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    Magic the gathering; Computer games (all of them) and Battleforge.

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  1. WolvenX


    Thanks, I did look but I'm a bit it challenged lol I will keep looking and an eye on clan development. Sorry if I posted where I shouldn't have Cheers!
  2. WolvenX


    When I played Battleforge before we had a clan. To make the clan we just added a title before all our names: i.e. [xNTx]WolvenX. This of course meant creating a new player. Anyone who wanted to join the clan had to create the new player with the prefix added to the name. This had a few advantages: 1. We could all help new players, with cards, gold and, BF points. We also teamed up and taught them tips and tricks of he game. 2. We had our own competitions. Setting up challenges with rewards. 3, Specific play nights where we could get on as a clan. 4. other incidental things. I think Clans would help the game out; add a bit of friendly rivalry; get people of like mindedness or geographical location together etc. Also if there was a way or plans for the developers to add clan matches to the game like: World of Warships style for example, it would be a lot of fun. so I guess my questions are: 1. Has this been considered? 2. Is it feasible? 3. Do other players want this? 4. Could maps be adapted for clan play? I understand that this would be something for the future as there are lots of thing the developers are working on. However. seeing as we do have a reset coming up sometime in the future one thing we could do to facilitate the formation of clans is to allow at the commencement of the reset a name change where we could add a title prefix to our names. Or add the ability to place a prefix in front of our names re the formation of a clan. It would be that simple to start with. Anyhow, this is food for thought and I was wonder what other players and the Developers thoughts were on this subject/topic. Thanks so much to all the Developers and what they have achieved here with Battleforge, and I wish them all the best for the future developments. Cheers, WolvenX
  3. WolvenX

    New BFP Earning System: Playtime and Reserves

    As an RTS and TCG one of the best things for me about this gam and I play a lot of Magic is actually opening the booster. This was fun. Trading the cards is also important. I do feel that we should be able to get Boosters in some way or form. Maybe it's the gambler in me or just the hope of getting a Utra rare card, but I would hate to see this disappear from the game completely as this was one of the attractions to the game from many peoples point of view including mine! Best of luck with the testing of the new system. Cheers!
  4. WolvenX

    too much grinding ?

    Seriously!!!! I don't think so. They tried to kill it 10 years ago and now look where we are. I've been playing this for approximately 1 month. I have had a great time grinding and building my decks. Now I have a deck which is 100 +. People....we have to work to get what we want, this means grinding. People who (even though they work in real life) have to grind to achieve, and if you do have a job it's going to take longer. Well that's life! Do you really want to get everything you need quickly just so you can beat people at PvP???? When this first came out years ago and I started playing PvP I got murdered for months until I could get a decent deck and also build my playing skills up. When I finally started winning I felt like I really had achieved something. Imagine if I didn't have to grind and get my cards and upgrades, where is the challenge in that? So my advice. Play with what you have, get cards and upgrades like everyone else, and stop whining! Get better! Then you will have really achieved something.
  5. WolvenX

    nerf amii monument

    One sentence!: Leave it alone!!!!
  6. WolvenX

    Guild Management in Battleforge?

    We used to have a guild named (XNTX). The way we made the guild was as follows: 1. Make sure one player had all the cards of everyone who wanted to join the guild. ( you have to trust this player) lol This player was the last to join! 2. Once everyone had given the card person all their cards, everyone wanting to join the guild made a new player character with the prefix of the guild before their name. i.e. XNTX WolvenX for my name as an example. 3. Once the character was created and in game. the designated player with the stored cards gave everyone back their original cards. This got over the multi accounting rule and made sure people could get all their cards back. 4. You were then in the guild. However, the only problem was that the cards were all basic and not upgraded, so you had to go through the process of upgrading your cards again. But this didn't take too long and we had a function guild. 5. We had in guild competitions, were able to help people with new cards from all the extra cards we accumulated. i.e we had a card pool which members could use if they didn't have the card themselves. We also produced How to play videos and expert map run through videos for new players and we always helped new players get on their feet as fast as possible. Overall it was a lot of fun and worth the small beginning or starting up issues with the cards. I hope this gives you a possible way to make a guild! Cheers!
  7. WolvenX

    Christmas Challenge or Quest!

    Nice Ideas everyone, keep them coming so our moderators have a plethora of ideas!
  8. Welcome to the team guys Well done! Keep making this game great, and even greater than it was!
  9. WolvenX

    Christmas Challenge or Quest!

    Thanks for the reply, Anything really. Play x3 single player matches on Expert! or Play x3 single player matches with a mono colour deck! Not too hard but something new players can achieve, and something proficient players will still have to work through to get the prize. I don't know if this or any other quest could be set up. It was just a thought so that perhaps it would give people over Christmas a reason to play. Anyhoo, thanks for responding and thanks for all the good work you do. We owe you guys so much for bring this beloved game back to us. Cheers.
  10. WolvenX

    Christmas Challenge or Quest!

    Hi Everyone, Just a thought to those in charge and all other Skylords. As Christmas is coming up, would people like a special Christmas Challenge created or event with prizes if we play over the Christmas period. It's just a thought, so let the moderators and people in charge know what we'd like: (Suggestions welcomed) And we'll see if anything comes from it. All the best, and see you on the Forge! Cheers WolvenX
  11. WolvenX

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    Hi guys, Love the game always have. So grateful you have got this up and running. However, Please concentrate on the crashes from the server. Driving me nuts. Having a LOVE HATE relationship with the game. Can't even almost get a map done with out being kicked out. I know it's a beta and being stressed tested, and as I said, so grateful as I thought I would never play this again. Guess I'm just wishing you the best and keep on keeping on. This is not a complaint! Just a wish that it would stop crashing so much, and I know you'll get there in the end All the best, WolvenX
  12. WolvenX

    Introduce Yourself!

    Hi, WolvenX here, I just wanted to say hello, used to play this game every minute I could and can't wait until we can play again. So thanks to all the developers, and hope to see you all in the game soon. Cheers.
  13. WolvenX

    Skylords Reborn course set out by Devs

    Nice Job a big thanks for all you are doing, miss this game so much!

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