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  1. Not necessarily, I even think it is more probably that it is a hardware problem. In safe mode the Graphics card is only used as simple graphics adapter without utilizing the GPU, at max only utilizing it with some simple 2D instructions. => It is almost not used (so you can use safe mod even with a broken GPU). => It takes almost no power (the power supply unit thing). => It stays cold (the heating problem). But it could also be possible that it is a software problem. In this case when deinstalling / installing and reinstalling the driver doesnt help you have to try a reinstall of windows, because parts of the graphics driver sit on the same level as the kernel and can break the whole system when something goes wrong. Another possibility could be a broken gpu bios, you didnt play around with gpu flashing software, did you?
  2. Not everyone that has to do something with computers can do anything with computers. It is like thinking that everyone who can drive a car can also repair a car or even build a car by them self. Luckily there are people who are (good) programmers and also experienced with repairing computers. Dont worry, we already know that even without telling that us . Does the problem also appear with a closed computer or just with an open one? Have you done anything while or after opening it, especially touching anything. Every information can help, even if you did something wrong (or especially such information will help). As fiki already mentioned: Where is the information about the GPU (Graphics Card)? As far as I see your CPU doesnt have an integrated GPU. My suggestion out of the information we got: 1. Your windows system is broken => formatting and reinstalling will help here and is the best way to deal with such problems. Dont just reinstall without formating to get a clean installed system. 2. A hardware problem with your GPU. This could be a defect where you cant do anything than replacing it, it could be that the GPU isnt correctly mounted (for example some Pins arent connected) or it could be overheating but in this case it should run for at least a while with a open case. 3. Another hardware problem, for example a defect or a to small power supply unit.
  3. Nothing
  4. I dont like dogs, because most dog owner I have met are real idiots and dont know how to treat their dogs right. I have seen far to many aggressive and badly brought up dogs. I think that dogs arent little cute toys, they are wild animals that can easily get dangerous. Most owner are even to stupid to understand that, so that they even dont line up their aggressive dog or they have such big dogs that they even cant handle them with a line. Some even take their (also aggressive) dogs into public buses or trains. In my opinion they can have their dogs at home and do what ever they want with them but in public they should ALWAYS be lined up and completely forbidden in crowded public places. Every dog owner that doesnt understand this is just irresponsible and shouldnt wonder if people start to dislike dogs and start to hate such owners... In germany there are several dozen dead people because of dogs every year. Luckily most of them are loved ones of the owner or the owner itself and not random people. Unlikely most are childs or babies (of the owner). The number of (seriously) harmed people every year goes even beyond many hundred or thousands, just in germany. Bad thing is that a big part of them are also random people and not only owners and thats why dogs should be always be lined up in public. It is just not justifiable that people loose legs, arms and live or get mutilated every year just because some people cant line up their, just soooo nice, dogs, that only want to play... In my opinion cats are much better, because they arent aggressive just of nowhere. Also I had many funny moments with them and like to play around with them. Personally I had also much better experience with cats, while most experiences with dogs were bad!
  5. yes, at least not now
  6. I cant choose any of them, because for me its
  7. Soooon! I am playing Duel Generations when I am in a situation where I have to wait and dont have anything else to do.
  8. No not to them both, only for me . How does it feel? Do you think, that you have wasted it? You cant redo it anymore , but now you dont have the burden of the 100th post anymore. Looking forward for the 1000th post? I think Eddio said everything.
  9. This is my result:
  10. I wouldnt consider 1pm to 6pm primtime, it is a time with less to midactivity (depends on the amount of students and peopple without work). First we had to found out the timezone about which we are talking. I would take the germany timezone +- 1/2h, because most players are from germany or from countries around and even some from countries of the same timezone. Also I would see 6pm - 10pm as primetime, when most people arent working anymore. In this time you wouldnt only get students and people without work, but also the part of the people who does work or those students that have courses in the noon and almost anybody, because most have freetime. But you also have to see that the devs are working too and maybe just have only enough free time to do maintenance in this primetime.
  11. I think Razorleaf is still nice, even if not that strong anymore. The rooting units remember be a little bit on the starcraft tanks.
  12. The devs here dont have the source of the client as far as I know, so they cant build things in the client which werent already there, this offline forge wasnt in there. So the only solution would be to give the server to anyone, I dont know whether they ever will do that, maybe not. And even if they did, your profile of the public server wouldnt be synced with your offline server. @Kiwi that sounds good and the plans havent changed?
  13. Thats for sure, how high or low it is depends on many factors, but I still would guess 20€-80€ per month. Thats how much income they would have to generate per month to be even able to pay the servers.
  14. It is disgraceful to all beginners, because with low ELO you fight people with lower ELO. This is very often the reason why PvP doesnt work, because good people create a new account and play against beginners which have no chance because they lack the experience and after 1 - 3 such looses against a skilled player that think: "what the fuck, only freaks, I leave..." I know many people (maybe even all that play computer games, including me) which experienced exactly this and stopped playing PvP of at least one game.