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  1. was meaning pvp in non ranked in ranked u will have same problems as everyone else which leads to competitivness. for example as i entered pvp was rank somewhere on 10k-20k and there they had same cards upgrades and with every win i got higher rank but that also gave me time to get my hands on better cards and buing more boosters. and even thru the basic pve content which i did i got many upgradecards even befor i had the card itself, so i only needed to buy the specific card out of the market and had the upgrade. only thing i realy had to gind was tokens so RPvE. well i may coulnd buy the one i wonted because it was to expensive so i did buy others that worked as well. but that is the basic process for everyone. so i stood always competitive to others on my rank. yep have to say that wasnt competitive to the top players. and then over all its a game that i play to have fun and a good time. i may not be so deam focused on a numbre but back then it was more players that had no rl, that spended to much money or played way longer than me. so i wasnt unhappy to not be on their low numbre, in the end the rank doesnt grant any bonusess at all. thats wy i mentioned to add a toutorial that would help new players more than a highend deck, or something added to pve missions that explains the diffrence in counterclass and the symbols on the cards itself. also i guess most posters for a such created pvp deck are old players and little to no new player to the game did post in here. Quote from FAQ Will all cards be instantly available to every player?No. Collecting cards was a vital and fun part of the game so new players will start off with a standard deck you used to get when creating a new account for BattleForge when it went free to play. Using BFP you obtain daily, you can then open boosters and use the auction hall to obtain and sell new cards. Direct trading will also be an option as usual. from the topics name i would only be ok that entering pvp with our deck does give u uppgrades in regard of rarety of the cards common u3, uncommon u2, rare u1, unltrarare u0 with the upgrade avaieble carges. only if the card in your deck has a lower upgrade lvl.
  2. not if every participant agree to use less rare cards. only if u jump in a random pvp this may be the truth but if for example me and you both agree to use only common and uncommon cards for a pvp match then both stay competitive. only thing needed i to talk with your counterpart and be honest. well you learn that you need tiers that it is better to stay to 1-2 colors than use all 4, you know what your cards can do and what the enemy cards can do, that power isnt infinit, that you need more t1 and t2 cards than t4, basic about power gain from wells as well power payback from using spell dieing creatures and destroyed buldings (own). the counter is also there even if you just can overpower the enemy in numbre, but u have the change to learn counter (but would be better if there would be an tutorial) in my opinion if i take all the knowlege that you can learn during PvE that can also be used in pvp i get on arround 40%. knowlege of the cards is the mose important you dont have time to read enemy card skills or their counter during a pvp match you have to recall it from your memory. but sady PvE in battleforge is restikted to 2 color cards (bandit, stonekin, twilight and lost soul) as enemys and no pure enemys. during PvP its also needless to say not every one had all cards if you dont jump in and only battle the top 100 that is. when i stared pvp i had also no real clue about counter but the first 10 1v1 i won, maybe i was lucky and only got enemys with less clue. thats may be tru fro someone that played since start i wasnt near 20 of each even had a lot of cards i only got 1 or less. but battleforge is for me a trading card game and if you take that away its 70% less interesting for me i love collecting and grinding. i also love to push the upgrade button and see how my card got better its a nice feeling its pushing the hype for more its like a drug you want more and more. to provent such a thing you named maybe the game offers later on a shreader where you can shread your cards and get BFP back like common = 1 BFP, uncommon = 2 BFP, rare = 3 BFP, ultrarare = 4 BFP. if such a thing is added you cant say that anymore but to be honest in order to get 250 common of one type you will have to play several years in the released version becase you cant buy BFP
