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    i like food and sports. im in love with a beautiful being that makes me a very happy man

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  1. WannaBeSheep

    which card gives you the most nostalgia?

    Forest Eldar is just the best!
  2. WannaBeSheep

    Say something about the person above you.

    you make the best Flaamse Frieten
  3. WannaBeSheep

    Lord of Shoarma

    I, the great king of Sheep. ruler of all the galaxies, demand all of you humans to bow down before me and make me a nice bowl of fresh cut grass. for far too long, my people have been abused, robbed and maked fun off. I will No longer tolerate this kind of madness. the tables have turned, we will shave all the people from now on. thou will feel what it is like to be naked. greetings from your lord and Sugar daddy, -WannaBeSheep, Lord of the 31 kingdoms and ruler of the galaxy.
  4. WannaBeSheep

    help me with school plz

  5. WannaBeSheep

    The legendary forum game "count"

    1624 + 1 ?
  6. WannaBeSheep

    help me with school plz

    its 19....
  7. WannaBeSheep

    help me with school plz

    hai, i am WannaBeSheepp and i am really dumb. i could use your help! if always wanted to ask this--> question<-- but i whas to shy, so here it comes! what is 9+10?
  8. WannaBeSheep

    League of Legends

    IGN: TCM Glubbable region: EUW role: support and thats it xD

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