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  1. Hey Navarro, obviously you can criticize whatever you like. I am fine with phase tower dealing half damage after a teleport rather than a power nerf, but claiming phase tower @ 75 power is equal to removing it from the game is not a fair estimate since it rarely inflicts a cost of below 75 power on the opponent. The same goes even more so for mortar (in defense), the large range, AoE and high damage means it rarely fails to deal severe damage to at least 2 units with 1 barrage, either killing them or allowing them to be mopped up quite easily. Which for frost is at least 100 power and for natu
  2. O absolutely, 1 good change can make a big difference. But won't coming up with these changes also take up dev time as well? Unless you want to suggest random changes, but I don't think you meant that. Pretty much all the changes I have in mind involve changing in-game metrics (damage, hp, range etc.) or the manipulation of in-game abilities, so although the changes on the gameplay will be major I think the technical implementation will be rather simple in comparison to how complicated getting the game in an operational state was/is. Anyway I'll think about your suggestion some more
  3. Hey Astiliano, I think your idea is pretty good but it feels more like a very cool alternative to Tome mode to me. BattleForge was after all a card collecting game, resetting that collection reguarly would defeat the point of that. I think a big part of satisfying gameplay is working on your collection. Although I agree the end game is limited after you complete your entire collection, is simply resetting it all a good alternative? I suppose the answer will be different for each person but for me working towards a collection and progression is a core part of the game. If we are to work on fur
  4. I'd say you need surge of light and regrowth, take out battleship and living tower. Dryad blue instead of werebeasts would most likely help you too.
  5. Interesting point, however a mine can be dodged by a player that pays close attention. Mortar attacks can't be avoided, so I suppose that justifies the difference.
  6. Hey Eirias, nice to see you. Given the rather extreme damage output of mortar, combined with its extreme range (making it even easier to defend along with properly micro'd scavengers) makes me think 80 power is the bare minimum if we ever want to call this card balanced. If a fire player makes a mortar while the enemy fire player is near him don't you think he kind of deserves to lose 5 power? The delicious (or horrendous if you are against it) synergy of mortar + roots is also kind of an example why it will still be a viable card at 80 power, right? Your IG idea is interesting too, but I
  7. Hi Radical, thank you for bringing these important points up. I've been contemplating writing a post on changing frost t1, so I won’t hijack your thread with that. The essence of my idea was also to buff the Ice Guardian (IG) in exchange for keeping the rather ill thought through home soil nerf. My idea in a nut shell: 1 1 Always let IG spawn with its shield enabled (instead of only near friendly bases) 2 2 Disallow the spawning of IGs within a 40 meter (2x coldsnap radius) radius of enemy power wells. This limitation would be overruled when the frost player has a wel
  8. Thornbark? Did you check your collection for t3 nature uncommon cards?
  9. Hi Putin, thanks for your reply. I understand it is difficult to communicate through a translator. 1. I think you misunderstood the point of the replay cast. The point was to show the absurdity in how well the nether glitch + mage spam works, no matter how poorly the shadow player performs. 2. Are we really going to pretend it is hard to defend with mages? They are probably the most efficient (power to damage ratio wise) unit for defense. 3. Radical stated it was a bug and reported to EA, but that it was never fixed. Probably because EA pulled back nearly all development res
  10. Thanks for your feedback Kaliber, and thanks for your elaborated answer Radical. I can't help but wonder which other bugs you discussed at the time, but perhaps that deserves a thread of its own.
  11. Hey, thanks. As far as I'm concerned the issue gets fixed in its core (i.e.properly applying the buff only once upon entering the warp). That would be the best solution, if the devs can pin point the cause of the issue of course. Thanks for your feedback too Prit, nice to see you!
  12. Hey, good to see you man! Thanks for your input, couldn't agree more.
  13. I'm not sure whether this belongs in the technical issue category or just card discussion, cards probably is the best place to discuss this old bug. Come to think of it I have no idea why this was never fixed seeing that it is an obvious bug. According to the Nether warp (green affinity) card description every unit that gets teleported (warped) receives a 40hp heal every 2 seconds. The problems begin when the starting point and the end point of the warp are placed close to each other, effectively 'teleporting' to the exact same place, which results in the heal being applied twice. This e
  14. They didn't revert it. Mauler still blocks ranged in my game, so the database must be wrong there.
  15. 'Complete 25 quests between December first and January 31st' would probably be an easy to implement but still amusing event to get some consistent player base.
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