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  1. Juggernaut Figure

    Probably EA doesn't sell those anymore, as Battleforge has been closed. Perhaps you might find someone selling it on ebay or amazon, but I find it unlikely
  2. Problems with the lovely "Tobbezockt" :)

    I could help with that
  3. Blue pill? Red pill?

    @Kiwi you failed. But even if you didn't doesn't it mean they would be stuck in a loop where they get ressurected and die indefinitely?
  4. Blue pill? Red pill?

    'Tis a joke bro.
  5. Blue pill? Red pill?

    @SunWu II. @DawsonTheFish It might be his family . And, get ready to be mind blown, what happens if I don't pick one?
  6. Have a nice month everyone :D

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    2. BionicReaper


      Thats means you won't see me till January???? :o


    3. Fauchderial
    4. ThomasMann


      :watermelon: See you whenever 

  7. Describe the game with one word!

  8. Best Player for Each Faction

    Where is ?
  9. If you are hyped about the stream, give me WATERMELONS PEOPLE!!!

  10. Help Project 0814 by doing this Gaming Survey!

    I did it I didn't leave much feedback doe sorry
  11. Patreon Button

    So I've noticed you are doing quite well with your Patreon, having nearly 200$ a month! So what I wanted to say is, we all know people tend to not read announcements (and any type of text), as seen by the amount of people (that does not want to disappear) that ask in chat exactly what the obnoxious giant red text is saying right above. Knowing that they ignore that one, its obviously understandable that they won't notice your Patreon! What this means is that, while many more people than the current amount might want to help you, some won't even know how to donate. Now I know most of these people will just ask in chat anyway and be answered, but I would suggest adding a button next to all your other social media buttons (Facebook,Twitter...) that links to Patreon. Of course there's no real guarantee that they won't miss this like they would miss the announcement. My point is though, more people will notice it as they check all your other COLORFUL buttons if you get me . Since the forum is mostly gray the buttons are fairly noticeable and that begs for "Oh, I wonder what this does!". Also some people might not have and are too bored to make a forum account (to ask in chat), or search for about 10 mins to find out how to donate to you. Simply adding the Patreon link up there would fix that as well with only one click. Anyway I know you might already be working on this, but I felt like I should say this just in case. Till next time, eat
  12. 69.

    Is that a BLANK POST ABOVE MEH?????
  13. Opening Tournament

    Please sign me up for both 2v2 and 1v1!
  14. [Forum Game] Rate the Movie!

    Watermelon: Apocalypse
  15. Happy birthday Shotty! :ladadoos: (It's not a cake but it will do :kappa:, unless your prefer :watermelon:)

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    2. ThomasMann


      Happy Birthday yah Weeb :kappa:

    3. Shotty


      Thanks very much guys, means alot~

    4. sylvix95


      oh shit, I couldn't connect.

      HBD man