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  1. Lukaznid

    Art Gallery by Me, the Chimaka

    I like it!
  2. Lukaznid

    Thumbnails for Replays

    And yeah sure
  3. Lukaznid

    [Fanart] Drawings and their updates ✍

    Drake isn't done yet
  4. Lukaznid

    [Fanart] Drawings and their updates ✍

    Updated a couple of things Added the sig I made for Dallarian and updated the drake to the latest version
  5. Lukaznid

    When is your Birthday?

  6. Lukaznid

    Future Giveaway Talk

    That would actually be pretty epic
  7. Lukaznid

    I just found my old BF wishlist

    I had one or two pages just like this one. Mostly I just wrote down which cards I was currently reselling, for what price I bought them, the current market price and what I was trying to get out of it. Brings back old memories
  8. Lukaznid

    Local Recipes

    Looks glorious I would recommend putting noodles in there as well next time. Pickled turnips are not too hard to come by IMO, but it's up to you
  9. Lukaznid

    Logo Winner: Poll

    But seriously, thank you for even considering an unfinished logo I will finish the logo if I win for sure. If people like it then I really don't see why I wouldn't. I have the base idea made out, hopefully I can add to that with more than just words
  10. Lukaznid

    Searching artwork files...

    Hahaha can't say they didn't have style back in the day
  11. Lukaznid

    Local Recipes

    I recommend this, http://www.delo.si/druzba/odprta-kuhinja/torkov-namig-za-kosilo-matevz-in-kisla-repa.html . Here's the wiki page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matev%C5%BE . It's a Slovenian dish and IMO tastes super good. However, We prepare it differently in my region of Notranjska (In-land if you will), It's still a side dish, just make sure to add more beans and pork rind when you cook it, it takes a lot better. This is then added to what is basically Sauerkraut, but more in a soup kind of way. End product should look like this: recipe: https://www.kulinarika.net/recepti/13415/enoloncnice/dva-v-enem/ If you're not into that then I recommend some beef soup http://okusno.je/recept/domaca-goveja-juha . This is also the one thing you will find on all Slovenian Sunday dinners. Soups are a big thing here Sorry for all the links being in Slovenian, google translate the hell out of it. A few pointers, "sestavine" = ingredients , "priprava" = how to make. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slovenian_cuisine Here's the whole list of foodstuffs, some are a bit harder to do or are seriously regionally based. Dober tek!
  12. Lukaznid

    Your Favorite Replay? [Poll]

    The deathglider one was the bomb to be 100% honest
  13. Lukaznid

    Contest: New Logo

    I did take it from another image, didn't really think much of it at the time. I can redraw it should need be, can a mod/dev say if it's ok or not to use parts of battleforge art?
  14. Lukaznid

    Contest: New Logo

    Well this is where I left off, I might finish it one day hahaha

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