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  1. How about explaining whats unnecessary?
  2. I dont think that supporting PvP with prebuilt decks dry out PvE. I even had the different experience. Only 1 page on PvP almost the same or more per PvE map, now sum the player count of all PvE maps up and the sum of all PvP maps. Usually you get a many times higher number on the PvE part and I dont think that giveing prebuilt PvP decks would change that, because people dont choose PvE or PvP by having better or worse PvP or PvE decks, they choose it, because they dont want to go competitive, because they want to go competitive, because they want to grind, because they like coop or something else.
  3. @Yakamaru Chat shouldnt have a level restriction, because especially new players would try to ask how things work but they couldnt and would maybe leave before they find out, so thats not a good idea.
  4. @SilenceKiller99 I dont know how often I said that it is working Of course. @ICE The images are very low res, maybe to low res. After saving the deck, you cant edit it further. Thats a little bit odd behavior. You cant load and edit a deck or at least I didnt find out how. 22:38:48.585 downloadable font: kern: Too large subtable, table discarded (font-family: "Open Sans" style:normal weight:normal stretch:normal src index:0) source: http://slrcards.zeromedia.ee/resources//fonts/OpenSans-Regular.ttf 1 slrcards-all.css:1:261 22:39:36.918 downloadable font: kern: Too large subtable, table discarded (font-family: "Open Sans" style:normal weight:bold stretch:normal src index:0) source: http://slrcards.zeromedia.ee/resources//fonts/OpenSans-Bold.ttf 1 slrcards-all.css:1:764 22:42:56.835 Object { data: Object, session: null, internalId: 546, id: "slrcards.model.Map-7", phantom: true, joined: Array[1], store: Object } 1 app.js:1:841321 22:43:18.919 Error: Script terminated by timeout at: .requestRead@http://slrcards.zeromedia.ee/modern/app.js?_dc=20170325175909:1:1 .refreshMonitors@http://slrcards.zeromedia.ee/modern/app.js?_dc=20170325175909:1:222629 .run@http://slrcards.zeromedia.ee/modern/app.js?_dc=20170325175909:1:218357 r.bind/<@http://slrcards.zeromedia.ee/modern/app.js?_dc=20170325175909:1:40431 z@http://slrcards.zeromedia.ee/modern/app.js?_dc=20170325175909:1:39957 1 app.js:1:1 A order function would be nice. Also it would be nice, that for example both affinitys of grinder and grinder promo would be always tied together. By selection Small Offense I get also spells and buildings. I cant search for Amii cards (I know there is only one, but I still cant search for it) Same goes for Defense Melee Units has no results Same goes for ranged Maybe the search for promos (under rarity) would be nice At allcards you could select the Edition, maybe this isnt that necessary, because it doesnt matter anymore (one booster for all) I am missing Affinity: none (for cards of the first edition(s)) zoom function of thee browser doesnt work Just my first impressions.
  5. @Asraiel Erm, no?
  6. Then he is luckily, that here is someone who already has all prerequisites and is willing to do it for free. I would wish me better filter abilities, at least those you can see on this page: https://allcards.bfreborn.com/ (you have to ignore the certificate error to be able to use it).
  7. @ICE It looks like it would be based on Cordova. I know that in general you can build for most platforms, but ever tried to do so for iOS? Are you also planning to put it in the market?
  8. @ICE Will you also release it for the iOS platform? Which framework did you use?
  9. What is this A-N-I-M-E everyone is talking about, I dont get it, please explain.
  10. As far as I know that wasnt possible in BattleForge.
  11. @fiki574 1. The problem with that is, that you always could get a false positive, for example friends behave like that. 2. If someone does it in a big way he could possibly do multi-accounting, good you could log the IP and try to find out that way, but then the guy could use proxies and if you do A, he might do B, and so on... 3. I think of only a few (maybe once) big transaction, but 1 or lets say 2 or 3 such transaction are maybe not enough to detect it for sure, this could lead into false positives. Still this is maybe the only thing you can really do against that but I hope that you arent to fast with the blocking, because otherwise many accounts could get banned even if they didnt pay real money for it.
  12. You forgot Starcraft 2 (besides the single player campaign and ranked games, its completely Free 2 Play). Also the audience of Free2Play games consist of the casual gamer and casual gamer usually dont like complex games like RTS. And for the non casual gamer it doesnt matter that much whether it is Free 2 Play or not, he might even associate Free 2 Play with Pay 2 Win. So its more important to have an eye on the other things you said.
  13. @fiki574 with lowest prices on top its not necessary anymore, but do you also plan to remove the limit for max pages? (It could maybe help with promos, when there are to many normal cards (for example construct or grinder), you wouldnt find the promo cards, because they would be to far at bottom to be shown).
  14. @Ladadoos Just some further features I remember: You could eat apples, banana and such, there were some immobile herbs (which could attack) and which you could kill and eat too. Also there were some tunnels, where you could get from one to another place. Also you could evolve into flying units later. The fog of war was dependent of your sight and if you were even blind you could had everywhere fog of war. Then there was undetected area, that means you dont even know how the location looks like. The beings had the ability to remember portions of the area so it was detected but not visible if you were to far. Some beings could hear or detect enemies without sight. Some units had abilities, like faster movement for a short time and such. Also vampirc was a possible ability. Poison was one. Creatures with close and distance combat were possible. The distance was differently. And many other. Also there were some tunnels on the map, so that you could quickly get from one to another place. Your unit didnt reset, but it lost experience and time it could use to level up, so you could fall behind other creatures / players. You were skilling something like: legs, arms, fat, spores and such. One of them could for example increase strenght and speed while decreasing armor. Another could add poison damage and speed but lower health. Not every upgrade had positive effects also the strength of the positive effects was different. After some upgrade it turned into a new unit, yes. Every starting larve was the same and everyone could turn into the same creature, if skilled in the same way. I dont know if there were special places, it looked pretty random. Also there were random weak units running around, human players that started as you did and a few computer based players that could get as strong as you and did also level. Btw. Starcraft 2, the arcade part of the game (community maps) can be downloaded and played for free if you want more details. There do exist many completely different other maps, I have even seen a shooter, an RPG, and a Trading Card Game realized as map...
  15. Gems, I am for Gems!