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  1. By being either "b", "e" ,"t" or "a". If you got triggered from the bad joke, I don't apologise.
  2. I see you got an upgrade.

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    2. Eddio


      Presented by yours truly :)

    3. sylvix95


      Me ass (:kappa:) well

    4. ThomasMann


      Yes it is very sexy. 

  3. @ThomasMann That will be plan 12512312352314, if all else fail
  4. I really can't figure out the feet. If anyone could find a picture with fitting shoes it would really be appreciated.
  5. I saw nothing Btw feet will be late im a lil busy.
  6. @Eddio That's what I think too. The face is bad but bareable. @Sykole Hm a new one nope. I have a reason I try to make this one character. Diffrent versions of her? Absolutely! Anyway thanks to both of you for your comments and opinions. They really mean a lot to me. I posted on the forum to try and get better through your opinions. Btw I noticed that I made her neck like a giraffe's with the extra neck outlining xD. I guess I'll fix it in the next stage. Probably tomorrow will do to wrap this version up.
  7. But she will .
  8. So I've made some progress, this is Stage 2: So what I've done is give her some clothes, add color to everything and paint her outlines more. Next step is adding shadows and feet/footwear because what she had before would have never done the job. I have to say, she is somewhat close to what I have imagined, her hair being so close it blew my mind, but her face.... not quite. That means after I finish this one version of her I'll have to adjuct facial characteristics and head height/width. Her eyes would be pink but after painting them pink, I figured blue would be better. So as far as I was going for with my resources: Face - Bad/OK Clothes - Good Feet & Footwear - No Comment Hair - Mind = Blown I want to hear opinions.
  9. I'll choose to take that as a compliment
  10. YASH! I REACHED 100 REP! Next milestone is :ladadoos::kappa: 

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    2. anonyme0273
    3. Eddio


      We could also just never give him any rep every again. :kappa:

    4. Ultrakool


      You pleb

  11. So I'm currently trying to draw a female anime charcter from scratch. It is still a WIP, but I will post my progress here. Tell me your opinions:
  12. *This comment is supposed to be lots of interest*
  13. Sylvix is on the weekly rep board with 0 rep.


    He is 2 dank for you kids.

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      pls message me the avatar x) I can't help but wonder @anonyme0273

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      Back in business, beaches...made of sand

    4. BionicReaper


      I can't handle this much dank.

  14. Prank busted. Watermelons have no mouth . You sir got busted!
  15. @Kiwi You need a promotion with all that activity You need the rank Kiwi-Queen.