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  1. For anyone interested here are my best attempts I've had with this event. Deck details : 3:16.9 || Shadow -> Witchclaw + Motivate 2.50.8 || Nature -> Werebeasts + Amazon(Green) + Swiftclaw + Surge of Healing I do think Amazons are a must for the 4 insect creatures on the map. I'd love to hear anyone's thoughts or speculations as well ^^. CCC12_02_50.8_AAA.pmv CCC12_03_16.9_AAA.pmv
  2. Lore- and Map- wise, are the plans to introduce community maps that are fleshed out enough to be added to the campaign map pool (Separate from flavor of the month community map additions)? (Sorry, it's likely this question has been asked before year+ ago but I couldn't seem to find the answer for it).
  3. But what about future content and different maps/campaigns? Wouldn't they include more defined graphics and figures to better Skylords in this era of gaming? I understand that the game is being revived near 1:1 to the original but they will have to nonetheless implement content to compete with today's various meta games. Battleforge back then, although was lazy on its progress and that lead to its downfall, striked it off with equal footing in both visuals and innovative gameplay, as of now, the standards are raised. From me, it's just guessing but I would assume they have a plan to meet those standards. Maybe even improving the visuals. Maybe
  4. Visual Sync is amazing, I don't know what that game is but the music fits the gameplay really well. All it needs is some sound effects with the game and some voiceovers and it's pretty much a trailer. 7/10 If you heard it before, it's most likely since it was featured in Apple's video (That is also one of my favorite advertisements along with "A Man Like You" and "My Father is a Liar")
  5. Typing in 2762 produces an image akin to a mouse arrow on the keypad.
  6. Alright, I have a lotta time and really nothing else to do at the moment so I'm going to try jumping to a lot of assumtions. Firstly, the grammar and the language of the post would initially give off the vibe that he/she is not common with the english language, however the implication that he's/she's completed college and the really simple mistakes from "i back collage" and pretty much the whole post gives doubt to real age and occupation. Secondly, if the person consistently watches their work then he/she should already know that the site/group has a patreon he can donate to. His request for "a chance" to beta test also shoots doubt in that he hasn't come across the beta tester applications thread. For me, the real question is why are there 3 accounts without any posts upvoting/downvoting this comment Although the accounts are made at different dates which hinders an argument that the accounts aren't under one person, it still doesn't counter the part in considering 3 silent accounts decide to upvote/downvote 1 single comment. I really just want something to spark on this forum, that would incite some more activity. I'm open to suggestions
  7. Is this the guy? I didn't know if I searched the right person because the language looks a tad foreign to me. http://www.dominikg.com/?portfolio=battleforge
  8. Looking through BattleForge gameplay and came across this ol' gem 2015 16:18 ---> 5-10 seconds | Crazy Developers carrying on the dreams of many

    Hype is still going. Go Dev team Go!

    1. batorfly


      Nice man, i watched whole thing.

  9. If Headphones are a communication device for your head, then why aren't phone's also called the same? Is it implying there's more uses in other areas of the body in which a phone can be used?

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    2. BurningWorld


      okay I think I maybe just don't understand what you're trying to tell me Nephilim, Sorry xD 

    3. Quivun


      @BurningWorld Thanks ^-^, the art isn't mine but I'm 80% sure credit goes to https://alpha.wallhaven.cc/user/TCBfergie . I just noticed that's a horse I'm looking at in a hood not a dachshund. 

    4. BurningWorld


      Ewwww so much weeb stuff :O


  10. Good music doesn't always need lyrics 9/10
  11. Granted : Your excitement upon hearing the news prevents you from sleeping the prior night and on stage you'll have to fight to stay awake or collapse on stage from sleep deprivation. I wish to have fantastic writing/essay abilities.
  12. This may or may not have been discussed but I can't seem to find it. I was wondering if Skylords will introduce any promotional cards or make any future dealings with other gaming companies and such? Example is the common Lord Cyrian Neutral card people could easily get. The question is less of card type and more of, are these types of cards and events going to come out in the future? Or have any connection to advertising/circulating Skylords comeback? Or will it just depend majorly on the veteran player base instead.
  13. So my perspective on this is : Side A - Smurfing is will hinder the experience for lower ranking players but most importantly, it has a possibility of turning away new incoming players testing and trying out the game. Side B : Smurfing should be allowed on the basis that the account is the owner's own (Not Shared obviously) and allows different type of decks to be played, different playstyles, and won't ruin personal ranking with a Meta or secret deck especially used in Ranked Play. This has a chance to allow high skill players introduce various playstyles that are solid in both theory and presentation as it's used in game by a strong player. Personally, I side with Side B because of the wide variety of cards that are going to be brought back and introduced throughout the game can cause a change in the meta. If I open a new pack and see some cards that fit into my playstyle or cards that make/break a deck, I will want to use them. The environment of a practice is, again my opinion, not the same as an intense ranked environment where people give it their all. TL:DR It's a yes to Multi-Accounts Maybe propose a leveling system or prerequisites for ranked play so someone can't just make a new account and shift his whole library to that new account for play? Or Maybe finish the campaign or some complex Matchmaking Rating system that can analyze play and difference in score to detect smurfing?
  14. 3/10 Although I don't approve of the visuals, gotta give credit where credits due and the body art is well done and the editing is alright. Lyrics, it's just personal preference and interpretation here, feel kind of selfish and empty along with the music that's discordant using a few chords and basic drum track.
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