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  1. If it comes with steampunk infantry, mutated elementals, and shoots all manner of brimstone, ice shards and electricity all over the place sign me up. I'm not conventionaly a fan of enforcing card design that survives on dependencies (so, cards that are below rate by themselves that require other cards being cast in order to be competitive) as that is a slippery slope that restrains deck choices, but provided the new faction's cards were to be balanced around a healthy game state where the usual culprit spells (eruption, lava field, coldsnap, disenchant, ravage and so on) were considered (so, not designing the cards in a vacuum, but also not considering always having access to them) there could be a decent set to be made out of this idea. I'd like to see some units that have non-combat supportive text that affects either the owner's or all friendly players' spells in their vicinity. So maybe a boost to damage spells, or extended CC duration, or some immediate void refund - and of course some nice active abilities that have a lot of flair.
  2. Tofu

    When is your Birthday?

  3. Tofu

    Twitch Tv Stream?

    *follows all the ones i was missing*
  4. i bought the game at a GAME retailer for around 15 euros and later through microtransactions invested around 50 or 60 more.
  5. Tofu

    [Giveaway] Tell us your story !

    *intense breathing*
  6. smart move ikke! good idea posting it on reddit
  7. Tofu

    [Giveaway] Tell us your story !

    sometime around august or july 2009, i was looking online for a strategy TCG pc game with a fantasy setting, and discovered battleforge, was around 2 months before the release of Renegade. I made an account, downloaded the game, immediately fell in love with its beautiful creature design, interesting lore, amazing voice acting on both units and map loading screens, and even had a big interest in the ingame player-run auction house. the game was awe inspiring. so, i did a few of the first 1 player maps and then jumped to try Bad Harvest for the first time, where i first met Jaiymz who i later also befriended in the original Battleforge Forums, and moved on to more maps and new experiences in mostly PVE but ocasionaly PVP where i got thrown around like a ragdoll. But an excited ragdoll! lol. So, a couple months after Renegade is out, i have a PC issue and it prevents me from running Battleforge. It was then that i went to the forums for my first time, where i made a forum account and posted a thread in Customer Support section, where a few other people also posted their first post saying they were facing the same issue/error messages as i was. One of those, some of the older forum-goers here will remember, was Ptolemyll! (proud owner of the topic where such a beacon of the community made his first post. hahaa!) We didnt get the help we needed for like 4 days, at which point i figured out through extensive browser searches that it was some kind of lack of files. I think it was something about Windows Service Pack 1. I posted about what solved the problem for me, and it solved the problem for a few of the people on the thread that had the problem (but not everyone, sadly). So, having done what I had come to the forums to do, I was about to leave to never return again, when I decided to check it out for a little bit. And I learned that there were players in the forum that sold battleforge points for ingame gold. Il spare you boring petty details, but will shoutout 2 users a lot of you will remember - EWigLeben, aswell as the founder of one of the Trusted Trader Lists - wertyuio ! So I did some trading, and began profiteering in bfp which i began to use in the auction house, sell high buy low style. idk if this will make me hated around these parts or if the time has healed these wounds, but i'l confess to be one of the guys who was most responsible for the artificial price spiking of the cards Spikeroot, Aggressor, and Church of Negation around this time, through sheer buyouting and spamming sales. (then again, some of you may have already known that - its never been a secret or anything) I stopped hurting the auction house later though, so, alls well that ends well, right? heh. In the forums, I learned at some point about user made maps, which at the time could only be installed manualy by a convoluted process of dragging files around after extracting them from post attachments, and making folders and tampering with settings. I playtested plenty of user maps, either from english map makers, or german ones. Its been plenty of years so I am sorry to say I dont remember the names of many of the maps, but I playtested for at least a couple of Omelie's maps in their alpha stages alongside user Fuziion, and wrote plenty of helpful posts to people with difficulties learning any of the steps necessary to get involved in user made maps as time passed. At