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  1. After I edit the deck I click on the map to choose a battle when I find one the game crash and pop up this message
  2. Finally after so long we can play the game thank all who support the game and special thank to the developer that has the courage and the commitment to develop this game see you people in the forge
  3. I just want to say the game is in beta and it missing a lot of the fundamental stuff like the information about the skylords and the being the of this battleforge universe. I just want to give some ideas for the game and let other people share there ideas for the game ( you know lore stuff).
  4. Will the developers add new orbs like the storm orb (for wind and lighting) and light orb and the faction for them like wind, lighting and light elements and what about an angle race, for example, it would be great if they talk about them and give for more information of the lore of the skylords
  5. I have this idea in my mind for a long time I want the authorties of the to create a new element which void or dark matter something unknow
  6. Hello my fellows player my name is voidmaster and I am from UAE I played Battleforge since 2011 and was surprised when EA shut down the game in October 31 but now I am really happy when they announced that the game will return and I hope it does return fast because I CANT WAIT ANY LONGER
  7. this is one of my best old games and i cant wait to play again beside i hope EA or origin company dont closed it again it is the an awesome game
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