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  1. I don't have a reply for this, as I'm not staff. But I'm wondering what type of language do they use. Java? C? C++? or Python? Or maybe it's an integration type for a wider range of Devs like Python integration to Java (Jython I think).
  2. Quivun

    high / low resolution graphics in game

    But what about future content and different maps/campaigns? Wouldn't they include more defined graphics and figures to better Skylords in this era of gaming? I understand that the game is being revived near 1:1 to the original but they will have to nonetheless implement content to compete with today's various meta games. Battleforge back then, although was lazy on its progress and that lead to its downfall, striked it off with equal footing in both visuals and innovative gameplay, as of now, the standards are raised. From me, it's just guessing but I would assume they have a plan to meet those standards. Maybe even improving the visuals. Maybe
  3. Quivun

    [Forum Game] Rate the song!

    Visual Sync is amazing, I don't know what that game is but the music fits the gameplay really well. All it needs is some sound effects with the game and some voiceovers and it's pretty much a trailer. 7/10 If you heard it before, it's most likely since it was featured in Apple's video (That is also one of my favorite advertisements along with "A Man Like You" and "My Father is a Liar")
  4. Quivun

    Your ideas about new cards

    Yikes. My bad x2. Was the difference from 40% to 55% really that significant though? I can see the nerf but it's still a cheap quick buff card for a 30 second timer and duration. I didn't use the card but it still sounds pretty strong at a small price.
  5. Quivun

    Your ideas about new cards

    Ah, I didn't even notice sorry. But what did he mean that it was nerfed? I did a little googlin' and saw that level 3 version is equal to your balanced soil. Or is your balanced soil like the level 1 version that, when going up a rank, can have max damage of 70% increase in damage?
  6. Quivun

    The legendary forum game "count"

    Typing in 2762 produces an image akin to a mouse arrow on the keypad.
  7. Quivun

    Important: Open Beta Status Announcement

    Alright, I have a lotta time and really nothing else to do at the moment so I'm going to try jumping to a lot of assumtions. Firstly, the grammar and the language of the post would initially give off the vibe that he/she is not common with the english language, however the implication that he's/she's completed college and the really simple mistakes from "i back collage" and pretty much the whole post gives doubt to real age and occupation. Secondly, if the person consistently watches their work then he/she should already know that the site/group has a patreon he can donate to. His request for "a chance" to beta test also shoots doubt in that he hasn't come across the beta tester applications thread. For me, the real question is why are there 3 accounts without any posts upvoting/downvoting this comment Although the accounts are made at different dates which hinders an argument that the accounts aren't under one person, it still doesn't counter the part in considering 3 silent accounts decide to upvote/downvote 1 single comment. I really just want something to spark on this forum, that would incite some more activity. I'm open to suggestions
  8. Quivun

    Original Artworks

    Is this the guy? I didn't know if I searched the right person because the language looks a tad foreign to me. http://www.dominikg.com/?portfolio=battleforge
  9. Quivun

    Your ideas about new cards

    Would this be like a Fire/Frost hybrid? (I don't think this combination exists for obvious reasons but it would be a nice addition for future content) The increase in damage doesn't sound well along the lines of the defensive frost. It's also a pretty cheap Buff for for an AOE type of spell at that early level for a long period of 30 seconds. Would friendly buildings also include the wells and orbs?
  10. Quivun

    Favorite PVE 4 orb card

    Other than just straight 4 Promo Grinders, I would secondarily prefer Forest Elders with Grove Spirits (Usually with Viridian and a few smaller units) and a Promise of Life in pocket.
  11. Spam Discord Friend Groups to play the game ASAP. I've been asking them for 3 years straight to play it once it comes back up, even though they have never played or heard of it until I sent a few old vids of BattleForge Gameplay.
  12. Quivun


    Although they said that they removed progress bars and other things, if the project is coming to a close and the official release, I would expect the dev team to give a heads up maybe like : Just finishing the Anti-Cheat System, everything else is in place or Going through the coding one last time before official release
  13. Quivun

    Your ideas about new cards

    RNG Abilities would make from some pretty hot meme deck material making the play or breaking the game, leave it to the random number generator.
  14. Quivun

    [Forum Game] Rate the song!

    Good music doesn't always need lyrics 9/10

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