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  1. Prank busted. Watermelons have no mouth . You sir got busted!
  2. @Kiwi You need a promotion with all that activity You need the rank Kiwi-Queen.
  3. I had a similar suggestion and well I'll link u 2 it if you wanna check it out.
  4. "This video doesn't exist." Are you trolling? ... ... ... ... ...
  5. People will remember this as the day that someone got on the rep board without rep. A moment of silence....

    1. ThomasMann


      Got even worse only 7 people on the weekly, can be 10.

    2. Eirias


      Oh, dang, site activity is really low...Okay, looks like it's time to lose internet for a day. Let me edit a video and post it (today?) and maybe that will boost some forum activity....

    3. Fauchderial


      Site activity is low because of summer and/or because people are tired to wait.

  6. Man I just tried to clean my keyboard for the first time in my lifetime. Could never have imagined how much dust/hair there's under those keys.

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    2. Ultrakool


      under those keys? how do u even clean them

    3. BionicReaper


      I got a spray that shoots air with a lot of force. Basically i dust the "unwanted material" to the sides and remove it from there if it hadn't been launched by the spray duster. @Ultrakool

    4. DawsonTheFish


      ugh i hate that... especially on my keyboard, it happens way to often. I use the razer mechanical keyboard

  7. Get it? Because it's a "shell".
  8. Little Lambs
  9. Little Lamba
  10. RoganFayle
  11. ViridyaNo
  12. Isn't that a magic numbar?59423310348b9_.thumb.png.674c13f956d94ebe5e11a35dce6d4e5a.png

    (Please don't look at that white piece :rolleyes:

    1. BionicReaper


      And the fact that I forgot the last ")"

    2. ThomasMann
  13. Name: Hefialtes, the Nightmare Class: Demon Assassin Faction: Shadow Knowledge: Knows the weak spots of most organisms. What you're good at ?: Deception and assassination. Weakness: In a head to head battle he is bound to lose against most opponents and he is always at a disadvantage against 2 or more enemies (Even though he can put one under a complete Illusion, if they know its an illusion they can stay completely amove and let the other one fight Hefialtes, while mass hallucination can be misproven by simply touching the hallucination). What's more he needs time to prepare his approach and since he specializes in damage over time a healer or a lot of healing items could easily negate his damage (If I understood correctly there will be shops in this for items). Also his blood is an antidote to his "Unholy Purge" making killing him or even taking some of his blood another effective way of curing it if target has knowledge of this. Experience: Living for hundreds of years has granted him extensive wisdom. He has learnt from his numerous mistakes, so as to not repeat them ever again. Description of your character: No job is too big, no fee is too big. Hefialtes is a cunning, swift and deadly assassin that currently acts as a proffesional bounty hunter. He has a flute that he uses to put illusions on his enemies, needles, traps and an extremely sharp dagger. He won't confront his enemies head to head, but instead wait for the appropriate moment to strike. While extremely arrogant in his early years, he is now cautious and knows how to accurately estimate a situation. However, while its not impossible to earn his respect, he thinks of almost everyone as mere insects and enjoys toying with them. Depending on the situation he might show an adamant personality or a mentally unstable one, a psychopathic or a sensitive/sensible person. In reality, he's empty inside, but while his years drained his personality, his persuasiveness and charisma never faded. This expert assassin has one rule. The. Target. Never. Escapes. Sweet nightmares. Health: 100 + 0 Stamina: 100 + 0 Mana: 100 + 50 Agility: 10 Intelligence: 5 Power: Needles and Dagger: He can place needle traps (Needs 2 turns to place 1 trap. Selecting active or inactive will toggle all traps. Inactive traps can be disarmed if discovered. Can only be toggled on your turn) that shower the victim with 10 needles (Each needle must be dodged or parried individually) or throw needles with his hands (3 tiles range). Every needle that hits deals 1 damage and has 40% chance to apply "Lesser Bleeding" (Lasts for 4 turns and does 1 damage per turn. Targets can have multiple "Lesser Bleeding" instances. When any heal is applied, for every 4 HP of healing one "Lesser Bleeding" instance is removed, regardless of whether it has done any damage, but in turn the healing is reduced by 4 for every instance removed). His melee dagger attack does 1-5 damage and has a 1% chance to deal a critical strike, dealing 50 damage and applying "Greater Bleeding" (Lasts for 20 turns and does 3 damage per turn. Cannot be removed by any other way than the end of its duration. While under it's effect every healing is reduced by 50%). Blink: He can instantly move from one location to the other (Costs 2 Mana, max 3 tiles). Can be used once in rapid succession (Which means to be used on the same turn. Costs 4 Mana), but is then unable to use Blink for 3 turns. This allows for a Blink-Dagger-Blink combo. After taking damage it cannot be used for 1 turn. Can be used in a pinch to dodge an attack (Costs all Mana, at least 2, max 6 tiles). Cursed Weapons: While his damage is limited to whether he hits a vital spot, his weapons and traps apply "Unholy Purge" if they penetrate the skin, a fatal curse slowly draining the target's health (3-5 damage per turn) until they die or receive advanced medicine (As advanced medicine counts anything that can heal 20 or more health. The healing of the medicine is reduced by 20 in turn for negating the curse). Illusion: His main ability which controls the six senses of the target (this means he can for example make him see enemies that don't exist, hide things that are happening from him, such as damage or players, and make him think he has taken damage. Drains 3-5 mana per turn). He can attack with needles and run while using his flute, but in case he is interrupted (By an attack for example) or stops applying an illusion he needs 1 turn to reinitiate it. He cannot use the dagger and the flute at the same time. The flute makes no sound that the victim can comprehend but if its hearing is blocked by something, it wont be affected. He can use it on a 15 tile radius, but in turn it drains all of his mana (at least 4). Debuff Mechanics: In case all effects are active healing first is reduced by 50% from "Greater Bleeding" then negates as many "Lesser Bleeding" instances as possible and then will proceed to negate "Unholy Purge" if healing is 20 or greater. Any "Bleeding" effects won't be applied to beings that don't have blood, but "Unholy Purge" will still apply to them. Healing Negation for "Lesser Bleeding" prioritizes effects that have done less damage (Meaning an effect that has done 0 damage, remaining 4, will be removed first over an instance that has done 1 damage, remaining 3). Expertise: 20 Accuracy: 50 Dexterity: 65 Social: 0 Parry: 5 Wisdom: 65 Charisma: 30 Strength: 40 Constitution: 10
  14. Me de great Bio with a record of 0 wins and 145356325 loses. Bet you no one had beaten my score.
  15. Happy Birthday!!