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  1. Like the idea of having a multiplayer forge But yes there have been over 5 threads about this IIRC, should check if the topic has already been mentioned before creating one.
  2. I like the idea of token in it, would fit the bfp logo aswell. Something like Sky tokens, Forge tokens...
  3. I really like the idea of Twilight coming in big packs, just make them weaker and cheaper and make them more of a swarm, that would be amazing IMO
  4. Mountaineer, so fun to refresh that shield after your opponent almost manages to kill it
  5. Only use S units in a PVP Match
  6. This is a great idea, however wouldn't this remove the urge to collect cards and make a deck out of them? Why spent so much effort getting a 120 deck if you could have a random one each 2 weeks? Ofcourse you won't be able to pick them yourself but I can see people not wanting to bother create their own 120 deck if they can get a 120. Therefore I would suggest making it like a 100 deck so you'll benefit more for making your own 120 deck. Nontheless a great idea Edit: Or you have to rent them thats also an option, this way you would save BFP by making your own deck in the long run
  7. Fairly sure its edited, Also yes Rogan Kayle is the "Skylord" of frost
  8. Maybe make a mountaineer that refreshes divine shield if he didn't attack, also gamplay wise Harverster seems fine (Not that great at HS) but it doesn't really fit his theme, being the only 2 orb card in game in exchange for a high energy cost. I'd made him just like a typical warlord card: Being cheap and strong but having a annoying downside to him for instance: 2 mana 5/5 Battlecry: Summon 2 1/1 skeletons, discard your hand. Deathrattle: discard your hand (Bit OP :P)
  9. Did this test while back, got INFP aswell. Really suprises me, only 1% of the people are INFP IIRC and its the most uncommon one yet its about 25% here
  10. Don't let the hype slow down!! We need to be going at full speed!
  11. Tbh I doubt that, I'm almost certain I will lose most 1v1's vs you and with the amount of time I've seen anonyme play I'm sure he has a big shot at winning aswell
  12. Its not that they are OP, its that they are exclusive, I personally only played versus them once or twice and have know idea what they're capable of
  13. Its basically one big line where everyone fights in, just imagine 3 layers of walls with 1 orb for each player at each wall layer, then maybe add a 4th orb in the middle where everyone fights for.
  14. Do you know the ARAM map from League of Legends? I know someone (can't find it right now but knowing you, you know who I'm talking about) was working on it already and has made a lot of progress on it but you could give it a shot aswell. Also maybe ask some people about unbalanced PvP maps and improve them
  15. 10/10 would topic again