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  1. Reproducibility should be: Everytime Because I can't deupgrade any of my cards, which is kind of a bummer.
  2. Hooray for another stream, may the hype and our schedules be with us so we can fully enjoy this ;D
  3. Anyone want some free watchdogs till the open beta? Well here you go. https://freetrial.ubisoft.com/promotions/watch-dogs-1/8/

  4. If we belive in the infinite paralel worlds theory, there'd be a world in which Battleforge was never shutdown and it'd be the greatest E-sport ever and we all would have all the time in the world to appreciate the game.
    However, that world isn't ours, differnt things happend in ours leading to to the death of this game, leading to the crew of Skylords Reborn to reviving it.
    What am I aiming for by writing this?
    I really don't know.
    But hey, whenever I think about this project, I'm just glad to know it exists and that it has a really nice community behind it aswell.
    *sigh* If only real life wouldn't occupy me as much as it does recently~

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    2. Deadman


      @Eddio I wouldn't wish for something that is true. I wish for other stuff. 

    3. sylvix95


      like chocolate rivers ?

      @bobfrog Unless there's a rule in one of those parallel universes that says that all parallel universes are between 0 & ∞


    4. Eddio


      @ThomasMann sounds like you are dreaming again

      You wish for mauler to be good? Cause he certainly isn't. :kappa:


  5. Baka, that's obviously something we should be doing Onii-chan! Uhm, now back to topic. Unexpected huh? ^I needed an actual suggestion and currently I'm really digging that song.
  6. Why did you give a shout out to Dolphin but not to my 2 main Childhood emulators Visual Boy Advance : For all your Gameboy Advance needs ZSnes : For SNES Multiplayer fun! (Seriously I still sometimes boot this up on netplay with some friends to play Mario Kart or other good ol SNES multiplayer games.
  7. "The World ends With you" might be interesting, I really like it. The Fire Emblem series also has great soundtracks. Warcraft 1,2,3 and World of Warcraft also have pretty good soundtracks. Depending on your taste, Pokemon can also be failry relaxing, espacilly the newer ones. But hey, those are some I like, you don't gotta like em.
  8. After a week or so of not being on here daily, you can expect me to be back on here daily <3

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    2. Deadman


      How about make it another week :kappa:

    3. Eddio


      @ThomasMann Why stop at one week? :kappa: 




      jk :P

    4. Eirias


      I think you're confusing correlation with causation :)

      After making an announcement that you'll be here daily, we can expect you to be back here daily :kappa: 

  9. Currently rewatching Huskys Bronze League heroes series, man I miss this guy.


    1. Deadman


      I too miss this guy. 

  10. @Asraiel Considering what Bio said earlier, his problem is already fixed ;P
  11. Yes, we were all wrong ;P
  12. Well, I always love the interesting results I get in such a manner of tests.
  13. In english it's just "Home Alone" Anyhow, I personally connect the name Kevin with a multitude of things, ofc the Sterotypical idiot named Kevin, but from my personal experience I've gotta say that most Kevin's I know are insane in one way or the other.
  14. Well, I guess hello Mr. Wanna Be Sheep? Whoever you are. I don't get the point of this post, but well, it's not like I need to understand everything. Anyhow, you ain't my Lord, and you sure ain't my Sugar daddy. So don't even get the thought that I'd bow before you! You fool!
  15. Shotty

    NEW 1on1 PVP MAP!

    Yes, ty the screenshots work now.
  16. Shotty

    NEW 1on1 PVP MAP!

    Well, there are supposed to be screenshots in the opening post, but for some reason they are broken (atleast for me) @Saim25 you intend to fix that screenshot problem?
  17. So the program itself is not the problem. But your usage of it. (How the hell is one active on 21 discord servers anyhow? I'm on 2 rn o.o)
  18. How the hell does Discord cause any RAM issues? 4GB ram here and Discord runs smooth and doesn't decrease my performance at all. It's really, really lightweight.
  19. @PlainVenom since this problem appears in Diablo and League, I'd recommend you try and talk to the Blizzard Live support. I had a similar issue once, and they helped me fix it.(you don't have the exact same problem as I did)
  20. @Kiwi I think I found your two most favourite (sadly now deleted) items in path of exile history.


    1. anonyme0273


      "Cold, miserable and alone... but alive" O.o 

    2. Kiwi


      Nooooooo they killed the burbs? How could they.. Such monsters :'(

    3. Shotty


      @Kiwi   Well, those items were glitch items, the glitches happend because the devs two differnt databases running (like intended) but one of em was from a prior version.

      The second shield is known as "Kiwihalt" in the community. There are some rare items that still exist because the devs didn't actually do a reroll, but delete the items manually. One of the items left is a 181% Multistrike support gem. Which, ofc is broken.

  21. Using it in pretty much every deck that involves nature and is made for PvE. Nothing else to add really
  22. Emberstrike is one of those cards that a begginers deck includes, that you wanna swap out as soon as possible. Probably the worst P4F T4 unit tho. I personally remember mixing up the P4F decks with each other, simply because I didn't like Emberstriek and didn't want my only T4 to be an air unit.
  23. 0 repeats and no cheating. I should totaly show this to my english teacher tomorrow
  24. Well, seems I'll be joining the forge soon (TM) :kappa:

    Looking forward to testing with everyone, espacilly the people from chat who I've been talking to for almost a year now <3

    This actually makes me consider downloading Discord, which I've refused to do in the past.

    This describes accurately how I felt after seeing I've won:



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    2. Shotty



      don't forget the Skygirls and Skythings! :kappa:

    3. Shotty



       shoutout for you as you increased my rep to 100 just now ;D

    4. Sykole


      Sorry what were you saying? Looks like my finger slipped :kappaross:

  25. I remember people being anoyed by me for using " ´ " instead of " ' "  because it was more comfortable for me,but now that I've changed to using " ' " for over a wekk no one noticed. It's the small things in life that often get missed~ :kappa:

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    2. Sykole


      I did it on purpose, slyvix. 

      I could have easily removed the format but I found it being highlighted would be better. You ´ re point is invalid :kappa:

    3. sylvix95


      No you didn't @Sykole ! you tried to tricked us ! but that didn't work on me HAHA !

    4. shadowxxs77


      @sylvix95 Missed opportunities, that ´ s sad

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