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  1. Chompzone

    Closed Beta Applications

    Hey, I would love to join this closed beta. Thanks so much for doing this. I played BattleForge from mid 2009 until the servers shut down. I was younger and had pretty bad internet at the time, but nevertheless I played as much of the game as I could. I played my share of PVE, mostly to get my cards upgraded so I could excel in PVP. IIRC, the highest rank I ever held was Annihilator, using a Pure Shadow deck all the way. I reached diamond in SC2 years ago when I actively played it, and as of last year, I reached Masters 350 LP in League of Legends, just short of Challenger and ranked #250 NA. I love theorycrafting and finding out all the loopholes and all the ways I can make something considered trash into treasure, and I think I have a generally good understanding of games. I love watching the replays you guys put out, for nostalgia and because of all the strategies I get to see. I just graduated high school, so I have a load of free time on my hands. Although I will continue to play some League and do other things, I miss this game and had so much more to do and see in it when EA shut down the servers. I am able and plan on spending at the least 2-4 hours every day on BattleForge, but potentially much more on days where I have no demands. My Discord name is Chomdax#9915.

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