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  1. I just wanted to thank you for my new signature and portrait.

    Thank you very much! :frostorb::frostorb:

  2. Looks glorious I would recommend putting noodles in there as well next time. Pickled turnips are not too hard to come by IMO, but it's up to you
  3. But seriously, thank you for even considering an unfinished logo I will finish the logo if I win for sure. If people like it then I really don't see why I wouldn't. I have the base idea made out, hopefully I can add to that with more than just words
  4. Hahaha can't say they didn't have style back in the day
  5. I recommend this, http://www.delo.si/druzba/odprta-kuhinja/torkov-namig-za-kosilo-matevz-in-kisla-repa.html . Here's the wiki page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matev%C5%BE . It's a Slovenian dish and IMO tastes super good. However, We prepare it differently in my region of Notranjska (In-land if you will), It's still a side dish, just make sure to add more beans and pork rind when you cook it, it takes a lot better. This is then added to what is basically Sauerkraut, but more in a soup kind of way. End product should look like this: recipe: https://www.kulinarika.net/re
  6. I did take it from another image, didn't really think much of it at the time. I can redraw it should need be, can a mod/dev say if it's ok or not to use parts of battleforge art?
  7. Well this is where I left off, I might finish it one day hahaha
  8. NAME: Game "freezes" when the other person's computer shuts down SEVERITY: 1 LOCATION: rPvE, in-game REPRODUCIBILITY: Haven't tried yet, I don't have the time atm, will try it later DESCRIPTION: We had a similar issue today in rPVE. The game doesn't freeze in the normal sense, it just sort of lingers. You can still move your camera and "summon" units, but no animation actually plays and the timer stops.This happened when @Eirias disconnected when his computer ran out of power. I saw this is a topic similar to the problem, so I posted it here. SCREENSHOT: The screenshots I made are unfortunatel
  9. *Gets BF Access two days before collage exams start* Oh well, I guess I can totally make time :D

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Lukaznid


      @Shotty Naturally exams get priority, but that doesn't mean I can't find a bit of time, right?

    3. Shotty


      Ofc, you gotta take breaks from time to to :P

      *time to time

    4. anonyme0273


      I have a whole year like this. Good luck with the balancing ^^

  10. See card in signature Also, this is a really neat welcome present, even though we will probably have all cards in a few days.
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