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  1. At this point it might actually be worth to create a list with examples where juice tank is a good card to play. The list will not be very long of course but it does have its few niche chases where playing without it is just worse in my opinion. We are obviously not talking about best play, but 1. that is also not the point of the card and 2. noone calles someone out for playing shamans in PvE (which are most of the time far from optimal). I know I'm pretty far up when it comes to unresonably playing juice tank in almost any situation, however I honestly do think many players would be surprised how useful it can be in very specific situation.
  2. Can we remove the "A" from the top middle spawning position, which is supposed to warn you for an incomming attack during the last sequence. (Or make the ravenships also spawn there). It is one of those little things which noones really cares about but can through some newer players off. It always makes this kinda cool map feel like it is unfinsihed or doesn't work properly, which is a shame for such a cool designed map.
  3. Only the "healing" wheelbuff (which was the first one I activated) is shown on the top left hand corner during the game and the replay. I finish my second wheel at 12:10 on my T1 orb. wheels.pmv
  4. Do wheels make mauler viable in T3 🤔 I never tried tbh 😉
  5. I'm trying but it isn't easy to reproduce I have to say 😞
  6. Swamp drake occasionally does no damage to the twilight abbomination. Kapo confirmed this in the forums and I have seen this happen to an other player via discord stream. In the replay attached to this post it happens at 20.05 min on the T2 monument of the right side player. After the swamp drake uses its ability all of them do not deal any damage, after the thunderstorm has been played everything seems to be fine again until the Abo starts attacking the drakes. Kapo though it had something to do with the cc, wich might be possible, but I'm 90% sure, that on the discord stream the palyer just straight up attacked the abomination on behind enemie lines and they didn't deal any damage for 3 to 4 attaks each. If you also need this replay, I can ask him or/and contact a gamemaster and try to search the replay on the server. 2022-06-10_19-45-41_NightmareShard_diff3_s51276_arabika_Mocaak_time_0_22_45.1_v258.pmv
  7. Is this rule meant purely as an orbrestriction or also as a timerestiction, i.e. are you still allowed to play T1 buildings and units after you got T2 or not? Besides that the contest is overall a good idea, so well done 👍 (but can we pls get away from this goldchest things 😚)
  8. In the replay at minute 6:19 a bouncer attack my t3 monument (right side) and a wrong Icon with missing text is displayed. 9708_at.11.18_map103_part0.Damo.arabika.BlvckMafia82.Johnypl.pmv
  9. The active ability on phalanx deals damage to units trampling over it. The amount is shown as 300 on U3 on the tooltip of the card, while it shows 270 on the icon on the card when the ability is active.
  10. I think the reason for this is so the soulhunter can use its minefield immeadiatly. Normally the soulhunter will attack you until he sucked up a certain amount of corpses, after which he will place his minefield. If you go to him, you will notice him using his minefield immediatly, which is supposed to make this part a little more difficult.
  11. So we buff eruption to be as strong as surge of light 😇 I'm in for that 😋
  12. Makes sense. Lvl 10 is already hard enough for many players and the time doesn't really help with that. There is in general very little reason on why you have ~40 in 1p, ~30 in 2p and ~2 in 4p or at least I didn't see it.
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