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  1. Phoenix313

    Black Screen in PC

    Not everyone that has to do something with computers can do anything with computers. It is like thinking that everyone who can drive a car can also repair a car or even build a car by them self. Luckily there are people who are (good) programmers and also experienced with repairing computers. Dont worry, we already know that even without telling that us . Does the problem also appear with a closed computer or just with an open one? Have you done anything while or after opening it, especially touching anything. Every information can help, even if you did something wrong (or especially such information will help). As fiki already mentioned: Where is the information about the GPU (Graphics Card)? As far as I see your CPU doesnt have an integrated GPU. My suggestion out of the information we got: 1. Your windows system is broken => formatting and reinstalling will help here and is the best way to deal with such problems. Dont just reinstall without formating to get a clean installed system. 2. A hardware problem with your GPU. This could be a defect where you cant do anything than replacing it, it could be that the GPU isnt correctly mounted (for example some Pins arent connected) or it could be overheating but in this case it should run for at least a while with a open case. 3. Another hardware problem, for example a defect or a to small power supply unit.
  2. Phoenix313

    Dogs or cats?

    I dont like dogs, because most dog owner I have met are real idiots and dont know how to treat their dogs right. I have seen far to many aggressive and badly brought up dogs. I think that dogs arent little cute toys, they are wild animals that can easily get dangerous. Most owner are even to stupid to understand that, so that they even dont line up their aggressive dog or they have such big dogs that they even cant handle them with a line. Some even take their (also aggressive) dogs into public buses or trains. In my opinion they can have their dogs at home and do what ever they want with them but in public they should ALWAYS be lined up and completely forbidden in crowded public places. Every dog owner that doesnt understand this is just irresponsible and shouldnt wonder if people start to dislike dogs and start to hate such owners... In germany there are several dozen dead people because of dogs every year. Luckily most of them are loved ones of the owner or the owner itself and not random people. Unlikely most are childs or babies (of the owner). The number of (seriously) harmed people every year goes even beyond many hundred or thousands, just in germany. Bad thing is that a big part of them are also random people and not only owners and thats why dogs should be always be lined up in public. It is just not justifiable that people loose legs, arms and live or get mutilated every year just because some people cant line up their, just soooo nice, dogs, that only want to play... In my opinion cats are much better, because they arent aggressive just of nowhere. Also I had many funny moments with them and like to play around with them. Personally I had also much better experience with cats, while most experiences with dogs were bad!
  3. Phoenix313

    Card Collecting Games

    Soooon! I am playing Duel Generations when I am in a situation where I have to wait and dont have anything else to do.
  4. Phoenix313

    MBTI Personality Test

    This is my result:
  5. Phoenix313

    Deckbuilder App for Adroid/Apple

    How about explaining whats unnecessary?
  6. Phoenix313

    Proposal: Locked, Composed Decks

    I dont think that supporting PvP with prebuilt decks dry out PvE. I even had the different experience. Only 1 page on PvP almost the same or more per PvE map, now sum the player count of all PvE maps up and the sum of all PvP maps. Usually you get a many times higher number on the PvE part and I dont think that giveing prebuilt PvP decks would change that, because people dont choose PvE or PvP by having better or worse PvP or PvE decks, they choose it, because they dont want to go competitive, because they want to go competitive, because they want to grind, because they like coop or something else.
  7. Phoenix313