  3. if you would remove charges u would only create an overflow of cards since boosterback give you more common and uncommon cards than the rest. you may counter the problem by adding a 2. boosterpack with higher price and more than just 1 slot for rare and ultrarare cards. but that maybe to much of an disadvantage again even if the price would be only 50% higher than a normal booster you would end up with half the cards. in the other hand you can say if you focus 1. on one deck you will have not that much problems to get the charges only the price might be higher the faster you wanna get these. because not every player wants instand all color decks for pvp. and playing pvp doesnt need to be allways with the best of the best cards. its even more challengeing to play not with them. but i understand wy racing with a trabant if you can race with a ferrari. tome deck for later game contend (for new players 6-12 months after release) might be good but as mentioned its getting not so usefull if let alone without any guide or tutorial. well player that know BF will not have the problem but ever new player dont know how to play these and if you give them such a deck and they playing pvp before they know how the game works and how pvp works they only ending up as easy targets, and it sucks to be an easy target. its not like an egoshooter - aim, shoot, kill, win - or an rpg - hit enemy with so many skills until his red bar disapears - not even like and old fashion C&C rts where - dmg=dmg - no its something more delicate. with all the counterclass, energy management, tier count, special abilitys, ect. these are things that you learn slowly by progressing in pve without tome because u read and compose your decks yourway so you get forced to use the brain to get better and you leard the units and their skills and that they get better or get more skills if you upgrade them. important is for me that you need to know if you wanna enter pvp. know what the enemy unit counterclass is and what does it counter, knowing abilitys, spells, knowing powermanagement, ect. simply all the things that arent included in a fully upgraded Tome deck PVE is in every game the Sandbox where you learn the basics of pvp and where you can try out new things befor testing it in pvp only with a few diffrence like they do not play like players, they are predictable, dont use spells, dont need power, are op at the start but playing kinda like idiots because ai is bad. but if your brainless they kill you. i remember back in my teens i played Unreal Tournament 2003 i was realy good in pvp (not the best but good) then i played once a pve death match on the highes difficulty 2-5 sec dead, 2-5 sec dead and so on (1 shot kills sinper deathmatch). but this is rts and pve is kinda the same as in C&C enemy hase base lot of cash and units follows spcific paths with unis. and only attack you with small squads of a few units. if it would be an player he would throw everything he got at once at you and you be dead. but you learn to use your units to kill the enemy by gerillia and in the end you exactly know what each unit can do and what not so the basics. got a bit longer that i wanted
  4. ok its absolutly not my kind of music and didnt feel much by listening maybe sad and depressed so i gonna be hard with a 2/10 im mor in happy music
  5. well the removal of the token for upgrades is allredy an improvment in speed and less grinding. but uppgradecards still needs to be grinded so wy not go simply and add a bosster with only upgradecards in it. jep new players will have to learn how the game works but as for every other game there are a lot of topics or guides to follow and to improof at a higher speed. i have to say grinding and collecting is for me the most interesting part of the game. beating pve is second (always loved to play 100% cleaner of enemys). 3 was for me pvp because i had an anger problem back then. well i dont be against something that help new players to be better in pvp but if you just give them a fully designed deck about 70% dont see the diffrence to an other deck (like the counterclass). so a guide or better a video does get them way faster to the point than only a deck. and they learn the basic stuff during pve (at least at the start) for the old players or how you called them as "elite" they know the game and will not back off if they have to do a little grinding. new plyers will have it hard againt "elite" players doesnt differ to other games. and if there will be such a pre prepaired deck only with a guide to it so they know how to use it to shorten the learning process for me even the tokens could stay in the game maybe increasing the drop but yeah like i said remove the buying option for bfp and add more bfp do daylie reward. and maybe to get everyone boosted special events that will rise the loot like: chrismas time, easter, annyversary always like a month with 2x or more loot or special treats like on valentinesday is one reward a booster pack. that way new and younger players see that the game is still active and they can gear up faster. i guess all those discutions arent ment to be in the game at release or i hope so. for later on changes thats may be something (1/2 years or later) but defently not at the release well maybe add a currency to the game that only can be optained in pvp and with them u can by upgradecards booster pack. so they dont have to grind pve but the disadvantage is that those booster ar rng. not like pve maps where you know what u can get. but can help at least a bit maybe sorted by upgrade lvl so that you have 3 diffrent boosters with 1. u1 cards basic price, 2. u2 cards 2x basic price, 3. u3 cards 3x basic price. how to get the curency will be to discution so maybe only optaineble in ranked pvp and winner gets 70-80% and looser 20-30% of the match price curency so that both have something from it and players get animated to pvp as well.
