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  1. New record for the insane god 4:16.3 Donaar and Gam3over
  2. When I was playing the community map “tower defence” I got a game crash after approximately 40min. Just wanted to report it if there is anything that the devs need to know. - screenshot - crashdata - _log_proxy_latest GameCrashedGam3over21Sep2021.zip
  3. I removed all files to reinstall the game and it works now. Thanks for your help
  4. Hi Aviat0r I removed all the files twice but I still get desynced.
  5. Hi guys Since the last patch I’m getting desynced all the time when I’m playing battleground. I don't have this problem if I play campaign maps. Any ideas what I can do? EDIT: I tried to play the motm9 and got a instant desync followed with a game crash. I uploaded this files as well _log_proxy_0.zip _log_proxy_latest-crashdata.zip
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