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  1. It might be difficult or even impossible to do, but It would be really great if we could create a listing for "Buying" a card at a chosen price, similar to Steam's Market. If anyone created a listing below the price, you would get the card and the difference in BFP, or just the card if it was the exact price. People could also look for "buy" listings and just sell the cards straight away if they saw a price they thought was reasonable. I feel like this would greatly ease the acquiring of cards because it would help stop forcing users from checking the marketplace every hour for new listings if they want a card for a price lower than the market's or force sellers to have to re-do each auction two or three times because of all the low balling that always happens.
  2. I'm also portuguese and I was a good friend of TouchiHakafu, I had no idea he was portuguese though. Either way, I'm 20 y/o and I played Battleforge for around 3 years under the alias "Zown", If I'm not mistaken. I think I had a rageclaw as my icon, if it helps. I had decks of all colors, but mainly ran nature and had accumulated quite the collection, from way back when we didn't even get a point a day and shamans were over 100 points instead of 60. I still hate EA with all my might for having purged such a wonderful game and community after all the hours and dedication we put into that game. Can't wait until I get to screw around the forge uselessly for hours at a time again.
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