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    Battleforge, Photoshop, Minecraft, World of Warcraft, Starcraft, league of legends ;)

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  1. VeriiMoney

    New Element/faction in the game!!!

    im on the WaterMelon faction bro
  2. VeriiMoney

    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #2

    not gonna win this
  3. VeriiMoney


    oh hell yes buddy! thats even better. not seen that in a long time. many thx sir.
  4. VeriiMoney


    Hello. I know that we have the common ranks on the battleforge servers and such. like the old times. Will it be like that or we get a rank for each single combat in 1v1 or 2v2 and such? thinking kinda like league og legends, like all starts at bronze, then for each win they get, they will get to a higher rank. So if it was me, i would've been permanent stuck in bronze in pve and then i will only face bronze and silvers and such. For some ppl are better than others. This is just a question cus' i've not seen a topic like this. and i've been searching for a topic like this in a while. but non seen. So please dont gun me down guys been a while since i've been here. -bronze -silver -gold -platinium -emerald -diamound
  5. VeriiMoney

    [Important] Open Beta Delayed

    i support that. OFF WITH THERE HEADS
  6. VeriiMoney

    New Guy

    Welcome good sir. old players gotta stick together ey. i've played it since day 1 that it came out. so its a thrill to have you back.
  7. VeriiMoney

    [Important] Open Beta Delayed

    i think its fine. by all the amount of hours you put through this projekt. its quite remarkable, and all of us appreciate that. Kindly enough to say that from my heart. you guys are the best, lil family i have here. Good day to all of you.
  8. VeriiMoney


    The future is near, its around us all the time! second after second, day after day, month after month! en year after year! Meh, why did i even waste my time on this bejayjay.
  9. VeriiMoney

    Favorite Non-Meta Card

    My personal fave is Razerleaf! none the less because of the design of it, and its uniqe way to play with. Sadly it was a card that you didn't see very often ingame.
  10. VeriiMoney

    The Ultimate Game Mode

    I think this is a cool idea, but it got its pro's and con's and such.. i think there is too much work at state here. Maybe when the game is launched, they could perhabs work on new ideas such as DLC'S. A new story. Allthough i love the idea, i think it will have allot of problems... people will only want to play this GM if the are premade and such, after my opinion.
  11. VeriiMoney

    Which card makes you laugh ?

    +1 haha
  12. VeriiMoney

    Announcement - Stream on 10/09/2016

  13. VeriiMoney

    Announcement - Stream on 11/06/2016

  14. VeriiMoney

    Announcement - Stream on 11/06/2016

    Link??? xD

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