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  1. Hey there dude Happy Birthday! :P 

    1. anonyme0273


      Damn mate, you old. Happy birthday.


    2. Deadman


      Dude might die before he can play Battleforge again lol. Happy birthday :watermelon:

    3. Destoyerfros


      ahaha Thanks guys :)

      Yeah the struggle is real.

  2. Hey everyone, Okay so I may have been less active (okay not active) recently (6 months?) But this seems a good time to return (Forced by Ultra). Anyhow with the hopeful open beta now around the corner, this thread has gained relevance, as many of you will soon be able to enjoy/get stomped but still enjoy PvP again. So the discord channel link has been added to the original post and if any of you would like to become an apprentice and get a better handle in the awesome PvP in skylords or use your epic skills to Tutor another player, just reply and ill add you to the list.
  3. I started playing Lord of Ultima because of Battleforge for Lord C, got into it and ended up playing for a good few years and winning the title two or three times in the process. If anyone is interested a surprisingly like copy of the game has been released: https://www.crownofthegods.com/ something to do with building the game up from scratch. I made an account there to see what its like but haven't got into it again.
  4. Well it was more useful when you're still new to the game and didn't have many T4 units, however as my collection began to grow there were other, better options to use instead. As i didn't play PvE that competitively I didn't have any specific uses for it like @Ladadoos and I ended up not using it at all. Still a memorable card because it was basically your first XL unit and was pretty good.
  5. Greetings, Thanks for the replies, I have edited the main list. If I have made any mistakes or missed you out let me know
  6. when you go to get an ice-cream.... and get hit by a 20 ton truck
  7. 215........5 what am I doing with my life
  8. Added you to the tutor list FROST!!! got you on the list bro
  9. First stream I watched since returning to these lands Great stream but i cri evri time that i cant go into the forge yet
  10. Hey, (sorry for the late reply - getting active here again) Ill add you to the list good luck with either fire or nature (from what I remember Nature was a lot harder to play?)
  11. I didn't forget you all :P ill try to stick around this time

    oh and...frost FTW 

    1. SpiritOfTheAbyss


      I've been waiting aaaaages for your ass to get back here! :)

    2. anonyme0273
    3. Dallarian
  12. Is what you have received as replies to your post all the help you required? Or would you like more help (spectating etc)?
  13. Greetings, Let me know how it goes and if need be, PM/reply if you would like to be added to the list TO ALL: I have updated the list again please check it and let me know if all is well.
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