    Deckbuilder App for Adroid/Apple

    @SilenceKiller99 I dont know how often I said that it is working Of course. @ICE The images are very low res, maybe to low res. After saving the deck, you cant edit it further. Thats a little bit odd behavior. You cant load and edit a deck or at least I didnt find out how. 22:38:48.585 downloadable font: kern: Too large subtable, table discarded (font-family: "Open Sans" style:normal weight:normal stretch:normal src index:0) source: http://slrcards.zeromedia.ee/resources//fonts/OpenSans-Regular.ttf 1 slrcards-all.css:1:261 22:39:36.918 downloadable font: kern: Too large subtable, table discarded (font-family: "Open Sans" style:normal weight:bold stretch:normal src index:0) source: http://slrcards.zeromedia.ee/resources//fonts/OpenSans-Bold.ttf 1 slrcards-all.css:1:764 22:42:56.835 Object { data: Object, session: null, internalId: 546, id: "slrcards.model.Map-7", phantom: true, joined: Array[1], store: Object } 1 app.js:1:841321 22:43:18.919 Error: Script terminated by timeout at: .requestRead@http://slrcards.zeromedia.ee/modern/app.js?_dc=20170325175909:1:1 .refreshMonitors@http://slrcards.zeromedia.ee/modern/app.js?_dc=20170325175909:1:222629 .run@http://slrcards.zeromedia.ee/modern/app.js?_dc=20170325175909:1:218357 r.bind/<@http://slrcards.zeromedia.ee/modern/app.js?_dc=20170325175909:1:40431 z@http://slrcards.zeromedia.ee/modern/app.js?_dc=20170325175909:1:39957 1 app.js:1:1 A order function would be nice. Also it would be nice, that for example both affinitys of grinder and grinder promo would be always tied together. By selection Small Offense I get also spells and buildings. I cant search for Amii cards (I know there is only one, but I still cant search for it) Same goes for Defense Melee Units has no results Same goes for ranged Maybe the search for promos (under rarity) would be nice At allcards you could select the Edition, maybe this isnt that necessary, because it doesnt matter anymore (one booster for all) I am missing Affinity: none (for cards of the first edition(s)) zoom function of thee browser doesnt work Just my first impressions.
  8. Phoenix313


    @Asraiel Erm, no?
  9. Phoenix313

    Deckbuilder App for Adroid/Apple

    Then he is luckily, that here is someone who already has all prerequisites and is willing to do it for free. I would wish me better filter abilities, at least those you can see on this page: https://allcards.bfreborn.com/ (you have to ignore the certificate error to be able to use it).
  10. Phoenix313

    Deckbuilder App for Adroid/Apple

    @ICE It looks like it would be based on Cordova. I know that in general you can build for most platforms, but ever tried to do so for iOS? Are you also planning to put it in the market?
  11. Phoenix313

    Deckbuilder App for Adroid/Apple

    @ICE Will you also release it for the iOS platform? Which framework did you use?
  12. Phoenix313


    What is this A-N-I-M-E everyone is talking about, I dont get it, please explain.
  13. Phoenix313

    Mobile Platforms

    Just a poll to find out which platforms are used among the users here. This could help for the platform question when developing mobile Apps.
  14. Phoenix313

    Deckbuilder App for Adroid/Apple

    Then read my first posts, I am supporting such an app in general. I made even a viable suggestion with less effort how to build such an app (which could even be easily - at least in general - multi platform capable). The last posts were just about the app for the iOS platform and to be also clear: you should stop dreaming about very unlikely things, because it just completely makes no sense in this case to develop for the iOS platform. This doesnt mean, that nobody should do such an app (for android), we had even someone that said he would probably do that, but again just for android ;). It looks even like you arent interested in such an app in general, you are just interested that someone builds such an app for your iPhone and you alone? If this is the case, then discussing here, really doesnt make sense and I wish you good luck, finding someone, who is willing to do that.
  15. Phoenix313

    Deckbuilder App for Adroid/Apple

    Thats why I am talking of deploying... Without the app being in the app store, no one will be really able to use it, because you need to jail break your phone, so this isnt really an option... Because the number of people that would use such an app are at max the people playing Skylords Reborn, so not that many at all. Then most people dont use iPhones. Even less people have jail breaked their phones. Now you have to multiply this numbers and you will get maybe just you. Thats not enough people to develop for... I Almost know none, too, and I got only one (some months ago) because I have to book hotels at the moment quite often. So you are willing to send one for a longer (maybe forever) time, to a dev, for free? Pretty old used notebooks none knows in which condition they are, also you had to check whether you can develop with it or not (because of possible restriction or preconditions). I wouldnt count on something like this to much, still it lowers the cost, but it remains still the most expensive. Also this doesnt help against the annual fee. Is it even legal and allowed by apple? You forgot the anual subscription! Yeah you could try out to play around with the apple framework, but to be honest what do anyone get from this, than wasting time? NOTHING! A dev that is able to build apps for android or something else could also learn how to use the apple framework, he havent to try it out. More important is to find out whether the whole thing makes sense or not and I think its not. If someone will build an app I pretty much doubt that the person will build it for apple, because its still to expensive, people couldnt use it (if it isnt in the app store) and to riskiy (what if apple doesnt allow the app and I pretty sure, they wont because of the nature the app would have) or if we take your suggestions into account its even questionable if legal... To make the whole thing short: Maybe you can get someone to do for Android (because its cheap, takes the least effort, isnt risky, and you get a bigger audience) but I doubt pretty much, that you will find someone doing it for the apple platform... It is even questionable wether such an app is even worth the time but

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