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    I only said heineken because it's the beer that is most commonly associated with the Netherlands, I prefer Palm beer myself. Good to see the dutch are ready to discuss beer anywhere they are though, I feel connected already.
  2. Morathyls


    launch party at my house? With frikandellen, patat en heineken
  3. The devs used to nerf/buff certain cards from time to time, that did change the meta somewhat. The unjust homesoil nerf still haunts me to this day. No idea how they are gonna do it on skylords, we will see.
  4. The great Morathyls here, was usually ranked in the top 20 in my prime. I played/play exclusively pure frost, and can help with deck advice/sparring/spectating or any questions with pure frost decks. Conditions: You have to call me senpai and/or sensei (Onii-chan is acceptable for the ladies aswell) I can teach you all about playing War eagles the right way!
  5. Construct for me, THE coolest card ever. How it can independently walk and shoot at the same time looks so beautiful.
  6. Sign me up for 1v1, Frost t1 is my jam ^^
  7. Hype is real, I cannot wait to roll out with my War eagles again. I played BF most intently around the holidays, and almost exclusively listened to christmas music while playing. This means that every christmas song reminds me of BF, and every christmas I get that itch again to play. Finally I can scratch it at the end of January!
  8. I always said that a person should use everything that is legal to win his game, that included cliffdancers if you could afford it. I never had many problems against them with me being pure-frost, but if we are looking for a nerf... I would suggest reducing their damage when they lob their balls over a cliff/wall. Now I don't know a good percentage.. maybe remove their siege abilty? Don't know if that is possible from a coder perspective though...
  9. Hehe, thanks. I'll take the honourable mention and be happy
  10. The color of the symbol is the rarity: Bronze - Common Silver - Uncommon Gold - Rare Blue - Ultra rare or something The symbol itself shows from which expansion the card is from. Don't remember what the expansions were called.. but you can see that the Curse orb is from a different set than Curse well.
  11. I'm saddened that only Freemka was considered for Pure-Frost. In my time I don't remember seeing him at top, I played against him once and won. I'm not saying I was better, but maybe I am. My time was just short and freemka was freaking famous. Just give me an honourable mention
  12. I would wish to rebalance Uro and Haladur maps to not be so disfavourable for Frost T1, due to being prone to T1 Swift attacks and loosing the middle in Haladur. Also wasn't Homesoil nerfed? I can't remember.. I see it being 55% on BFwiki, think that was pre-nerf. Just undo the nerf that was made in the last year.
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