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    i like food and sports. im in love with a beautiful being that makes me a very happy man

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  1. WannaBeSheep

    Closed Beta Applications

    Hi there, Skysheep here. I've been waiting to play for a really long time like everyone else and all i'm hyped and exicted about is BFR. its the only thing i really want to play. i'd love to be a tester because i've got quite alot of free time and i'd love to do my part of helping the team and getting the game to its Ultra instinct stage. my average playing time used to be around 3/5 hours a day on battleforge. the Joy en Fun i got from the game was by far the most i got in my life of gaming, and i've played alot of games... i'd really love to help this amazing team that everyone wants to be part of so much. MY IGN Discord is Skysheep#8987 you can count on me of testing the game every single day, atleast 3/4 and even more hours a day.
  2. WannaBeSheep

    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #2

    trew love we shall all be united. except the winners of this contest. they will leave the forums and play till the open beta. #sleepisfortheweek
  3. WannaBeSheep

    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #1

    lets do it ya all
  4. WannaBeSheep

    new card (the damnation)

    seems a little to op but great to see people thinking about new stuff
  5. WannaBeSheep

    Information about Stream 30/12/2017

    hey guys, so for those who missed 30/12/2017 stream you can watch it on twitch!. https://www.twitch.tv/skylordsreborn here are some notes made by @Neok INFORMATION STUFF client will need to be uploaded and shared on the forums (devs are careful to not distribute copyrighted files) custom launcher will be distributed by the devs, also on the forums Open Beta date is 30th of January (everyone can join) https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/3182-open-beta-information/ Phase Two open beta will reset everyone's account Few weeks ago, someone bought the bfreborn.com domain. This site NOT SKYLORDS, but someone pretending to be the devs. Some Russian VK fanpage is shown. Look out if someone is asking for your money. Skylords will never ask for your money outside of patreon. GAME WILL BE 100% FREE, you won't be able to pay for BFP etc. Some of the artwork by the new artist is shown, you get this artwork at high resolution for being a patreon supporter. as for some fairly common questions: Client files on the forum will get a 'seal of approval' if they are not compromised by viruses. Original DVD has outdated client files. They are talking with streamers and website in order to let the world know Reborn is a thing, in order to get more new players. No advertising budget atm. Promo cards are lootable from boosters, except the event promos like santa which will be related to the seasonal event. Boosters are all mixed from all sets for now. Maybe looking for US timezone moderators in the future Two collection resets minimum. Open Beta phase 2 will start with a reset, and full release also. speedrun and map of the month will be in the game tome mode not sure Open Beta participants might get some reward for helping with testing they have tech to make certain cards untradeable Game is old so it runs on basically anything Players start with 4 starter decks, one for each color. @fiki574 has accidently removed Mo and harvester from the game lol 1 month away from open beta! if anything is wrong please just tell me so i can adjust this note
  6. WannaBeSheep

    which card gives you the most nostalgia?

    Forest Eldar is just the best!
  7. WannaBeSheep

    Guide on how to make this game never die again!

    not going to happan lol, grinding is what makes you better in a game because it makes you think about new builds and strategies on how to play. and lets be honest, who doesnt like to start off as a *newbie* and work himself up the ladder to become a *skylord legend*
  8. WannaBeSheep

    Map Editor

    i love the idea of the costum map, i had a lot of fun with it to a few years back... as for the survival mode, i don't think there is going to be such a thing.. but if we can make a costum map, you could just make a map where you get hordes of monsters to attack at the center area where you will have to defend against all angles and such.
  9. WannaBeSheep


    Hi all, so i've played battleforge for a long time but as a small kiddo i never thougt of tactics and just tried to mass produce towers and some windweavers and such. as a (new) player as i'd call myself, i have no knowledge about the game whatsoever beside some deckbuilds and the maps layouts. my suggestion is to add a little system called: Mentors. with this system new players can get into contact with some players that are familiar with the game, and ask them to be their mentor. this is so they can ask questions and maybe team up for some games just to learn more about the game and get familiar with the game itself. this is just a simple idea and i auctuly have no idea if it has already been made or if there are any forums already made because of this idea. #makeBFGreatagain<3 with dear regards, Inventor of Shoarma and betrayer of his own kind. -Wannabesheep
  10. WannaBeSheep

    Describe the game with one word!

  11. WannaBeSheep

    Did you spent money on the old BattleForge?

    i spend like 200 Euro's on battleforge xD
  12. WannaBeSheep

    Say something about the person above you.

    you make the best Flaamse Frieten
  13. WannaBeSheep

    Lord of Shoarma

    I, the great king of Sheep. ruler of all the galaxies, demand all of you humans to bow down before me and make me a nice bowl of fresh cut grass. for far too long, my people have been abused, robbed and maked fun off. I will No longer tolerate this kind of madness. the tables have turned, we will shave all the people from now on. thou will feel what it is like to be naked. greetings from your lord and Sugar daddy, -WannaBeSheep, Lord of the 31 kingdoms and ruler of the galaxy.
  14. WannaBeSheep

    Original BF Cases

    i have a copy aswell, i hanged it above my bed so i can stare at it each night...

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