemy. = P2W 4. More of a QOL, but this realy shouldn't be part of a premium account. 5. Well, iirc it costs you BFP to change your profile picture. 6. This is really P2W. Instead of Premium accounts, I'd just allow the purchase of BFP AFTER the game has been out for quite a while. That way, the ppl that want quick access to the endgame, will be able to get it, while we still have a fair enviroment for everyone, since everyone had the option to start at the start and play their way up. OFC this solution wouldn't be perfect either, but removing so much Quality of Life stuff from regular accounts like Mailboxsize and Deckslots just seems wrong.