  6. there is no need for such amount its more to pay the server and that doesnt cost so much in others are a few € needed but also there not so much since all the work the devs do is free. u may ask mrxlink about their adresses to send them a giftbasket. you wanna sell your mom even if she allowed you to play battleforge 5 years earlyer (pegi/fsk 12 game) if you do sell her i hope shes not the one paying for internet at your home.
  7. for me every change of the game even if its only for pvp will change the game. im happy that the buying options of BFP as well the daylie rewards of BFP wiell be changed but the rest can stay as it was. i mean i loved to play the game back then so wy would i change it into something complete diffrent (for me if you change over 20% of the game it becames somthing else) i hear the word Competitive a lot in such topics but to stay realistic there are not so many games out there that grants 99% competitive. for example CS reaches 98% the old UT did reach 99% but as long you cant eliminate pings and get 0ms responding time it will never reach 100% and Battleforge is a TCG so a game where u never be competitive during the collecting part of the game itself, but if you reach the end and have all cards on max u are competitive to others that have the same. its more a hillclimb in staying competitive: does you play the game as much as everyone else, does you have the same rng luck as everyone else, does u habe the same ping and ms delay as everyone else. over the short shot those things matter the most if its comes to competitiveness, in the long shot only ping and ms delay matters. so wy change the game? wy change the game from fun colecting and trading to boring you get anything what you want in an instand?
  8. @Aegis1020 maybe the frost skylord did frozz himself and got scattert during battle
  9. i would say Jorne because he does look simular to Dreadnought
  10. maintenance may be but server cleaning doesnt need to be done by devs and there will problably no update or so many patches after lunch that would need something from devs. but as said in 1 of mrxlinks posts that the server will be located somewhere in eu. my guess is Netherlands since the initators of this projekt comes from there (if not mistaken). in general @Phoenix313 the primetime starts at 4pm and goes until 10pm and jes thats because of many students playing but not everyone works 100% in normal shift. so if you work in the industy you might work in the morning, in the eavning or in the night. and i dont know how long (in hours) a working week is in every country in swizzerland is a 100% working week around 40-45 hours long 8-9 h a day. if not mistaken frence is around 35-40 h we have to let this primetime wide open because normaly peoples does eat dinner as well and thats somewhere between 5pm and 8pm so you can normaly say the primetime is between 4pm and 10pm and id would be sad if the maintenance goes into this time (best if it ends latest at 3 pm) but thats decision is more in the hand ov the server owner and not those who rent it.
  11. had this problem 2 times in the past on all pc's i owned during the last 14 years. 1 was that my screen broke so just buy a new one the other reinstalling windows i does not save any files on my pc since 2007 so i can easy reinstall without loosing files. if it would be an overheat (had this once) your pc would normal start and then after a while shut down itself because of overheat. another thing that might be of intrest did u clean your pc (tower) from dust and you didnt water it or something like that? maybe this helps as well had this myself on a pc at work: unplug every usb devices exept keyboard and mouse and then start your pc. had it once that the pc did start but nothing did show up on screen so after i unplgged the usb's and started the pc again it worked. and allways shut down wait a little then restart. if used with autorestart it does not 100% restart
  12. ??? whats going on between u and ?
  13. now topic opener pls create a topic for the ladys of this forum as well nightguard what good for excep grillpartys or cold winthers is a firedancer that you cant touch hands and hair (dont know how it looks in downunder) in a permanent burning flame autsch
  14. 2381 thursty in the desert a cactus means water and a chance to live on
  15. had a neigboure playing that in the early days and he told me inorder go get somewhere you re better off buying a small transporter over ebay or play 3 month to get one dont know if this has changed but u start into a galaxy with players that play the game over 10 years. good luck reaching the top or being competitive