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  1. Card ideas with description

    Very viable in 2v2 Great t3 support card in conjunction with evocators woe (spell block affinity) add some cultist masters or whatever flavour you prefer. Guaranteed a cluster is going down. Shrine of greed if needed, rinse and repeat. Could be problematic with high health units and FoF for a very cheap void emptying tactic. Some well thought out ideas and could really switch the meta up after some balancing. Give me moar
  2. Games you play while waiting

    Currently addicted to Killing Floor 2 Anybody else play it?
  3. Your favourite PVE map!

    Not sure if troll or...
  4. Your favourite PVE map!

    Superbuffed mutating frenzy ftw
  5. What deck did you play?

    Started with pure shadow but my main became shadow nature.
  6. Your favourite PVE map!

    Probably Titans or King Of The Giants. Both gave a good sense of teamwork and progression through the map and got tense when one of your teammates was struggling.
  7. BF Memeville

  8. Random staff xD

    come on guys i tried giving up the memelife... appealing to a suppressed area of my mind **edit: posted in wrong thread fml**
  9. Closed Beta Access Giveaway #2

    Reporting for duty.
  10. Skylords Reborn Soundtracks

    Just for the lols. Little project i knocked together a fair few years ago. still have the project file somewhere.
  11. Closed Beta Access Giveaway #1

    Haven't been that active on forum but worth a shot...
  12. What is your favorite card combo`s?

    1v1 - Embalmers & Infiniphoenix 2v2 - Homesoiled imbadancers Lamemode - Nasty shatter lancers
  13. Share Your Deck With Us ;)

    My old main pvp deck. Would occasionally swap out embalmers for Ghostspears Soulshatter or Swamp Drake
  14. sexy you mate

    1. SpiritOfTheAbyss


      sorry, i have a girlfriend

    2. anonyme0273


      I laughed at that more than I should :D

    3. Lukaznid


      That response was perfect!

  15. No [...] Without [...]

    No molochs without bollocks