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  1. I do agree with removing Wazhai if there is no other option but if they were able to somehow just disable phase towers on that map I would be fine with just keeping it
  2. shadowxxs77

    The Stress Test Open#6 (2on2) 16.03.19

    Pretty bad player here looking for teammate Not sure if I can participate then but I'll be sure to confirm it a day before
  3. shadowxxs77

    Request for name reclaiment

    Great to see you back man! ^^
  4. shadowxxs77

    Bid for beta start

    September 20. 2018
  5. shadowxxs77

    2 Grammar.

    Might be my bad English but I don't see any grammar mistakes
  6. shadowxxs77

    Unit models dissapearing

    SERVER: Kubik's server NAME: Unit models dissapearing SEVERITY: 2, It is pretty annoying and game breaking but can be avoided if you know how to. REPROCUBILITY: I can reproduce it, need others to test if they can aswell DESCRIPTION: When I start the game up windowed, everything works fine untill I try to full screen using alt + enter, all the unit models dissapear of screen, I am still able to move them and you can see the HP bar, green/red circles and the shadows. I'm assuming this is because an old game like this isn't used to a full screen hotkey and it requires the game to be restarted to full screen via options. SCREENSHOT: Not able to screenshot in full screen
  7. shadowxxs77

    video "Battle between fire and frost"

    This is some seriously insane artwork, thats amazing man! Keep up the great work!
  8. shadowxxs77

    What the heck?! My rep is gone!

    I know I lost quite some rep, I wouldn't have a clue how much I had tho, around 28 I think
  9. shadowxxs77

    [Forum Game] Rate the song!

    9/10, I enjoyed that quite a lot only thing from keeping it from being a 10 is I've head a lot of similiar songs lately still a great song! ^^
  10. shadowxxs77

    Brothers surprising Desktop

    He has Path of Exile so he is all good in my book ^^
  11. shadowxxs77

    Battleforge PvP with RadicalX

    Only use S units in a PVP Match
  12. shadowxxs77

    Proposal: Locked, Composed Decks

    This is a great idea, however wouldn't this remove the urge to collect cards and make a deck out of them? Why spent so much effort getting a 120 deck if you could have a random one each 2 weeks? Ofcourse you won't be able to pick them yourself but I can see people not wanting to bother create their own 120 deck if they can get a 120. Therefore I would suggest making it like a 100 deck so you'll benefit more for making your own 120 deck. Nontheless a great idea Edit: Or you have to rent them thats also an option, this way you would save BFP by making your own deck in the long run
  13. shadowxxs77

    MBTI Personality Test

    Did this test while back, got INFP aswell. Really suprises me, only 1% of the people are INFP IIRC and its the most uncommon one yet its about 25% here
  14. shadowxxs77

    Age of Mythology tournament

    Tbh I doubt that, I'm almost certain I will lose most 1v1's vs you and with the amount of time I've seen anonyme play I'm sure he has a big shot at winning aswell
  15. shadowxxs77

    Voice communications

    " I'm active on 21 different Discord servers.. " 1 more server wouldn't hurt

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