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  1. Asanjawa

    The legendary forum game "count"

    2431 - boi i just discovered this
  2. Asanjawa

    Where does your custom Avatar pic come from?

    My profile picture is Kaneki, The main character in Tokyo Ghoul (It's Epic)
  3. Asanjawa

    Best card of the game

    Definantly Forest Elder, That card was my main since the very first day
  4. Asanjawa

    BFReborn Featured Game For Curse

    Let's talk about Curse, An Overlay is probably not even in the plans right now. You know Curse, Don't you? The main features of curse is ingame communication desgined for games such as Smite, Heartsthone or Minecraft. I'd Love to see Battleforge as curse' main game when it goes worldwide.
  5. Asanjawa

    Past Broadcast (27/09/2015)

    It was fun
  6. Asanjawa

    How to pronounce your name ?

    My name is Julian Van Wierst (I am Dutch) Julian is a common name in other countries right? Van is just... Fan Wierst, well.. I have no clue
  7. Since the first day of battleforge, I have been looking out for Forest Elder, The giant nature beast. The first time I saw forest elder I was so amazed by it, Since that day I have been trying to get that "OMG I MUST HAVE IT". I was more of a trader/pve person than a pvper. You know, There were 2 kinds of people in battleforge, I started so little and grew to a succesfull trader, Having all cards, A Deck with only level 4 cards, It was just a wonderfull feeling. After a busy day of school, I just came online on battleforge and play for 5 hours minimal, Trying to be a succesfull trader and getting forest elder and I succeeded! So, What was your story?
  8. Asanjawa

    Announcement : Alpha & Upcoming Stream

    Keep up the great work

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