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  1. If it comes with steampunk infantry, mutated elementals, and shoots all manner of brimstone, ice shards and electricity all over the place sign me up. I'm not conventionaly a fan of enforcing card design that survives on dependencies (so, cards that are below rate by themselves that require other cards being cast in order to be competitive) as that is a slippery slope that restrains deck choices, but provided the new faction's cards were to be balanced around a healthy game state where the usual culprit spells (eruption, lava field, coldsnap, disenchant, ravage and so on) were considered (so, not designing the cards in a vacuum, but also not considering always having access to them) there could be a decent set to be made out of this idea. I'd like to see some units that have non-combat supportive text that affects either the owner's or all friendly players' spells in their vicinity. So maybe a boost to damage spells, or extended CC duration, or some immediate void refund - and of course some nice active abilities that have a lot of flair.
  2. Tofu

    When is your Birthday?

  3. very happy to hear of this! cant wait to be back in the forge
  4. Tofu

    Thumbnails for Replays

    the social media thing could have video anotations on top so people can click the icon during video being played to be directed to it. however, as a user im of the opinion that those should just be in the video description as they just clutter the thing, also, isnt this supposed to be for the thumbnails? as for the map i feel it might be too small to see in a thumbnail too, as would the ranks and orb colors. maybe just upsize the orb colors as people can then tell what colors the players used in the match before clicking on the video. as for the ranks, im sure there's a lot of pvp players that care enough about rank to appreciate it being visible too. its looking good!
  5. Tofu

    Pokemon TCG Online

    i tried this in alpha stage when it was, to be fair, quite diferent than it is now. reinstalled and it has come SO FAR. having a blast with it at the moment. my ingame screenname is: Amenostorm
  6. Tofu

    Announcement - Stream on 10/09/2016

  7. Tofu

    Say something about the person above you.

    confused me with Shotty!
  8. Tofu

    [Juggernaut] Build the Story

    Once upon a time there was a baby juggernaut named Little Mo. He was hating inappropriate content because he was a
  9. Tofu

    The story behind your nick.

    my default name online used to be Blindcrow, a combination of my first two magic the gathering cards: Tempest edition's Storm Crow and Fifth Dawn's Blind Crawler. back when i found battleforge the username Blindcrow was already taken. I was at a friend's place and whilst i can not remember the details since its been so long, at some point i got dared to pick some female anime/manga character as my battleforge username (and thus i picked the name a few of you will recognize from the old forums - TouchiHakufu) in the old forums one day someone talking to me over profile messages called me Tofu because "your name is too difficult to spell out" and suddenly most people were calling me tofu in offtopic aswell. i then changed my nick to let people know they could just call me tofu, and have been going as either tofu or tofudood online since.
  10. Tofu

    Say something about the person above you.

    will hopefuly have his hall of fame placement later today
  11. Tofu

    Say something about the person above you.

    will hopefuly have his hall of fame placement later today

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