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  1. What the heck?! My rep is gone!

    I know I lost quite some rep, I wouldn't have a clue how much I had tho, around 28 I think
  2. BFP

    Don't think the dev's themselves got an idea themselves yet, also kinda useless since the prices are possible to change, guess we have to just wait and see
  3. Deck

    t4 also seems rather weak, idk if Journe and a few juggs are strong enough to make up for a spammable t4 xl
  4. Closed Beta Access Giveaway #2

    GL guys
  5. Closed Beta Access Giveaway #1

    Gl all ^^
  6. [Forum Game] Rate the song!

    9/10, I enjoyed that quite a lot only thing from keeping it from being a 10 is I've head a lot of similiar songs lately still a great song! ^^
  7. unit (warpriest)

    Still very strong, also the idk if RNG really has a spot in this game, especially in pvvp
  8. Brothers surprising Desktop

    He has Path of Exile so he is all good in my book ^^
  9. Units interacting with Power after spawning.

    Not to be rude or anything but I dont think this would work for mainly one reason: Its gonna be insane to get a decent balance if even possible at all. The examples you gave would be insane for PvE, just spam 10 of those energy generators and get a massive army in a minute or 2. It would either be completly useless for PvP or inanely strong must have for PvP. Fairly certain there are ways to avoid this but I can't think of any, but I'm not that good at this game myself so idk.
  10. Play style How would you describe each faction?

    Seems fairly accurate to me. He gave you a short description of each faction.
  11. Describe the game with one word!

    I meant more in a way that the game got shutdown by its own creator but I guess you can interpret it that way aswell
  12. Describe the game with one word!

    "Daddy issues", thats 2 but whatever
  13. 2 more months, keep the hype going :hypetrain:

    1. Fauchderial


      it January 2018... so it next year ? I'm confused...

    2. shadowxxs77


      Oktober 2017 -> December 2017 -> Januari 2018

         1                          2                       Release date

    3. japoo


      Oh... I missed the memo that they removed November. Dangit...

  14. Starter kid approach

    There have been many suggestions about this already, I recommend checking out the main post about this tho: They have told us they are making it less grindy and removing the pay 2 win concept
  15. Friends in forge

    Like the idea of having a multiplayer forge But yes there have been over 5 threads about this IIRC, should check if the topic has already been mentioned before creating one.