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  1. Is Open Beta running?

    well topic isnt placed in announcment which do take power from it and not made by a teammember. but the title was made so that new member may klick more often to this topic cause this is what they are interested mostly. and even if it only reduces the same question in chat a bit it was worth making it. and for everything posted in this forum u can say if the user dont have a brain that he uses, all good informative effort is wasted. but that problem cant be fixed with any posts, topics or programming from the devs.
  2. Is Open Beta running?

    To simply answer this question that many of you have, if you open up the website of this forum and you see: that tells you that the open Beta is not yet activated! when this text: changes to like: Open Beta Active now Then u know it! if you are interested in the programming progress you will find a weekly raport from the devs under https://dev.skylords.eu where they describe what happend in the last week. New updates every Monday. Since the anger, frustration and droping hype on the unkeept release dates in the past, the team has decided to no longer give out any release dates, in order to prevent those bad feelings. To not miss the release just pay a daylie visit to the forum. Shareing your hypes and thanks to the team is always welcome but if u are frustrated or angry keep it to your self, cause it doesnt help. Everyone that thinks he can do better than this team is welcom to show us as long the game is not full released. Regards Asraiel
  3. thx @fiki574 this rep did sweeten up my day

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      and my rep doesn't sweet yours up?... ooookay.. thank you .. :P:P:kappa: 

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      @BurningWorld  well theres a gab between u and lead dev but yours is nice as well. but after rep reset i didnt let it be fixed had 48 befor reset so i started from 0 again as long it stays green all is good :D

      and from fiki show me how active he is in forum cause there are not that many topics, posts or chat from him compaired to u (focus on chat) :D 

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  4. Important: Open Beta Status Announcement

    i apreciate that alldo it would be nice if we get like a quartal date. for example 1. quartal (jan-Mar) 2. (apr-Jun) 3. (jul-sep) or 4. quartal (okt-Dez) or u can also go with winter spring summer or automme. that way its kinda of a date but with a big space in case of seasons its less focused on months and if u go into a bigger scale than that then u can also made it 1. half of the year or 2. half. if u get all redy working as wanted i would recomend that u give the team a 1 week free space befor anykind of release that way u can also set it on a special day like saturday or so when most dont work. or during the week to lower the traffic a bit. all together i would have realy wondered if u could have keept the 1. release date in a company this may have worked but on a free programming base and missing exp. on bringing such a thing out did fail, but that wasnt any wonder to me and the following dates was more a wish. but luckly u learded a lot from it and you may never again made such a fail. (i refer the words u or you as full team and not u alone) (even if it may sound like a critic its meant positive = failing, trying to save it, overthinking, learning, made it better, never do the same fault again) keep it up the good work and i dont expect you to act or to be proffessionals of the gameing industry & dont apologys all the time faults are everywhere so peoples can make them and hopefully learn from them and this here is new land for you so makeing faults is normalaty and no need to appologys for make them.
  5. u mean champain or prosecco or something like vinewater with co2 added? or something compleat alcohol free so u so u can enjoy it while ur not drunk
  6. New Element/faction in the game!!!

    sorry there misswrithing i ment Juggernaut since Mo is allredy a colorless alldo Mo is tecnicly allredy a special varity of the juggernauts
  7. spending all BFP on boosters and build a deck to start grinding if i stay correct thats then downloading the luncher
  8. PVP-PVE Ideas

    just use Juice Tank or Resource Booster to gain more or faster power and furnance of flesh with cultistmaster to get void back faster. in order to be faster in PVE you only need good cards and skill. but those things can noone give you u have to earn them. for the pvp i dont like to have 4 orbs at start maybe 2 thats allredy a hugh change and in stead of 2 energy vaults 3 or 4 of them to get faster power or more void power
  9. [Forum Game] Rate the song!

