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  1. Luki

    Server Status Light

    Thx, meanwhile I realised that as well I think a dynamic serverstatus information would still be cool, but is way less urgent or necessary than I thought, when I created this topic. Sorry Guys... what makes you think, this would be the right topic to ask questions like these? Please look for similar problems here, and if you don't find any, you can still start a thread. Or just read the announcements on discord, where such problems are subject of discussion among other things.
  2. Luki

    What's better

    We don't... but it's just:
  3. Luki

    Server Status Light

    I'd appreciate something like a traffic light on the Forum Home Page, that tells us if the Server is on or offline. Like: Server online or Server offline So people wouldn't have to start the game and log in (+ wait 2 min) over and over again to check if the server is back up. Also they wouldn't have to spam all the forum about it. Furthermore if the game doesn't start they may easily control if the problem is serversided or clientsided. I think that would be a nice idea and worth to implement. Maybe you guys are able to spend some time on this when the first wave of stresstest-problems is overcome. Thanks for considering :*
  4. Close, you got one word wrong "Open beta date will be there"... I try not to be disappointed when it comes out, that you meant another word
  5. Lol, trains... buses... don't you simply ride bears, tigers and dinosaurs where you come from?
  6. no. Btw, you can create polls instead of common topics. So if you care about downvotes you should do that next time If you just care about our opinions: no, cuz of a million reasons you can read in this thread, FAQ, devlog, all over the forum.
  7. Luki

    New Orbs and Factions (and lore stuffs)

    here , here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here. some ideas were already shared.
  8. Luki

    3 years is so much

    Well, since you seem to be immune to irony and i don't want more downvotes because of irony (no irony this time), I'll tell you sth without going "aggressive"... FAQ say: That would've answered your question, if you read it (no offence). That means that the game is not ready to be released. 20k players playing bad harvest won't be easier to handle for the server than 20k playing any other maps. Your idea seems logical, but it won't work because missing maps are not the reason why the beta is not open, yet, like @steezy already told ya. -> to read about the real reasons, why the game isn't ready yet, click here. Also here, here and here are posts of other guys, who had similar ideas like you. If you are really interested and not just impatient and too lazy to read FAQ and devlogs, you may find some answers in these topics. I hope this could help you. And again I'm sorry, that my first post was a little condescending.
  9. Luki

    3 years is so much

    I think this topic is ready to be closed
  10. Luki

    3 years is so much

    I've been ironic. I'm sorry and distant myself from flaming any of you. ❤ And pls stop saying that his question isn't smart, though you can't rate that without knowing further details. Ty
  11. Luki

    3 years is so much

    Oh how about that: every single one of the 21000+ members could tell one wish/map theyd like to have implemented and then release the beta just with that few contents. Oh wait... I augur your personal wishes are nonrelevant in this project. Nice try, now get back in line like everyone else.
  12. Luki

    The best color for PVP?

    First of all: what ppl will tell you here, will just be their personal opinions. No empirically observed data or sth. U wanna know the best colour for noobs? The easiest to win with? Cuz they are pretty good balanced actually. You can win with every colour if you are a good player. It depends on your personal playing experience... Maybe, if you used the deck of the number 1 best bf player ever, you would still lose, cuz it's just not your style, or you can't handle such difficult strategies, yet. And of corse some colours are the best choice against other colours, but they will still have weaknesses against some other colours. Long story short: Just play pvp and gather some experience, so you will learn what's the "best colour" for you, or just copy strategies of some better players, which will maybe be more successfull, but less fun. There are already several topics here, which could help you forging an opinion: Like this and this. If you don't wanna read or think, but just collect some opinions: I've had the best results playing fire or shadow, back then.
  13. Luki

    Closed Beta Applications

    Hi gentlemen, I'm going to pass my final exam in one week and the next step of my education will foremost start in february 2019. So in the abstract I'll have a shitload of time. But down to earth, to be honest with you, I'm a quite active person in RL. That means I will definitely (don't scroll away, yet) not be able to play every single day. Treading carefully I can assure you an average of 10h a week. I will play more like five to six hours in one piece, when I get a free evening (what happens one to three times a week), but playing two hours every day. I studied Engineering, physics and computer-science (for teaching) what, I guess, is a quite good base for testing games. I'm a communicative adult, have a fair spoken and good written command of the English language and some experience of life. In addition some experience of gaming, since the release of Pokemon, blue edition '96 . I played battleforge since it was released in 2009 or sth. like that. I played mainly 1v1 PVP (80% Bandits, + some shadow and fire), but I've never been a really good player. But I think this could change, now that I'm older. I'm looking forward to test the game and work together with you. Well, as you see I don't have more time, more skill, more anything than others, but if you need a rational casual gamer with some IT background knowledge, don't hesitate to message me (I just stand out of the mass of applicants, due to my native modesty and sanity ) Discord: Luki#3997 thanks for reading. good luck everyone.
  14. Luki

    Free Steam games [Humble Bundle + Steam]

    Not free and not steam but nice n cheap https://www.gog.com/promo/20180525_weekend_thq?utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter&utm_campaign=20180525_nl_weekend_thq&utm_term=EN This offer is valid until 27 May 2018, 5:00 PM UTC.

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