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  1. I would like to say, and its not a hate comment and i hope i am not the only one: that Bandits in 9. and new 9.5. difficulty feel like difficulty 5. and 5.5. Please change it once you have time and mood, to fit it more into level 9´s we get 4 orb Units and we literally fight against 1 tortoise and t1 t2 Small and Medium units with poor defense. or we get swarmed with t1 units before we reach all monuments, instead of fighting some bigger sized ones or any more unique bandit units. ( Like Lancer, Gunner, or 1 Soulhunter would be challenging and not the hardest etc.) Thank you for your hard work and nice updates.
  2. As an active fan and player of pure color decks and full bandit decks etc, these changes for Comet Catcher, Sh. of Martyrs, Satanael and Al. of Chaos are good, not game changing so thats good, but also unnecessary. I Used every one of these cards until now and the problem is not the card, but the players seeking an easier way to play without trying to use it efficiently. Anyway the Ravenheart is an excellent change!
  3. Yes, i am aware of the updates, also very happy for them and i agree with your opinion. this should not be the main thing to do. but i am also a fan of more choices so thats why i added this post. Cheers.
  4. Hello there. Right to the subject: Stonekins are limited in T4 units for people who like to play one " nation " decks. i´ve been thinking what cards could fit this class, not every card is suitable for it. For example infected Grimvine doesnt feel right, etc. In order not to overthink it i found some easy and suitable cards that can be turned into stonekin ones. Those are, as in the screenshot shown: Fire Dragon or Northland Drake, Shadow Worm or Fire Worm. OR Abyssal Warder! he is already made of stone anyway. If you look closely at those cards they have already some scars or how do you want to call it which could make the redesign easier as an infection by the Stonekin. Northland drake, also has blue eyes already and might fit well to it. Amii Phantom is a basic copy from a Nightguard too, they didnt even change the voice, since it was the last new card added i think back then. and people like the card anyway. There are more important things to do, but when the time comes, please revisit this post. Have a nice day.
  5. well uh, yes, you have just suggested the same thing. adding some tool for excluding cards. And i did not say a word about removing those cards.
  6. Myrmidon, i agree. More ways to play is fun. For example someone plays thornbarks with teleport and defensive spells that wipe out the whole camp in PvE map. Of course, they have to be lucky not to meet Lost souls, etc. Or what i enjoy, is to find a strategic good position for Comet Catcher and build 3 of them before players reach the enemy camp, and then i Nuke it. if good map is included for that. I decided to kick players who have Bata, shadow spells in deck etc. I feel sorry for the players since they have done nothing to me, but at least the game is not so stereotypical. it would not hurt to add this idea. i guess the blocking ability to cast cards is half way in the game ( Legendary Units ). But i understand its not an easy and important task.
  7. Add possibility to exlude / ban 3 cards while creating RPvE game. I would love to enjoy full game with a lot of units from different factions and have a real fun fights which are challenging. All i see is Solo Batariel with enlightenments and Infected spell combo or overpopulated twilight bugs from Infected tower in every 2 games of 3 games i play and its not fun anymore.
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