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  1. I don't mind developers changing cards...I think if a card needs changing it should, to maintain balance. But as a caveat to this statement. Please do not change cards because bad players find them too hard, or because they can't win with certain cards. There have been so many games that change their games and features because stupid players find it too difficult, and they complain so much that the developers change thing to satisfy these whiners. World of Warships comes to mind! lol Please only change cards or features if it will further balance the game more fully and or mak
  2. Awesome! Can't wait! FYI: did you see my post on the Proof Reader position application page? Take a look at it....thought I might be able to contribute to the cause! Cheers!
  3. I Agree with watcher.....at I think there should be at least a small participation prize. It encourages people to play!
  4. Hi, Just a thought for something in the future: Why don't you make some T1 cards for Twilight, Stonekin, Bandits etc. Currently we have to use the x4 initial elements Frost, Nature, Fire, and Shadow. Having these duel colour decks have their own unique T1 cards would add interesting scenarios and challenges to these decks, and it will add more variety as well. Anyhow: Just an idea! Cheers!
  5. Awesome work. Keep it up. Please don't stop working on new cards factions and Pve Maps! Cheers!
  6. Thank you for sharing you insights as to what you were contemplating and it makes sense. Cheers!
  7. Hi, I have played this game since it's inception. I love it and think it was revolutionary. I think all you guys have done is awesome and I and others can't thank you enough. I think all the update changes are pretty good. My concerns: (and these are only concerns). 1. I think you as a development team need to be very careful changing current maps. Old add age: if it ain't broke don't fix it. The problem with many new games on the market is that many players complain and said games get Nerfed, just because they can't win it. Balance changes are obviously good for any game as long
  8. Try to look at this as an opportunity. They have improved it, it's free, it's a fantastic game, they have quests, and achievements, and in the future we may get new maps continuing the story, and new cards. I did the same, spent money and had the time of my life when Battleforge first came out. But after being destroyed by EA and thanks to this developing team, we now have something that will last forever, and is better, and will continue to be better. I say.......THANK YOU!!!!! Now we can enjoy this game all over again!
  9. and it's still the 17th over their right? (I'm in Australia)
  10. @Laadoos: Take the time you need and what ever adjustments you have to make...let's get this right the first time so we never have to reset again!
  11. I'm sure that many others and myself are so grateful for all the hard work that you have done. Thank you so much! This was and still is an awesome game, and now thanks to you we have it functioning very well and you the developers can work on awesome things like new maps and cards to make the game even better. This is a perfect example of what dedicated gamer's can do! All the best for the development team in the future and we will never forget this! Cheers!
  12. Absolutey awesome and a magnificent effort by all the team. Well done and Congratulations
  13. WolvenX


    Thanks, I did look but I'm a bit it challenged lol I will keep looking and an eye on clan development. Sorry if I posted where I shouldn't have Cheers!
  14. WolvenX


    When I played Battleforge before we had a clan. To make the clan we just added a title before all our names: i.e. [xNTx]WolvenX. This of course meant creating a new player. Anyone who wanted to join the clan had to create the new player with the prefix added to the name. This had a few advantages: 1. We could all help new players, with cards, gold and, BF points. We also teamed up and taught them tips and tricks of he game. 2. We had our own competitions. Setting up challenges with rewards. 3, Specific play nights where we could get on as a clan. 4. other incid
  15. As an RTS and TCG one of the best things for me about this gam and I play a lot of Magic is actually opening the booster. This was fun. Trading the cards is also important. I do feel that we should be able to get Boosters in some way or form. Maybe it's the gambler in me or just the hope of getting a Utra rare card, but I would hate to see this disappear from the game completely as this was one of the attractions to the game from many peoples point of view including mine! Best of luck with the testing of the new system. Cheers!
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