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  1. did loose also cards in trading over market place. did sold a card for 690 bfp had the message and all but no bfp were added to my account sadly. but since i know its beta i didnt report it and nsuff like that can happen.
  2. Hello Dear Devs and Projekt Team This is a Collective Topic/Post with all the Stuff that might not work properly (personal expirience "incl. chance to be wrong) and some suggestions To make it easyer Letz start with the stuff that might not work (bugs & stuff) - Im not shure how it was under EA and if its a change on purpose but units regenerate close to every friendly building and not only close to wells and monuments. so i dont know if this was that way under ea (lot of time has passed since then) or if this is a wanted change. - the ability of the Nature Tier 1 ca
  3. jup i tryed to play the game was in deck building and after adding the 5-6 card to the deck i got disconected all the time tryed several times in a row. maybe by the time there were to many allredy on the server, have to test if the problem remain at a diffrent time. only real problem i realy have is that my anti virus programm always at 1. lunch of the game putting the Luncher.exe into quaranteen, after getting it out manualy it does work. only useing AVG Free Antivirus, no internet security or firewalls at all on pc or network
  4. nice it work alldo everytime i want to start the game it transphereds the Luncher.exe in the Quaranteen of my AntiVirus programm (useing AVG Free). After opening the Antivirus and get the Luncher restored it does work. but i should have choosen a shorter pw reenter the pw around ever 30 sec due to serverloss (lobby deckbuilding) getting frustrating after 30-40 times. =D but nice to see the lobby on my pc again (without looking a vid) is there somewhere a topic where stuff like Failures in open beta can be posted/reported. dont know how it is handled by the devs and team
  5. thx @fiki574 this rep did sweeten up my day

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    2. BurningWorld


      and my rep doesn't sweet yours up?... ooookay.. thank you .. :P:P:kappa: 

    3. Asraiel


      @BurningWorld  well theres a gab between u and lead dev but yours is nice as well. but after rep reset i didnt let it be fixed had 48 befor reset so i started from 0 again as long it stays green all is good :D

      and from fiki show me how active he is in forum cause there are not that many topics, posts or chat from him compaired to u (focus on chat) :D 

    4. BurningWorld
  6. i apreciate that alldo it would be nice if we get like a quartal date. for example 1. quartal (jan-Mar) 2. (apr-Jun) 3. (jul-sep) or 4. quartal (okt-Dez) or u can also go with winter spring summer or automme. that way its kinda of a date but with a big space in case of seasons its less focused on months and if u go into a bigger scale than that then u can also made it 1. half of the year or 2. half. if u get all redy working as wanted i would recomend that u give the team a 1 week free space befor anykind of release that way u can also set it on a special day like saturday or so whe
  7. 6/10 not my taste alldo i like diffrent languages than english or german and its to soft for me
  8. hi stay in english but good that there is a translation only sad that the translation doesnt have any faults in the writing against the original text.
  9. if there will be a Open Beta Status Announcement in here then i guess they will edit the start topic. every date that doesnt com from a autorized user (color) is to be handled as false information. and just a request to all that quote, there is realy no need to post the full quote every single post. from the poster to this post 4 peoples did just quote all text. just saying
  10. ok thx for link is a newer one and for me i do pref the stone tempest but thats a personal opinion alldo i like also more the stonking artwork of the magmahauler
  11. @steezy the hidden one is very nice, luckly not true for me
  12. nice grafics but for me does the stonekin one look very diffrent to your grafic: even if both should be kinda the same the stonekin has vey diffrent arms, head and so i dont remember how both look in 3d ingame as creatures but from the topic name and 1. post i cant tell what the reason of this topic is. but if u look for more artworks here a very old topic from me with several original artworks to use
  13. just adding here a proxy and IP traking doesnt work. like if u play on a pc over a public hotspot like schools or whatever u can not ne certain if the IP is only 1 person just adding a anonymus mode to the account settings where peoples can switch alldo if they play ranked pvp a account that is on anonymus mode doesnt get any rep. here could be implemented a separate statistic in the game. like all ranked pvp is in the ranklist but u can open a sorted look so u see how many Pvp matches u won with each deck (win/loss statistic) the problematic with multi accounts is in my
  14. Act of Agression is a newer title of RTS game u find it on steam but simular games to Bf u wont find. alldo RTS does have the look every player has the same "cards" or units buildings and stuff and its more focused on uppgrading, deffing bases and fighting but in order to get a new creatur or tank on the field u have to craft it in a building and cant just summopn it somewhere on the map close to a own ground unit or building and spells doesnt exist in them. cardgames does it have a few even for free, my personal favorit is solitaire or visit https://www.miniclip.com/games/en/ they
  15. so kinda the same as if u take crystal meth, 3 days party and then a break down. or softer thing drinking to much alcohol and next day u get a headeck. and for those that arent devs its like ordering something in a online shop but when the package doesnt show up at the time u get mad and maybe want a refund for the delay alldo here u dont pay so u cant be refunded
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