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  1. Describe the game with one word!

    I meant more in a way that the game got shutdown by its own creator but I guess you can interpret it that way aswell
  2. Describe the game with one word!

    "Daddy issues", thats 2 but whatever
  3. 2 more months, keep the hype going :hypetrain:

    1. Fauchderial


      it January 2018... so it next year ? I'm confused...

    2. shadowxxs77


      Oktober 2017 -> December 2017 -> Januari 2018

         1                          2                       Release date

    3. japoo


      Oh... I missed the memo that they removed November. Dangit...

  4. Starter kid approach

    There have been many suggestions about this already, I recommend checking out the main post about this tho: They have told us they are making it less grindy and removing the pay 2 win concept
  5. Friends in forge

    Like the idea of having a multiplayer forge But yes there have been over 5 threads about this IIRC, should check if the topic has already been mentioned before creating one.
  6. BFP rename

    I like the idea of token in it, would fit the bfp logo aswell. Something like Sky tokens, Forge tokens...
  7. The Age of Twilight

    I really like the idea of Twilight coming in big packs, just make them weaker and cheaper and make them more of a swarm, that would be amazing IMO
  8. What is your favorite "this card is fun" card?

    Mountaineer, so fun to refresh that shield after your opponent almost manages to kill it
  9. Battleforge PvP with RadicalX

    Only use S units in a PVP Match
  10. Proposal: Locked, Composed Decks

    This is a great idea, however wouldn't this remove the urge to collect cards and make a deck out of them? Why spent so much effort getting a 120 deck if you could have a random one each 2 weeks? Ofcourse you won't be able to pick them yourself but I can see people not wanting to bother create their own 120 deck if they can get a 120. Therefore I would suggest making it like a 100 deck so you'll benefit more for making your own 120 deck. Nontheless a great idea Edit: Or you have to rent them thats also an option, this way you would save BFP by making your own deck in the long run
  11. Who is the skylord of Frost ?

    Fairly sure its edited, Also yes Rogan Kayle is the "Skylord" of frost
  12. BattleForge -> Hearthstone

    Maybe make a mountaineer that refreshes divine shield if he didn't attack, also gamplay wise Harverster seems fine (Not that great at HS) but it doesn't really fit his theme, being the only 2 orb card in game in exchange for a high energy cost. I'd made him just like a typical warlord card: Being cheap and strong but having a annoying downside to him for instance: 2 mana 5/5 Battlecry: Summon 2 1/1 skeletons, discard your hand. Deathrattle: discard your hand (Bit OP :P)
  13. MBTI Personality Test

    Did this test while back, got INFP aswell. Really suprises me, only 1% of the people are INFP IIRC and its the most uncommon one yet its about 25% here
  14. Who is happy?

    Don't let the hype slow down!! We need to be going at full speed!
  15. Age of Mythology tournament

    Tbh I doubt that, I'm almost certain I will lose most 1v1's vs you and with the amount of time I've seen anonyme play I'm sure he has a big shot at winning aswell