such a point I also made a Hurt and Heal forum minigame which exploded in popularity, and a couple forum RPG games in the OffTopic section, aswell as banter a lot in that subforum with plenty of other users, from the more ordered DoT, MrX, UBF to the opposite extreme of users like Kaerion, FaKamis and Benderr (and a couple dozens who i wont bother listing in the middle). Speaking of UBF and MrX, I am also the guy who, back when people were pitting eachother challenging eachother to who the next user to become a mod would become and thinking zizheng would become mod, said "y'all be crazy, the next person is obviously going to be UrBestFriend" - and a few days later, he did!... and timeskip ahead, the cycles of memes and offtopicspam circled, and the next time such an event happened, i again showed to predict "y'all are crazy - the next mod will obviously be MrXLink" - and again, a couple days later it came to be. So, I became sort of a seer of sorts at the time. Kinda cool. I participated in a few of the Community Challenges held by Sparrow and minoxen, but alas, much like dozens of other persistent users, was absolutely no match for the best time-based-event players of the community - and even in ingenuity, couldn't come remotely close to people like MagicBullet or Coldmind. But I did participate a few times, and would ocasionaly contribute however much I could spare for additional prizes for participants! I also enjoyed trading snippets back and forth with one of the most... artistic, to say the least, forum writers, whose prose unequivocaly will spark memories arise on the minds of plenty of you from the old guard - Xientie! And also happened to have the opportunity to play a few pvp matches with Xientie aswell as one of the older forum members in the map-creation section, Harlequin. Also, at some point, I did some youtube content where I uploaded a couple medium duration videos showcasing/shoutcasting people's PVP matches from sikaleon's replay upload platform, but due to heavy criticism due to my lack of skill and vocals promptly stopped at that, and also showcased some community challenge attempts and also did some pure nature episodes on how to defeat a few of the campaign maps using solely nature orbs on Expert Difficulty. I also participated in the Pure Fire (everyone) Expert Bad Harvest episode by icahn (remember him?) ! And I also appear in some of MrX's videos such as Gun of Lyr, and some of the lore narration videos - where you will be able to enjoy MrX's beautiful accent, eargasm to DoT's voice, and have to bear with my awkward tone hehe. So, yea. I was around a LOT back then. But, after Battleforge servers went down, I spent a long time without hearing anything from the gang, and only learned about this forum much too late to join the alpha - well, not entirely too late, but I was without a working computer at the time and going through financial issues. By the time I built my new rig, the Alpha entries had closed - and after a couple of days of activity here around 6 months ago, went MIA for months on end due to school and real life projects - plenty of which are still ongoing. I'm very happy to hear that the project is progressing smoothly and healthily and look forward to return to the lands of Nyn - as well as to be tired of Moon spamming me about the power wells being attacked.
  8. very happy to hear of this! cant wait to be back in the forge
  9. Tofu

    Cheating and Private Servers!

    i have full faith in X. he will lead us to a glorious age of battleforge, dragons and dank memes.
  10. Tofu

    Thank you Devs

  11. Tofu

    Thumbnails for Replays

    the social media thing could have video anotations on top so people can click the icon during video being played to be directed to it. however, as a user im of the opinion that those should just be in the video description as they just clutter the thing, also, isnt this supposed to be for the thumbnails? as for the map i feel it might be too small to see in a thumbnail too, as would the ranks and orb colors. maybe just upsize the orb colors as people can then tell what colors the players used in the match before clicking on the video. as for the ranks, im sure there's a lot of pvp players that care enough about rank to appreciate it being visible too. its looking good!
  12. Tofu

    [Strategy Game] Conquer Nyn!

    try to keep it U3 statistics otherwise, frost will just meme everybody with its broken U0 base stats. Using U0 cards basicaly implies removing shadow from the game as shadow U0 cards have incredibly pisspoor base stats.
  13. Tofu

    Pokemon TCG Online

    i tried this in alpha stage when it was, to be fair, quite diferent than it is now. reinstalled and it has come SO FAR. having a blast with it at the moment. my ingame screenname is: Amenostorm
  14. Tofu

    Announcement - Stream on 10/09/2016


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