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  1. Morathyls


    I only said heineken because it's the beer that is most commonly associated with the Netherlands, I prefer Palm beer myself. Good to see the dutch are ready to discuss beer anywhere they are though, I feel connected already.
  2. Morathyls


    launch party at my house? With frikandellen, patat en heineken
  3. Morathyls

    Your ideas about new cards

    Hehe, maybe you are right. I'm biased because I only played frost, and felt they didn't need a nerf of one of their core cards, it was one of the cards that frost t1 relied upon the most imo. But I've derailed this topic enough. I'll come back and whine about it some more when the game is running ^^
  4. Morathyls

    Your ideas about new cards

    It was nerfed pretty much at the last "balance" update to the game, I just know that it used to be 55% increased at rank/level 3. but got nerfed to 40%. The googling you did probably got you to older versions.
  5. Morathyls

    Your ideas about new cards

    And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for these meddling SunWu's
  6. Morathyls

    Your ideas about new cards

    I've had a good idea for a card for a while now. Name: Balanced soil Cost: 40 Power, 1 Frost orb. Ability: To arms: All friendly units in a 25m radius will deal 55% more damage as long as they are in proximity of a friendly building. Lasts for 30 seconds. Reusable every 30 seconds.
  7. Morathyls

    The best color for PVP?

    Best pvp color
  8. The devs used to nerf/buff certain cards from time to time, that did change the meta somewhat. The unjust homesoil nerf still haunts me to this day. No idea how they are gonna do it on skylords, we will see.
  9. Morathyls

    PvE & PvP Tutors & Apprentices

    The great Morathyls here, was usually ranked in the top 20 in my prime. I played/play exclusively pure frost, and can help with deck advice/sparring/spectating or any questions with pure frost decks. Conditions: You have to call me senpai and/or sensei (Onii-chan is acceptable for the ladies aswell) I can teach you all about playing War eagles the right way!
  10. Morathyls

    "Noob" Question

    You make me blush... But for reals tho, the guy did some real good commentary PVP vids back in the day. If you're bored waiting, give them a watch.
  11. Morathyls

    "Noob" Question

    Just watch this, the winner of this match is the best PVP'er I've ever met. Watch and learn.
  12. Morathyls

    What music makees u most nostalgia

    PVP time is Christmas time for me
  13. Morathyls

    which card gives you the most nostalgia?

    Construct for me, THE coolest card ever. How it can independently walk and shoot at the same time looks so beautiful.
  14. Morathyls

    Opening Tournament

    Sign me up for 1v1, Frost t1 is my jam ^^
  15. Morathyls

    Guide on how to make this game never die again!

    Like the others said, I love that I have to PVE in order to make my PVP better. Alot of people are PVP focussed and will probably not play PVE very much if it gave them nothing. And btw, there are some cards that are near useless without upgrades(Lyrish knight for example), so if there would be an equiliser in pvp it should be all cards lv. 3, but I rather just grind for it ^^ EDIT: I realise now, there is a huge threat about upgrades/pvp already. While personally i would love to grind some PVE to get all the upgrades and then focus on PVP, I do agree that it just adds another hurdle for giving new players a chance in PVP. Making all cards U3 in pvp seems like a fine solution, we could still get a sense of progression by collecting the actual cards I guess. Getting 4 mountaineers and Ice guardians for my Pure Frost PVP deck might take awhile too.

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