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  1. Hello friends, college is closed for two weeks, i got time at home and thought about this lovely game, I only have mac atm, I tried installing it on mac when skylords reborn first came out a year or so ago but no luck. Is there a comprehensive guide to instal it properly on mac with success? would love to play this again, all the best
  2. Im trying to get it to work on the mac but i cant seem to extract the client, it always stops after this error. any ideas?
  3. Eeeeeyyy guys, I play le bass in this band and we just released our second single and music video!! 

    Watch till the end hehe ☠️??


    1. Deadman


      What does le mean? :kappa:

      But seriously, pretty good and interesting. 

  4. sexy you mate

    1. SpiritOfTheAbyss


      sorry, i have a girlfriend

    2. anonyme0273


      I laughed at that more than I should :D

    3. Lukaznid


      That response was perfect!

  5. My band just released our debut single! :hype: 

    With a dark music video :cookie:



    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Chimerae


      Damn dude this is pretty good!

    3. EonBen


      this is really good, not exactly my style of music but can definitely  apreciate it. Amazign job on both the Music and the Music Video, looks and sounds very proffesional imo. Would love to hear/see more :] :hype:

    4. SpiritOfTheAbyss


      Thanks guys! :$ The message at the end is more of a joke, so is the video! The video was shot in Dublin. We are releasing a new song and video in February! :hypetrain:

  6. I find the d and b font is fine, I like it
  7. ...I dont know, the deep blue is the real you, the lighter one might be easier to read, but deep inside it would kill me, it would kill us to see you like this. It is your choice, you could either fall and appeal to the masses, or be a loyal dragon and stick to who you are....
  8. Hiiiilarious show its awesome, definatly not the worst ahah
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