    6/10 not my taste alldo i like diffrent languages than english or german and its to soft for me
  10. New Element/faction in the game!!!

    here some simular Topics for you: i think its better to expand the missing color cominations like Nature/Shadow "Amii" and Fire/Frost "Steam" and for standalone Cards where a unit only can exist 1 at the time u can also use colorless, but spells could brake the colorless limit of only 1 at the time since its a spell. befor bringing in new colors. i know there are many cardsgames out that supports a light fraction but this is not any card game its BattleForge for example on Fire/Frost or Steam: - Fog - Geysir - Boiling Water Avatar - ... but whatever u choose keep in mind u need to make more than just a card, you need to bring a 3d model + animation & sounds (summoning, walk, battle, defend, skill and death + select and order) so the effort of creating a new card is very high. and im not a fan of just take a existing 3d model and changeing the color like Mo in Blue coloring it would drive me crazy if i would hear the selecting sound and order sound all the time if it would be my own voice
  11. rPVE frost deck help needed

    i used shadow on t4 to get the lost soul units alldo it wanst pure frost anymore but that way u can inrease ur army with Lost Horror, Lost Grigory and lost Soul Ship but i played motly T3 and T4 shadow to get Lost Soul Ship, Infect, soulshatter, Nether Warp, lost warlord and if something to increase the power refund a cultist master and furnance of flesh but with both u have a mix set at the end personal i looked that i dont use more than 4 T1 units, spells cause its easy to get t2 in rPvE
  12. PvP Same cards but different tier (PvP)

    but whatever change or no change might be we talk here what could be in 1-2 years first befor all changes in balancing and modes is to bring the Game out as it was. with all ideas in the forum right now we gonna need a team of 10 devs that works the next 10 years on it. and the basic idea of this project is to bring BattleForge back as it was and not a new Game. so with changeings u change the expirience and loosing the nostalgy. in order to Tiers in this topic i would only remove 1 color tier from every card that has 4T and 3T and maybe also some with 2T but remaining the total count of Tiers + the removal of color Tiers added as a change in upgrade 3 so that u can get a bigger varity but the card has to be maxed upgraded. maybe such things then in a added separated mode which doesnt count for the ranked pvp togheter with PvPvE maps and other stuff
  13. i dont like the idea the value of a card or any product is allways made by supply and demand and at the start the demand on several cards will be ultra huge and if u flood the market u crash the tradesystem. by selling cards that way u kinda force players to get as many BFP as fast they can which will only lead to multiaccounting. in here there is no way to buy BFP u only get some from the daylies so in order to get faster cards in the system u could upgrade the daylies temporarly with maybe at the first months of release of whatever state adding a daylie where u must offer cards in the tranding system to get additional BFP and when u sell the card u get as well additional BFP. alldo those daylie-quest-rewards u only get during the 1. month. that way u can increase the cardpool and boost the economy with more BFP each player can ehter buy the cards he wants out of the market place or try his luck with opening boosters and if 2k players open an additional booster a day over 30 days then u have 16000 cards more in the global cardpool at the first day and 480'000 cards more in the cardpool after the 1 month and those oly would be the additional cards and not combined with the cards that making an account and other daylies might bring and only on a playerbase of 2'000 but if i look in forum the registred are over 18'000 peoples and a fully upgraded deck needs only 80 cards and the cards to upgrade a card must be grided in game and that will take some time
  14. Open Beta Information

    hi stay in english but good that there is a translation only sad that the translation doesnt have any faults in the writing against the original text.
  15. PvP Same cards but different tier (PvP)

    wy changeing Tier and not just lowering the powercost of building a orb? or even reduce the build up time of the orb? on changeing tier itself i would not lower the amount of tiers in total but the count of same color so that a bigger varity of decks get supported. for example harvester still 2T but only 1T must be shadow. and to enlarge PvP new maps with comination of pvp and pve like: ind the west is team red with 2 players in the east is team blue with 2 Players and in the middle are pve stuff that needs to be killed to get t3 and t4 + there are only enouth orbs that 1 or 2 player at max can reach t4