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  1. Isn't slowest attempt just about blocking off Jorne with buildings? The man with the most patience wins!
  2. Chimerae


    I remember back in the day there were a few Dutch gaming groups playing this game.
  3. Thank you, that way works!
  4. Can I play the game in this setting? It annoys me when I go to my other monitor it minimizes the game. Playing in a window is also not optimal for me.
  5. I'm confused about the teleport device. When I use it Rogan just runs back east toward the teleporter. Anything I'm missing?
  6. Cool! Don't think I'll be able to watch the stream, but I'm curious to see the results!
  7. Love the relaxing music you put on your videos!
  8. Sent you a DM on discord with my attempt!
  9. Had some free time and decided to pick up the old video thing again. I'm working toward the promo mana wing at the moment, so I might do a few more if this is well received.
  10. I don't know if this thread is still being viewed, but I am wondering if I can find the fastest replays and watch them. Is there a way to find these anywhere? Looks like the 'Skylords Reborn Speedrun Community' youtube channel is no longer active.
  11. Haven't played in a long time. Started playing again this week and accidentally did this.
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