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    2. Kiwi


      Hey Bionic how's it going? Been a long time :P

    3. BionicReaper


      @ThomasMann You can't ever escape

      @Kiwi Truly! Im fine how about you? ;)

    4. Kiwi


      @BionicReaper Good to hear and see you back! I am doing okay thanks for asking! :watermelon:

  2. Hello there people.

    So I am here to announce that I'm leaving this community for now.

    I remember in the past I used to go on the forum every single day make shitposts and watermelon posts. Those were the days. But right now I am not feeling it. So I won't be coming back for some time, probably until some time after open beta when my hype is back. I will maybe check the forum every now and then but won't post anything most likely.

    Anyway if any moderator sees this it's better to kick me from the closed beta and maybe give my access to someone else. I've been trying to get involved in the beta testing, but it feels forced and I feel stressed when I try so yeah.

    Bye guys! :watermelon:

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    2. BurningWorld


      @BionicReaperthanks mate for the clarification, and also I'm quite happy to see you appearing here and then still :-) 

    3. wertyy


      bionic you disagree but you are already in closed beta ,come in myr position, been here so many hours per day, spending so much time ,waiting waiting since the begining of the forum ,plp got closed beta and they didnt even bothered to used it more that 2-3 times.

    4. BionicReaper


      @wertyy I've been in your position until a couple of months ago and I still felt that way. Besides judging by your content count it doesn't seem like you've spent that much time on forums :/. I mean BurningWorld has been here roughly one year and has more than double your content count. Also how do you know they didn't even bother to use their access more that 2-3 times. Sounds very baseless to me.

      @BurningWorld well I'm just clicking once a day on the forum link to see if I have any notifications.

  3. Just so you know it doesnt matter how many words there. It counts a word as 5 letters
  4. A new game! I challenge you all to a battle of who can type faster! Use this site: https://10fastfingers.com/typing-test/english I got 80WPM! https://10fastfingers.com/share-badge/1_CC Let the battle begin! Sento Kaishi! Edit: I went beyond! Plus Ultra!!!! https://10fastfingers.com/share-badge/1_CL
  5. Guys! A few months ago I attented a Physics Contest, that was on a national scale and today I found out that out of aprox 2100 participants I came 22nd! I just found out and I just have to tell everybody! :watermelon:

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    2. batorfly


      I would like to have such determination and be as smart, but i'm not :oink:

    3. Quivun


      Dang, that's amazing. Is it like UIL contests? 

    4. BionicReaper


      @Quivun I think kinda. Basically we all wrote a pretty big and hard exam.

      @Nephilim haha that the plan.

      @batorfly You use memes. You are already way smarter ;)

  6. @Kubik Poor guy.... Welcome to hell All jokes aside doe, CONGRATZ M8
  7. So for April Fools I considered posting a link to this video: 

    Through a shrinked google link and claiming to be open beta, but I didnt in the end since I thought people would be more offended than happy. Do you think I should have done it?

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    2. BionicReaper
    3. shadowxxs77


      Yeah you should've done it, whats april fools without some salt :rolleyes:

    4. Graaf_Markus


      Would've been a great prank though

  8. I need help people!

    So one of my friends plays in a band called "Perfect Mess" and theres this really huge event they want to attend. However, to play at the event you have to be the first voted group out of a number of groups!

    So... if you have a Facebook account and are willing to help, your vote would be extremely appreciated!

    Vote here for "Perfect Mess": https://poll.fbapp.io/george-manouselis-band-contest-2018

    Thanks a lot in advance!


    1. Deadman


      How much rep will you give me? 


    2. BionicReaper


      Depends on how many votes you give them :kappa:

  9. @Ultrakool Well I'm probably hella late, but congrats on becoming a moderator!

    Here , have watermelons!


    1. Deadman


      just a wee bit late :watermelon:

    2. Raedok


      Rather late than never :")


    3. Ultrakool
  10. @ThomasMann thanks for answering for me @Simigr Yep. 100% Greek here. I used to play pure fire, but I think I'm gonna play pure shadow when I start again. As for a teammate sure why not, it's just I already have a few in mind
  11. Your birthday's in March? The THIRD month of the year?

    It's been proven. Illuminati Confirmed.

    Happy birthday!! :watermelon:

    1. InsaneHawk


      Ahah! Thanks! :rolleyes:

  12. No worries I read that wrong the first time around too xD
  13. Maybe you didn't understand what he said. He said his birthday is in 6 days and hopes the devs can make release of OPEN beta on his birthday. Not give him a key. Still a bit unrealistic and kinda greedy. But I figure he didn't mean it to be that way.
  14. Living memes? I'm 15 btw what do you meme.
  15. Happy Birthday anonyme!

    I can't give you a cake so... Here, have some juicy watermelons! ;)

    :watermelon: :watermelon: :watermelon: :watermelon: :watermelon: :watermelon: :watermelon: :watermelon: :watermelon: :watermelon: 

    1. anonyme0273


      Thanks man ^^ yummy

  16. https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/announcement/26-beta-access-giveaway-1-now-live/

    When you see that gif and you start wondering whether you're drunk or not.

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    2. Deadman


      Meh has Bionic been an active member :kappa:

    3. BionicReaper


      Thanks a lot man @sylvix95 you da best. Unlike the meme traitor :kappa:

      Nah not really both you and tom are de best :D

    4. BionicReaper


      Well scratch that there are too many nice people in this forum to count :') 

  17. Instructions unclear. Foot stuck in my mouth.
  18. Just noticed: https://dev.skylords.eu/

    Holi watermeloni. That a lot.

    Good luck with exams fikeh :watermelon:

  19. Now we know who's really gone rogue if you get me
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