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  1. this would be nearly impossible to do if i think about pure fire and Ascension
  2. btw wy dont u post it into thats specialy made for new achivment suggestions without debatting over them
  3. ah ok i see it more like every run that doesnt follow the inmap mentioned objectives and focus on beation it fast (useing speed run tactics) as a speed run shure its a diffrence between them same as if i would call casual player useing air coolers in the pc, pros go on watercooling and speedplayer use nitrogen to cool. but by typeing it my answer came an other solution. u get gold for clearing objectives, so the more sideojectives u clear the more gold u get. in speed is primarly the main objectives made also in the fast gold runs like on bh silence the cannons brings
  4. promo does not only mean a diffrent apearance it also doubbles the charces of its type example construct insted of only 4 u can have 8 charges without it u cant have that amount in a deck. promos is a nice thing to add to boosters so its getting more exciting to open them and feel the happyness if u manage to get one. but it would crach its price and also the price of the normal card. if promo then from stuff taht doesnt get used so much as it is in pve with lyrish knights. or cards that are expensive to play. but best would be promo for new cards that eventualy made it into the game or
  5. well i a gree on 1 player maps but on the rest theres a no but that idea would include to have the same rewards for the other colors so it would lead to flood the market with swampdrakes, razorleaves, constructs, harvester and other pure colored promos and thats wy im against such a promo reward. i allredy dislike the neutral card reward that is currently in would u buy a promo firedancer if u allredy have a promo firedance even if its untradeble? i would guess no only if u have allredy all cards and dont know what to do with ur bfp's then maybe
  6. Skins, Icons, Avatar Frames, Colored User Name, Colored or Animanted Deck Avatar Frame such things would be nice to see as rewards ether for achivments or other stuff ingame or outgame, for like donators or tournament winners/participants, leaderbord PVP Top 10 of the month getting the diamond colored avatar frame (for example) or else does only one thing destroying the market it needs to be a rewards that fits for the playerbase would also lead to the point of haveing somany promo firedancers in the game. and pure decks allow the use of neutral cards just to menti
  7. but what if someson dos solo ravens end? normaly its 4x4 orbs if solo its only -3 orbs so its 13 orbs and that divided by 1 would lead to that 1 person gets 13000 gold per run. so there will be soon or allredy existing startegys used to make a run as short as possible. even if its not seen as speed i could lesd to be more rewarding that 4 player doing a speedrun on other map. i did mentoion myself a way to solve the gold and xp gain in games by useing the time needed. if made fast (speed) the overall gain is still higher that by completing it in normal but only a tiny bit. like: 0-10
  8. As you fellow Skylords might have seen in the Forum or the Discord there is a lot of discussion about if the Decomposer should be rebalanced or not. In order to find out what the wishes are of you fellow Skylords, i lunched this poll. The poll will end at Saturday the 17. April at 20:00 Happy voteing Here some channels about the Topic: https://discord.gg/z3G93Fcmhe
  9. nice webpage thx for the link but and that at 19:30 CEST where are the other 94k players would be sweet to see only 1-2k online
  10. here some examples for a change maybe someone has a artistic talent to write Skylords Reborn in the same way as Battle Forge is written.
  11. @anonyme0273 morning thats correct in CEST timezone buit what is with the other time zones? tells me the game could need some more players from Australia & Asia the majority is Europa followed by America during prime time in eu these's not much problem wuth the active playerbase alldo i could be more for shure
  12. would be nice to have a Megathread for the balancing ideas or the cards that needs a balancing @Metagross31 can u post the balancing discord im allredy in 2 skylords discords dont know how many diffrent discords for skylords it gives
  13. Ignore function for the forums translator says: Funktion für die Foren ignorieren but i guess u ment: function to ignore user's but for that it gives a funtion just ignore it. i have the choise to read and react to post if i want to ignor them i do so no need for a function if u dont like me, my artistic way of useing the english language or the suggestions i make. wy does u react to them? just ignore them würde sagen ich bin mit allen Wassern gewaschen or enlish i know every trick in the book got a very thick skin
  14. Doesnt tell anything Ignore function for the forums which specific "function" or all of them? if last is ment then u should change topic to: Ignore the forums Would be better to place this topic in "General Talk"
  15. well there is a huge pool of ideas to make the game attrect more players but the problem is its a community behind it and not a company so creation new content to the game takes way longer and even if some of the donations are used to hire proffessionals for projekts it still needs time to realize new stuff. and on volunteer base its only a very slow process since working for free has its limits rl goes first and working for free and useing the own freetime also has limits on how much someone wants to invest. sadly playerbase decreses faster that new content make it into the game. but we
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