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  1. Love the relaxing music you put on your videos!
  2. Sent you a DM on discord with my attempt!
  3. Had some free time and decided to pick up the old video thing again. I'm working toward the promo mana wing at the moment, so I might do a few more if this is well received.
  4. Cheers gentlemen for the quick responses.
  5. I don't know if this thread is still being viewed, but I am wondering if I can find the fastest replays and watch them. Is there a way to find these anywhere? Looks like the 'Skylords Reborn Speedrun Community' youtube channel is no longer active.
  6. Haven't played in a long time. Started playing again this week and accidentally did this.
  7. This is great news! I have been dormant, waiting till the official release. Hopefully, I'll have enough time to play the game again!
  8. I mean Amii monument is actually cheaper than claiming T4 normally. If you do 4 player maps you cant know if you'll be the one to build it however, as only 1 at a time is allowed on the map. Cultist master is actually kinda nice with furnace of flesh to replenish your power. Satanael is as you said really not needed.
  9. The thing is, you don't really need T3 in rPvE, I can briefly explain why, but to understand it, I would suggest just to try it out. Step 1: start building embalmer's shrine Step 2: spam nox troopers and build soul splicer to claim T2. Step 3 option 1: save up power for 3 shadow phoenixes. Order them to crashdive into the spawning hut with embalmer's shrine enabled. They will kill surrounding units, and all respawn, as you had embalmer's shrine enabled. Clear up the rest of the camp and claim T3. Step 4 option 1: with your respawned phoenixes, crash into the spawn bu
  10. You could add rifle cultists and offering. Whenever you use offering on a squad of rifle cultists, it will give a new charge to your other T4 cards, allowing you to quickly build up an army of T4 XL units.
  11. I meant, you either go harvester, or you go shadow phoenix (which requires embalmer's shrine). So if you go the harvester route, you won't need embalmer's shrine. Both harvester or shadow phoenix will take you both your T3 and T4 bases. Personally I prefer the phoenixes, but some like harvester more. It's up to you, good sir
  12. If you wanna go for full shadow in rPvE, the most essential cards are: T1: either forsaken or nox trooper + soul splicer (green); embalmer's shrine (OR harvester) T2: shadow phoenix (with embalmer's shrine) OR harvester T3: blood healing > use this on overlord who will heal back up passively T4: overlord; death ray and/or grim bahir You can fill in the rest to whatever you prefer
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