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  1. new units wy not alldo have a deff against l or specialy against xl the wall needs a boost in deff or hp, 2-3 hits by a ground melee XL and the wallsegement is gone. for a unit example: the twilight multi shoot archers that are in game but yet not playble as card. vs xl i wouldnt go so far to add s units that have an xl counter. there are some t2 units like lyrish knights that are xl counters. and L counters it gives but maybe a boostbuff like firesworn would be a good addition to s longrange units that gives bonus dmg against L or maybe XL or same as a spell or area buff of a new building
  2. if used in combos u can make very powerfull defenders for walls and protection of the wall as well secure long range behind the wall. frost has the moste wall cards and u need specaly Human units to get the max buffs + u need to know what encouter u need alldo humans have S M L counters as S units here are some cards played on walls or close to them to buff the units on the walls and the lost Vigil for long range support direct behind the wall even if it needs a building to get the buff: if played correctly u can buff ur small units on the walls with around +200% dmg oh forgot homesoil to
  3. i mean effects that are unique and no other card has s simular effect/ability that does almost the same f.e. disentchant effect: remove magic and Windhunter ability: gifted sobering they are diffrent alldo haveing simular effects.
  4. jep the general thing yes. i did in the post focus on unique abilitys (effects) that only 1 card of the entire game has and not share the same or simular effect with other abilitys/spells that only use diffrent names. shure not only shadow and nature has them alldo they have the most obious ones with: Shadow: Shred them! Nature: Wish
  5. Here a change of Enlightenment a change of how the addional colors work, so that it cost the same but changes to give 3 orbs of every color. so pure t4 will be able to be played but since it give only 3 orbs of each color, this means the player needs to have at least 1 orb of the color he want to play out the t4 pure color. the Spell provieds the player with: + orbs & + orbs & + orbs & + orbs for the next played out card example for batariel: player needs to have cause enlightenment gives the additional orbs for the next played out card:
  6. Jep i posted myself some ideas on how to change the gold and xp rewarding system I do not dislike the decomposer at it currently is i just have a kinda a problem with unique skill cards bound to a fraction if not only shadow would have a card with that effect i would be totaly fine same thing is for me enligthenment cause it is also bound to nature fraction. even if i am a nature shadow player. most of my ideas going into the direction to change these cards in a way that they turn itself to Neutral cards and getting removed from the fraction binding. but in those cases it problably
  7. Here an addition of me for a simular effect considering that frost fraction is heavly into that units getting buffs if close to friendly buildings and shields, dan that fire fraction has many destructive spells so the combination of orb colors brings many of spells and buildings to be used of fire and frost: so that the Fire/Frost frection does combine the some of the existing effects of those 2 fractions. and to itself i thought heat (fire) and cold/water (frost) producing steam which is in RL often used to power electric generators if its steam from burning coal or even in a nuclear po
  8. add a restriction tool to the creating of a rpve where the leader can set some cards as forbidden and player cant select decks where those cards are in. and maybe rename the thing to: personalized random PVE short: prpve i personaly dont care about those tactics, cause if someone says remove bata, enlightenment and infect u realy have to say remove regrowth and equilibrium, cause those 2 spells are the most used spells in most pve content and not only rpve. and in the end everyone is sad if a game is lost
  9. currently we have Twilight Stonekin Bandit Lost Soul Amii but only a t2 unit exist yet Fire/Frost doesnt yet exist Ech fraction has its own special ability or passive to them like bandit has their "life stealing" ability for Fire/Frost i would find it cool to have something simular to the Proton fraction of the game Starcraft where units and buildings getting buffed or boosted with pylons or energy fields. something like small fast building towers lik Rootnexus that provides a certain area with a boost (shield or dmg) and the same as a spell where a are
  10. Jep a gambling with rules like: put only fire card in and u can only get fire card out put only spell cards in and u can only get spellcards out (put only fire spell cards in and u can only get fire spell cards out) maybe the same also for Twilight, bandit, lost soul, stonekin: put fire and/or nature and/or twilight cards in and get only nature, fire and/or twilight out(or only Twilight out) but u can put in 1 fire 7 nature to have the effect or other combination for promos: put in a mixture of 4 colors of unit cards in and get unit cards of the same color out with a
  11. for the gamble i wouldnt go as far that u may get no card back a certain loss is needed but if the loss in amount of cards is to high then the market getting destroyed cause to many cards will be used for a gamble and that would only lead to an increase of the cardpriceses. in adittion to a gamble it can also be added a fee for the gameble itself example gold (would help against the gold problem) so that u need to play the game farm gold to use the gamble. for me a start of maybe 500-1000 gold per gamble seems fair. on the card loss possebilit i wouldnt go over 50% and 8 cards as max
  12. problem is that there are many cards of the same rarity that cost like 3 bfp currently. example 5x envenome and u get 1 shaman would mean that the shaman is worth 15 bfp. best is that the card u get is a gamble only maybe if u use building u get buildings, same for spell and units
  13. here 2 of my topics that are about this topic as well:
  14. could be 1 card is lost allwasys like put 2 in get 1 out or put 8 in get 7 out. that was a loss is or activation cost bpf or activation cost gold or mutliple things i guess u wanted to say smurth but multiaccount is not allowed as far i know.
  15. nice effect idea currently ongoing testing for balancing check out https://discord.gg/sTeSRFDeBg & https://skylords-reborn.fandom.com/wiki/Balancing#Iteration 3 (Live on Test Server) if implementing a arsenal card i would also daa those for the other color typs so that every color combo has the benefit. adding also the twilight, stonekin and lost soul arsenal with the same effects or makeing it colorless (neutral)but with the addition that its not limited to 1 per map
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