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  1. MaranV

    Were some card changes reverted?

    They didn't revert it. Mauler still blocks ranged in my game, so the database must be wrong there.
  2. MaranV

    Christmas Challenge or Quest!

    'Complete 25 quests between December first and January 31st' would probably be an easy to implement but still amusing event to get some consistent player base.
  3. MaranV

    Request for name reclaiment

    Ah ok, I suppose I misunderstood that impersonating isn`t taking someone`s personal name. It`ll be tough to proof then as it seems the account is rank 1, never played and only created to occupy the name. Topic may be closed now, thanks
  4. MaranV

    Request for name reclaiment

    Thanks mate see you in game!
  5. MaranV

    MA Spam or not

    Lol, you`ll be fine doing it too, when the missing packets issue gets resolved. Yea his first question was about the MA match up. The latter was about rushing fire when they over well. I`ll take some time later to write something proper about how to play frost t1 in the current meta (or rather how I played it, obviously everyone is free to play it in whatever way they want). But in a nut shell rushing with frost is a no go simply because you are nowhere without Ice Guardians (IGs) and in the current meta they can only be spawned at friendly wells/orbs, subsequently meaning you`ll be spending anywhere between 60 to 100 power on ice barriers to even be able to move in. At least in a manner that won`t be giving away guaranteed efficient eruptions. Of course this is assuming the fire (or shadow for that matter) player actually used his speed and subsequent map control to not choose a well that is within 100m range of a frost well.
  6. MaranV

    MA Spam or not

    In short, yes. Eruption will dominate the game in small to medium scaled stages (say 10 units & less) combined with scavengers' high damage output and crippling bite disabling your micro. After +- 12 MAs the odds slightly go into your favor but with such a large investment a fire player can easily afford 2 or 3 firesworns that will keep your damage output +- halved, if the fire player micros them. Which most players will be able to do since the only action the fire player really has is erupting you every now and then while the scavengers tear you up.
  7. MaranV

    Request for name reclaiment

    Hi, A friend of mine told me there is a possibility to reclaim your old (in game) name. I would like to reclaim my old name MaranV (currently named Maran ingame), as it has been taken by someone that named their character/account 'maranv'. I trust that my forum name and allocated e-mail address are proof enough but if you need more information I`ll gladly help out. Kind regards, Maran
  8. MaranV

    toughest opponent in pvp

    Yea just the letter but the pronounciation is different in Dutch. English people say V in a manner like "weeeeeee" Dutch is more like "vaaa" going by the pronounciation of the English A. Yea just the letter Hehe yea, close enough.
  9. MaranV

    toughest opponent in pvp

    At least for now yep. Hmmm going by English? That is a tough one considering English speakers tend to pronounce letters differently. Probably Ma (like Maaaaaa get me some dinner) Run and the Vaaaa (like in va---gue). Ok this is useless lol, I`d probably be better off pronouncing it for you some time. Arrrr my cover is blown! Lol, yea I registered my account a while ago just to make sure that someone wouldn`t run off with my name. Never really thought much about it again though, just moved on with my life and tried to forget about my precious Stonekin. Just when I think I`m out, they PULL ME BACK IN.
  10. MaranV

    toughest opponent in pvp

    Hehe, big difference between the English and German community (going by forum preference). All you seem to be allowed to say is gg or its all flame to quite a few of the high ranked Germans I met. The English community was better at discussing a game after it had been played, even if it got a bit rough thanks to a certain amount of frustration after a game being lost in a frustrating way. Just a culture difference I suppose, could have been avoided by not ignoring me and trying to have a remotely intelligent conversation to evaluate the match. Regardless I am sure you abused the weaknesses of frost well by locking me off maps and/or forcing a wrong move in situations where there was no right one. Also if I remember correctly we fought twice in our life on separate moments, both on haladur (where I generally always had a spar open), both times I lost and both times you refused a rematch which frustrated me. I probably would have apologized had you told me that it was bothering you so much but you never tried to start a conversation, did you? I see you have been having plenty of conversations ABOUT me though haha.

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